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I cannot say the detail as it is a huge spoiler, but both has exact same theme and plot complexity with repetition. There are also tons of surprising factors, too.
report Recommended by ringoo4
Both series are a roller coaster ride of plot twists and dark miss happenings. The setting is somewhat similar, the mood, the art and the unique characters that all play a part no matter how small. Love one and you will instinctively love the other. Two of the best anime ever made.. both completely different yet so alike.
report Recommended by soupyk
Both series are centred around intricate and extremely well-thought out plots, and they are executed to near perfection. They feature a similar premise, in that a main character from both series must...shall we say, shoulder the burdens of the entire world in a manner that can't be appreciated by others.
report Recommended by linnaes
both start in a bright atmosphere and get progressively darker and complex
report Recommended by andypnuts
Shows that feature a blinding series of twists building up to an amazing end. The characters suffer so much while you want to see them succeed.
report Recommended by IzzyHime
Both have similar plot formats in that they start off fun and lighthearted but change dramatically as the plot develops. Okabe and Homura have a very similar goal as well.
report Recommended by BakedWeeb
Both have a similar beginning in the essence where you have to watch past several episodes to get interest, while Steins;gate has a beginning where you have no clue as to what is happening, mahou shoujo madoka magica has a beginning where it shows a normal school girl, both after 3 or 4 episodes get really interesting. The middle of both anime have the same plot related issue as well, but I won't spoil anything.
report Recommended by Mansmany
There's a HUGE amount of similarity in here that it'd be a spoiler to tell. So in short, both are alike except one has to deal in the Science Fiction genre while they other one remains in it's Magical Girl genre. Both of these are amazing! If you watched one, then you'll definately love the other regardless on the order you watched them. And they both have great music too!
report Recommended by SnakeBeater
Dark, sad, unbearable truth. Those things above are thing u will find in S;G just like in M*M it got an unexpected turn event and character development. And most of all is Friendshi-
report Recommended by Yokamota
Both initially seem juvenile and routine, but evolve into a much darker and original being as the series progress. Both deal with repitition to obtain a desired result, and both inject new life into genres that were previously thought to be exhausted.
report Recommended by DrHorrible123
Both of these animes are like a rollercoaster. First, it seems to progress steadily and introduce many seemingly-positive characters and ideas, then the intense sh*t happens and you have an absolutely amazing and dark, twistiness of a plot that will most likely cause you to binge-watch the rest of the series until you finish and/or your probably boggled mind leads to an explosion of multiple feels all at once, in an outstanding way!
report Recommended by kittylily_
These two anime are similar in that they both deal with the balance of the world and the changes in different timelines. They also show the different sacrifices that have to be made in order to obtain what is necessary. However, Steins;Gate provides more character development compared to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, probably because of the longer length in the number of episodes.
report Recommended by Sesalc
Like in Steins;Gate, first episodes of PMMM are carefree and joyful. In both shows are gradually shown deeper and darker layers of tragic story about desperate fight to change seemingly inevitable fate of heroines, who too late learn that using their new power has its price. Don't be deceived by sugary opening and first episodes of Madoka! It's MUCH darker than it appears at first look, I would even say it is far more serious and dramatic than S;G. Story is written by Gen Urobuchi, who publicly "apologized for intentionally misleading people that Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica is a cute healing anime". Wikipedia describes its genre as   read more
report Recommended by Avallach7
Both have a dark and nasty plot twist you don't see coming.
report Recommended by FunnyRatman
I literally can't say why, or else it would be a massive spoiler (on both ends), but just trust me when I say the two are EXTREMELY similar.
report Recommended by laputia
-very good watch if you have enjoyed one of either you will enjoy the other -both are about different struggles that the characters must over come to have a better life and a different future than that given to them by fate. . .
report Recommended by ignominy15
I can not say much other because that would say much in terms of spoilers both follow a structure of trial and error. Both work to their fullest in making an engaging story with the simple yet interesting material to their fullest.
report Recommended by Alufei
-Both animes start off with a lighter vibe to them but as the story progresses the plot of them both gets much darker and digs deep into the human's soul. -Both animes deal with time-travelling -Both animes will leave you with something to think about after their final episodes.
report Recommended by dark_cookie
These two are considered rollercoaster anime. They start off slow, but once you get about half-way, the intense, thrilling, dark stuff happens. Both have the same plot related issue, that'll be a spoiler to tell. In both anime there are sacrifices to be made in order to obtain their goal.
report Recommended by Avidreader123
A story of someone trying to overcome a seemingly inescapable fate and an underlying sense of hopelessness. Uses aspects of time-travel specifically for this purpose.
report Recommended by Light-
Both series use the same plot-devices near the end (which I will not mention so as not to spoil anything), and both have the overall same feel to them, even if they are completely different genres. Opinion incoming: both are somewhat overrated and have an unnecessarily unfitting happy ending.
report Recommended by Sa1t
Share the same chilling feeling of hopelessness and despair... Both shows revolve around changing the fate that they already know. No spoilers but both of these shows are very deceiving at times. Both shows are absolutely masterpieces that fuck with your mind.
report Recommended by kyle8998
+ Both have fantastic plot twists. + Both start off as cheerful, but gets increasingly darker. + Both have a similar theme going on. Saying what would be spoiler territory. + Both come from 2011, and both are considered the best anime of this year. - Steins;Gate still retains some lightheartedness even in the end. Madoka does not have this treatment. - Steins;Gate focuses on the "theme" they share, while in Madoka's its one of many. - Madoka is considered to be more emotional, while Steins;Gate to be inspiring.
report Recommended by AzureDaora
Both animes seem innocent at first, but then slowly devolve into a psychological thriller that deal with hopelessness and despair
report Recommended by doublegambler
Both of these particular series have very similar themes/depth of plot complexity. Also are packed full of surprises. Finally they have the 'Thriller' genre in common along with similar ratings.
report Recommended by DarkStarHarry
Both of these anime have a very strong cast that are both funny and adorable. The warmth set off by the main characters is absolutely wonderful. The cast will get you attached and begging for more. The art style is very different between the two, a very pleasing type of different. Madoka has a very abstract style that it goes by while Steins; Gate uses more of a realism. Both art styles fit the anime beautifully and bring out the true feel for who the characters are. The characters are wonderful and the overall feel will leave you to wonder what will happen next. Both   read more
report Recommended by lizbeth413
Both of these series are psychological thrillers and involve the main characters determined to do anything to save the one they love. They both also have a very similar concept that actually compliments each other quite well though you have to watch both to understand what I mean. This is just my opinion, but both series have been regarded as masterpieces in their own right though your own opinion can vary. Madoka Magica in particular, is a controversial series that may have things that you might not like. Don't let that turn you off as both Steins;Gate and Madoka Magica are special series that contain   read more
report Recommended by Janster24
Mindbending excitement.....there is also, surprisingly huge similarities in the plot. I feel like both of them are those "expect nothing, get EVERYTHING" kind of animes. Both anime start off with simple, easy to understand plots, that don't bore you before they get REALLLY good. Trust me, to those who watched Stein's;Gate and think it is as original and one of a kind as it get's....well it is. But Madoka sure make's a good counter. Personally, I perfered Madoka to Stein's;Gate (barely, but there both FANTASTIC IN EVERYWAY POSSIBLE), but if you've watched and enjoyed one of them you will love the other as well!
report Recommended by ReactAsylum
Both anime are extremely similar in the tones that are conveyed throughout. Both Steins;Gate and Madoka Magica begin with a rather light-hearted, almost ideal scenario where the viewers expect nothing short of happiness and fun all around. And both shift into a rather serious, dark tone that prevails throughout the rest of the show in a manner that one does not expect (and that unexpectedness is great, especially given how many anime are rather predictable these days). As both anime share similarities in tone, they also share similarities in the themes/motifs conveyed. In an effort not to spoil anything, I will simply say that both   read more
report Recommended by Araluen
I personally think that the recommendation of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica next to Steins;Gate is a spoiler. This should be removed. Now that I think of it, this is valid for not just a single direction, recommending either for the other is a spoiler for both of these stories because the both of these stories have implemented a surprise factor into the way that the story is told. This way you know what to expect, at least somewhat, and thus the surprise won't be a legitimate as it could've been. With that said, I've said enough as to why liking one warrants a recomendation for the other.
report Recommended by Gandeloft
Both of these anime are progressively dark and contain insanely good plots.
report Recommended by emptyinside2000
Because MAL does not allow to recommend LNs or Manga on the basis of Anime, I will use this comment to do so. But my first recommendation is concerning MM – Steins;Gate. This is based less on similarity in terms of story or setting, but more on the feelings that arise as the plot unfolds. As MM only lasts 12 episodes – compared to the 24 of SG – the transition from light-hearted to terrifying feels much more sudden and due to the setting also more extreme. Nonetheless, I watched SG first and could not help but notice how likewise both anime were in   read more
report Recommended by TeshamMutna
[Spoiler alert] Madoka seems kiddy, but it's actually dark. It's not your average lucky go lucky magical girl anime type. From a description I read on YouTube, we can say it's like a candy shop built on the Native American burial ground. These two share so much similarities, though they don't look like it: - Madoka Magica seems light-hearted, funny, just like your typical cute magical girl anime at the beginning... but it's not. Don't be fool by the look. - The main characters learn that they have some sort of special power, but eventually they learn about the serious consequences to using it. - This show turns darker and   read more
report Recommended by ayanami_sayuri
Both series initially appear as light-hearted/comedic, but becomes darker as the story progresses
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both series have a slow and inconspicuous start, but the narratives gradually descend into something far darker and more powerful, in which the protagonists must make choices and sacrifices that affect themselves and their friends.
report Recommended by MarisaTheCube
Both have alot of plotwists in it that happen when you least expected it to happen and both get darker and more complex in terms of plot as time goes by too.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Making a text about the reasons why Steins;Gate fans should watch Madoka Magica is kinda giving spoilers to the plot line of both Madoka Magica and Steins;Gate. I will try to make this recommendation spoiler-free as possible. Both have a theme in common, regrets and time-travel And both have the happy feeling at the beginning, a thing that will make you happy that will lead you into darker places of your mind that I won't dig more cause spoilers. Also both have amazing OST's
report Recommended by MordecaiMapper
In both animes, the main character fights to change the fate of someone important and close to them. They both go through a lot of pain, and more importantly - both go back in time and witness the same events over and over again. In both Steins;Gate and Madoka Magica, the main characters are willing to sacrifice everything and go back in time countless times just to save the loved one.
report Recommended by crystal-png
Both are slow paced and take some time before they get good and both deal with time travel. They also both start out light-hearted but get dark.
report Recommended by ANT4
Both have lots of unexpected twists and are very similar in terms of themes and plot.
report Recommended by MyLuckyHaiku
Both shows follow a "back loaded" story structure (if you've seen either you'll know what I mean) that is heavily drama-driven and not afraid to play with convention. I have a strong hunch they appeal to the same type of viewer
report Recommended by Anjuro
Both have complex thoughts that are tied together. Both include psychological themes and deal with mature topics. Although Steins;Gate is a bit slower, they both follow time travel.
report Recommended by swivel
Time traveling, self-recurrence, and relationship beyond space & time. That is what I describe the most of similiarty between SG & PMMM. Also when watching some first episodes of both series, we will be served by some elements of SOL that will deceive us in the rest of episodes (having great plot twist).
report Recommended by alamsyah7
Both series are very thrilling with many twists. A group of friends/ or a group that would later become friends through their struggles together, find themselves with access to a power that could quite literally change their destinies. Even if they using this power to better themselves or those close to them, their drastically altered destinies will unfold and reveal themselves to be much darker than they had imagined. The opposite of what they had envisioned. Two of my favourite series ever. I highly recommend you watch both of them, if you haven't.
report Recommended by _Neferupitou_
You will discover
report Recommended by joaovidal12
Both start out slow but have amazing (and similar) later episodes that makes the arguably slow buildup worth it.
report Recommended by KSores
actually these two anime have many similarities. dive into the dizzying plot after the first few episodes, transition to a sad atmosphere, psychological, Okabe and Homura have similar motives, deep meaning, amazing friendship, animation and openings. they are even released in the same year haha. if you liked one of them, then i really recommend watching the other one.
report Recommended by dkwkkdoow
Much like Steins;Gate, Madoka Magica is an anime every anime fan should watch eventually. Madoka Magica features an ensemble cast that all have relevance to the overarching plot. The identity of the antagonist(s) is not immediately obvious. One of the main characters obtains a power that comes with drastic complications. The protagonists are both willing to go to a great extent of self-sacrifice to save their friends. Madoka Magica references details from the beginning of the series at the end much like Steins;Gate. This series contains many similar themes to Steins;Gate and I would highly recommend it to those who enjoyed it.
report Recommended by CisMale
- Time travel & time loops to save a loved one
report Recommended by MyStereoHeart
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