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Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song
Both show using Sci-Fic as their main theme. Both show also have a protagonist who need to go back in past time to avoiding the event in future time.
report Recommended by lazy_Modifier
Since Vivy is an Umehara work, this is an intuitive recommendation. Despite Steins;Gate's anime adaptation being a completely standalone story, the source material (the VN) is Part 2 of a much longer story known as SciADV. Umehara had written Part 4 (Chaos;Child), who many (including myself) believe to be a masterpiece on par with (if not better than) Steins;Gate. Unfortunately, they adapted 60-70 hours' worth of story into only 14 episodes in the Chaos;Child anime and completely butchered it. By comparison, Steins;Gate was 26-30 hours' worth of story into 24 episodes. Thus, Steins;Gate was the only SciADV VN done justice in anime form. Vivy gives off serious   read more
report Recommended by Sharingan123412
Both include the concept of time travel and trying to fix the world to result in an alternate, ideal universe. Character's in both anime show distinct characteristics that make them likable and interesting. Both anime have amazing action scenes without holding back on the bloody scenes. Vivy's animation style is a lot better as it's been recently released from WIT studio, but only had two episodes so far (as of this writing) as it's currently airing.
report Recommended by salt-bae
- Both revolve around the idea of time-travel and multiple timelines - The main characters had to go through failures to get to the last outcome, with lessons learned during each timeline - Enough action/fighting to keep you entertained
report Recommended by Joeywatches
main character find way to change future to ideal future both epic sci-fi/thriller, if you like steins;gates you probably like vivy
report Recommended by xnando
Both have time travel elements. Like changing the future since they have information about future
report Recommended by DayyanoEYE
You might find one better than the other. Nonetheless, both are pretty fun to watch, especially if you're a fan of sci-fi concepts, particularly time traveling concepts. Similarities: >The time-traveling concept used >The main character has the same goal, although what they have initially aspired for is quite different >The characteristic of the main antagonist. Differences: >Everything about the setting, ambiance, and premise >Amount of character development >One doesn't have robots while the other has
report Recommended by Solaris-----
They have a similar lore with concept of time travel & technology Both shows are focused on a person who is trying to change events in order to save the future and protect what's important to them
report Recommended by HowlerOne
In both the sci-fi anime our protagonist through time travel want to change the future , both the anime have good animation and sound track , vivy is more action oriented compare to steins gate
report Recommended by ZXEAN
Both are time-based anime about trying to save the world break out into a war trust me if you like steins gate you will like Vivi plus it has great animation
report Recommended by willrobBaird
The end is very inspired by Steins:Gate episode 23 and time travel will be something that won't ever annoy you. Furthermore, the plot is one of the most original ones in circulation and every episode will be a pulse pounding experience.
report Recommended by Byri
-They do similar things with time travel -Steins Gate is a visual novel adaptation and Vivy feels similarly really Visual Novel-ish
report Recommended by habitualLtaker
Main character isn't that eager to save the world until they are. Except saving the world is hard, and necessitates sacrifices. Is it impossible because of fatality or can they change their timeline ? They are relatively hard scifi : The plot deals correctly with AI (for SG:0) and time travel, in varying proportions. Use the same "consciousness is just memory" for diverse uses. Because of their length, SG develops the characters far better but more slowly (dialogue-oriented) while Vivy is far more action-oriented and denser plot-wise. Art is on the same level (for their period) and great soundtrack. The setting is oriented toward pop-culture (idols for Vivy   read more
report Recommended by come2
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