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Ouran Koukou Host Club
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Ouran Koukou Host Club
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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
it has an interesting love story and the characters are really funny. i think that if you found kaichou wa maid-sama interesting, then you'll probably enjoy this anime as well
report Recommended by tsubasagirl101
The humor is so similar, plus both stories are about tough women stuck in unfortunate circumstances that they come to grudgingly accept.
report Recommended by notyourghost
Both anime are about a poor girl trying to live their life. Both animes are also romance and comedy!
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Both school stories,both main female chracters are inteligent,both cute love stories
report Recommended by amy-chan57
There is a situation where the high school students are all working together and form their own group. Eventually the main character of this story also shows love for the female character who starts working as a maid or a server in this case. :]
report Recommended by Oddballista
The characters in both animes are simply amazing. Usui = Tamaki; Misaki = Haruhi
report Recommended by midnighteternal
Both animes deal with heroines who are strong willed, smart, and somewhat poor. Both series also fit into the comedy/school/slice of life genres.
report Recommended by Oneironaut
I found them similar because misaki is poor same as haruhi & they both are in love with (takumi in maid sama & tamaki in OHSHC) although it took them a long time to realize their feelings.
report Recommended by TragicRomance
Delicious shoujo! OHSHC has another strong willed and somewhat wrecklessly self reliant heroine with not just one but several very good looking guys looking after her (not to mention the lovely Hikaru and Kaoru twins that are "very close"). VERY worth the watch.
report Recommended by AtomicDarling
I LOVED these 2 animes. Ouran has always been a favorite of mine and when i was recommended Maid-sama i was a little reluctant. but after i started watching i noticed the similarities right away. if you want an anime about gorgeous boys and the tomboy with a secret that steals everyones hearts, these 2 animes are for you! the characters all have similar traits and while watching Maid-sama i was constantly making references back to Ouran! if you're a fan of Ouran then you have to watch Maid-sama and vice versa!
report Recommended by hklove141
The development in the love story is similar; The comedy and the events are varied in both anime.. Both anime(s) include a new event in each episode.. However, Host club is funnier :P But the love story in maid sama is stronger :D I loved both A LOT!
report Recommended by kotilani
Both animes have a strong leading female role who have a secret they are trying to keep from fellow students. Both plots have key love interests and several minor love interests that develop throughout the anime.
report Recommended by pale-gale
Even though the stories may seem quite different, the hero and heroine of both shows share a lot of similarities. Tamaki and Takumi (even the names sound similar) are both rich, hot guys who all the girls fall head over heels for but they are only interested in their respective heroines Haruhi and Misaki. The heroines, Haruhi and Misaki, are both diligent girls but come from poor families; they do not care much for boys and focus more on studying and excelling at other things
report Recommended by TrulyAJ
Both have a driven lead female character that doesn't care too much about guys, and both have the main girl forced somehow to hang out with attractive guys even though they don't want to.
report Recommended by MayTail
Both mainly light hearted and hilarious. Both have totally oblivious heroines and obviously crushing guys. Amazing characters with defined personalities and lots of lovable supporting characters as well. Fans of the Hitachiin brothers will definitely adore Usui, and vice-versa.
report Recommended by KillJoy913
Both anime have a lot of hilarious moments and a lot of cosplaying. The female leads from both anime, Haruhi and Misaki, are hardworking, intelligent and poor girls who finds the male lead annoying. Tamaki and Takumi are also similar. They're mixed, rich, hot and have family problems. I love their anime and manga.
report Recommended by lovemaze
They both have similar art styles. Also, they're both the types of story where the guy likes the girl but the girl isn't really aware of it. Both anime include a lot of humor and some drama. Overall, these two are on my top lost of anime.
report Recommended by angelabsun
as duas personagens principais são bastante semelhantes,ambas são pobres e quem se apaixona por elas são meninos ricos.
report Recommended by ehVaaane
Similar feel and humor. In Ouran, the big thing is host clubs, while in Maid-Sama the big thing is maid cafes - both of which always consist of dressing up and trying hard to appeal to their customers. And obviously the main female leads have some similar characteristics: poor, strong-willed, and followed around by some blonde boy who loves her.
report Recommended by pandoreye
The relationship between Misa-Chan and Usai are alot like the relationsihp the Main characters have in Ouran Koukou Host Club as in she's not interested in him at first and is in away oblivious. But the entire series is hilarious and this is my second favorite show to Ouran koukou Host Club!! Love it!!!
report Recommended by MiaMichelle
Ouran reminded me a lot of Kaichou Wa Maid-sama for many reasons. The fact Misaki worked for a cosplay café in Maid-sama and in Ouran, most of the main characters work at a host club; which are very similar. Two of the characters from each show are also similar in personality. Both are natural, poor, and aren't really about frilly girl things. Also the comedy and romance are 2 genres they both have in common.
report Recommended by Blahahaha
Pick up your broken dreams and disappointed hearts from the end of Ouran, and head on over to Kaichou, the parallel world where the outsiders' the dude, and the hosting is by gals, and where actual romantic progression is a thing that happens What more could you possibly want?
report Recommended by Entraya
Having watched Ouran Highschool Host Club directly after Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, I found the two both appealed to me in very similar ways. Both shows have female characters who are being fawned over. The lead girls are both strong willed and both have secrets which the male protagonist knows. I thought the two shows complimented each other. The two have similar humor, and the artwork is nearly identical.
report Recommended by ampsmash
Both are the similar because they're both a shoujo that would entertain you. Also the main male lead want to keep the occupation of the main female lead a secret. You'll have to watch them to believe it.
report Recommended by shann4ro
the main characters are somewhat similar and the story line is adorable in my opinion. best comedy romance anime.
report Recommended by clipped_wings
The heroines of these 2 series are both brave and daring, showing many male characteristics. Of course, this means that the male lead must help the heroines out when they unconsciously put themselves in danger due to their selflessness and desire to help others.
report Recommended by naruheaa2108
Both are hostess or host, Have a weird main character that loves them, Have financial problems, main character are girls, And both are great
report Recommended by Isueu7
Very similar type of feel thought this show has less characters than Ouran. I enjoyed maid more than Ouran.
report Recommended by Spartamarine
Both are shoujo series high on comedy with blond bishonens and female main characters who are not fragile or whiny. However, Maid-sama has much more romance.
report Recommended by flutterdash
Both series have a similar form of comedy and of course the maid service in Maid-Sama can easily be compared to the Host Club of Ouran Academy. Also in both series, the female lead is tomboyish and the male lead is blonde and secretly obsessed with their respective female lead.
report Recommended by WackoMastermind
It has the same idea of a girl getting put in a position she is uncomfortable with but the one who is putting her in that position cares for her.
report Recommended by Rose2001
they are both based on girls who are not the richest people but fall in love with someone that they at first didnt pay much attention to or didnt know. Tho thet are both great romance animes i've rewatched both at least 4 times
report Recommended by sadaf29kill
Both are beautiful romance stories, that revolve around a strong female protagonist. They both are also have a slice of life vibe.
report Recommended by redshadow88
both very funny and involves more progressing into other characters instead of one character so i reccomend ouran highschool to you if you haven't watched it
report Recommended by FTOPICD
Similarity - school life - Both main female characters are top students and their families are quite poor Difference - Maid-sama have more romantic scene - Ouran host club is focus more on club activities and other members in club Which one is better? I voted for maid-sama ( best to read manga bcz i rly dislike the colour of the uniform)
report Recommended by reren
Both of them are rom-coms and are thoroughly enjoyable even if you are not a big fan of the genre.
report Recommended by Blue_Ash_