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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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Both animes are seemed to be your average anime but are slightly twisted.
report Recommended by Katbot
They both have similar type of psycho-horror and one very, very dangerous yandere girl...
report Recommended by Seviexe
Both of these are seemingly harmless at first, but then get pretty violent later >3
report Recommended by Spades-Deuce
Did episode 6 of School Days creep you out? Did you love all the revenge in episode 12? Did you love the loli killers? Higurashi's got this, times 10. Less about love, but an amazing series with a diversity of scenes.
report Recommended by kesson
It's basically like School days minus the harem scenes. Plus cute psycho loli characters!
report Recommended by Sabato
School Days portrays the innocence of High School Drama and intensifies it with a little more disturbing conclusion than others. However, if you're looking for extreme "disturbances" with" innocent and cute" Anime girls then look no further than Higurashi's twisted masterpiece.
report Recommended by SkiesOfBlue
if you watch higurashi no naku koro ni then watch school days,after watching 12 episodes of school days it's reminds me of higurashi i have no idea why but it's just pop up of my head after watching the ending.*(it's an anime that you have to watch till the end)
report Recommended by JiakBaKaEng
Both have that "mind fuck" element. School days is easy to follow b/c it doesn't have multiple overlapping arcs. Higurashi is a must watch if you like crazy twisted violence!
report Recommended by seeker1458
Both start out pretty nice, but get really dark later on.
report Recommended by VanSkittles
Both start off innocent and harmless at first but ends in gruesome violence. For mature audiences.
report Recommended by abandoned2014
- Both were visual novels adapted to anime. - Some psychological drama. - Yandere fans probably will like it.
report Recommended by eudasilva
I actually watched School Days because I read so many times that people who liked Higurashi would probably like it. And I did, it was great. In the start, School Days seem pretty normal, but towards the end, it's not that normal. I'm not a fan of this type of anime, but I liked it a lot! So, if you like School Days, watch Higurashi, and if you like Higurashi, watch School Days.
report Recommended by heimolly
Both Higurashi and School Days are psychological dramas and have crazy plot twists. ^_~
report Recommended by derpderpderpderp
Both are based on a Japanese horror VG, and both have a bunch of moe characters placed in a creepy situation. If you enjoyed the creepy, disturbing and totally unexpected [if you ask me Oo"] ending og School Days you will certainly enjoy watching Higurashi. :)
report Recommended by EruSu
Higurashi has taken out the element of sex and added in more murderous intent. Same feeling that makes you think that b****es be crazy. School days has more stupid characters while you don't mind the consequences that they recieve but in Higurashi you know that bad things are gonna happen and you try to not get attached to the characters but your heart still surges when something happen
report Recommended by BebeHillz
Both anime's start off with a nice simple setting that's peaceful then later on the anime gets very intense in a very short period
report Recommended by jason22212225
school days is much more, how you say, disturbing, but higurashi is much more, gruesome both awesome (in my opinion) and change your view on happy school students
report Recommended by Classicola
Both Higurashi and School Days are thrillers that take you on a phycological rollercoaster ride! School Days starts of with a boy named Makoto Ito who sees this incredibly gorgeous girl at the train station named Kotonoha Katsura. He takes her picture and dreams about asking her out but doesn't know how to! Ito's friend, Sekai Saionji, decides to help him with his girl problems. Over the course of the episodes Sekai starts noticing she has feelings for Ito and secretly wants to be with him. She tries her best to hide it from him and keep the relationship between them lighthearted and fun. The story is built   read more
report Recommended by brook815
At first glance, the show seems to be nice and fluffy, with pleasant characters. However, once the show gets dark, the characters go absolutely insane, and they may be blood when everything's over.
report Recommended by Fujaku
• Both anime have a WTF?! moments. • Both have unexpected plot / twists.
report Recommended by GosuDRM
Psychological, yanderes: If you like those you'd definitely want to check out this.
report Recommended by Northz
⦿ Freakiest slices of life ⦿ Really not that innocent looking ⦿ Main boy and +5 girls harem but no ecchi, only gore and creeps ⦿ The artistical composition and music is on point and suits A LOT ⦿ Me myself got them empathy feelings in these ones - The differences are mostly the genre and buildup of the characters, Higurashi has some paranormal ideas and School days does not. But the vibes are similar imo
report Recommended by onvoorspelbaar
Both animes have their own little harem going on. Characters in both animes do not have much of a backbone and are very indecisive. Animes begin vibrant, cute, and cuddly until they gradually get darker and the characters begin to go from best friends to enemies until they lose trust in each other. Betrayal, lying, and hiding things from each other affect the story. Both have love triangles that have characters sharing similar personality traits characters in School Days. Both have superstitions and traditions, School Days is the breakroom, the dance at the fire, and the cellphone charm. Whereas in When They Cry it is   read more
report Recommended by Lost_Hearts
The two are completely insane, and are pretty dark regardless of their beginning. Both focus in the psychology of the characters pretty much all the time, making the variable of hate/love in those characters much more difficult. They have differences though; Higurashi is more horror, School Days is more drama... but at the end, I can't spoil but School Days will remind Higurashi for those who have seen it first. I reccomend both to fans of Psychological anime or Horror anime, because they are masterpiece on those genres.
report Recommended by SuzuMine-chan
If you watched Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, I warn you, do not watch School Days, cause you will suffer even more then HnNKn characters. If you actually enjoyed school days then you will like the twists of Higurashi, even though it's a bit more realistic in the end.
report Recommended by OnniKhaan
Both start out cute and innocent and later comes horror that catches the viewer off guard. Both also contain yandere that do some crazy shit. I HIGHLY recommend Higurashi since it is better.
report Recommended by ZoeUchiha
Higurashi and School day dont this anime for child because they have Violent killing people,deep story,and taking school that way make this series have deep story.
report Recommended by Syureria
On the outside, they are seemingly cute, nice-looking young ladies. But is only when you slowly swim deeper into them, deeper than they have allowed for, is when you unleash quite a disturbing presence, that was none other than their true colours, to begin with. Higurashi and School Days are excellent examples of anime that subvert expectations, using a seemingly harmless setup with an ever so slightly eerie wave passing every now and then. The two manage to bring forward some great turn of the events in ways a viewer may have not seen coming. The two do this with everyday box standard setups, such as the   read more
report Recommended by NextUniverse
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