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Taking care of Demon Babys
report Recommended by lzumi-chan
Simply, Chibi☆Devi! is the shoujo version of beelzebub.
report Recommended by Passionate-kun
In both animes a demon baby appears and the main character has to take care of them but this one is shounen
report Recommended by keiichan
Basically, Chibi Devi is the shoujo version of Beelzebub, and Beelzebub is the shounen version of Chibi Devi. In both series, the protagonist is tasked with raising a baby boy who is actually a demon.
report Recommended by HidamariSeashore
both about human taking after demon baby
report Recommended by MidoYj67
Both involve a baby from the demon world who cannot survive without depending on a human. The baby was sent to the human world to be raised into a full-fledged demon.
report Recommended by Niveen_Sleem