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Aoharu x Kikanjuu
Both involve.. -Main character dressing up like a male, therefore they're being mistaken as a male by everyone instead of a female -Main character ends up in a host club, damaging some of their belongings, therefore they're forced to join the main character's team -Both give off VERY similar vibes -Both involve stunning, attractive characters -Both male lead in both anime's personality is very similar: Cocky, get lots of ladies, popular
report Recommended by iNinjeek
The similarity between these 2 anime are the situation the female lead are place into, which is being forced into a club by the male lead to repay for the damages of expensive items they broke as well the female leads being mistaken as a guy by the male lead and is forced to maintain the opposite sex to repay the debt. That being said, the difference are that in Ouran the female lead does not care if her sex is mistaken, While in Aoharu x kik shes mindful of being mistaken. Also, the club they are force into are different as well. In both anime,   read more
report Recommended by Duckii
Judging by the first episode, the whole first episodes were soo similar to each other. In both anime there is a girl (looking like a guy and actually mistaken for one) involved with blondie boy working as host. The girl makes some things broken there and is forced to pay for it yet it's so much that she has to pay for it by joining them. Also the characters are really similar. Even by the appearance. Both comedy. Similar vibes.
report Recommended by AvoKeiji
Practically the same premise except one has guns in it the other one doesn't :D try to guess which on of them is which (hint hint, it's in the title) Have fun watching both since both of them a blast :)
report Recommended by shnapii
If you watched OHSHC, then your mind will instantly snap a connection! The protagonists are highschool girls dressed as boys and accidentally made a commitment with "host club"; That cause them to be part of a team. Cute, yet strong-willed cross-dressers in what they believe in. These series are comedic with highly attractive bishounens as well. Haruhi Fujioka, the poor scholarship student, enrolls to a rich academy, and joins the host club, unwillingly, because 'he' broke an expensive vase. Unless her debt is paid off, she will have to be a host until then. OHSHC leans more to the shoujo/romance genre. On the other side, Hotaru Tachibana, hates   read more
report Recommended by Onininichi
They both have a main character that is a girl disguised as a boy They both have a host club Both the main characters have to pay off a debt by joining a club
report Recommended by hikaru
A female main character is often mistaken for a guy, she only reinforces these misunderstandings by dressing as a male. In order to pay for the damages she caused to an elitist host club, she is forced to join (the host club in Ouran, survival game club in Aoharu). The host club itself is an important set piece for the story and it's led by a charismatic and cocky man, who takes interest in the girl MC. The humor in both series comes mainly from the girl being thrown into a male-only group.
report Recommended by WintermuteCZ
-both main characters are girls who are mistaken for guys -both have a blond host and a black-haired megane character -the main character joins a 'club' in order to pay off debt
report Recommended by tearbender
-Both of the main characters get misunderstood gor a male. -Both of the main characters get forced into something they find weird but end up liking it. -Both have a pretty suave host love interest.
report Recommended by Penny_ts
If Ouran Host Club were centered around hardcore men rather than pretty boys, it would be Aoharu x Kikanjuu.. I absolutely love both of them though.
report Recommended by Blood_X
The first episodes of both shows follow a similar plot line. A girl disguised as a boy goes into a host club and breaks expensive things. The blond outgoing host invites the girl to join the activity they need them for, but they are male inclusive only activities. And so each story begins. Honestly Ouran had a better execution of the whole oweing a host concept, but both shows are still enjoyable.
report Recommended by Hamaneko
In both anime: - Both anime have a very similar feel to them, and I enjoyed them both for very similar reasons. Both anime have the same kind of atmosphere to them. If you liked one you should definitely try the other! - They both have plenty of good quality comedy, and similar sorts things are funny in both anime (for instance, both have a lot of humor centering around a girl getting mistaken for a boy). - Both anime have some very emotional moments. -The main character is a girl who most people mistake for a boy. Both main characters are uninterested in girly things and prefer boys   read more
report Recommended by LostFeather2
Girl Protagonist, mistaken as a guy, is forced to join a certain "club" and has to act as the opposite gender. Reason being is that she needs to repay the damages she had caused at the host club that belongs to the guy protagonist.
report Recommended by Ledo-kun
-In both anime, the protagonists wa forced into doing what they think is stupid and weird, but they eventually likes the job as they partcipated. - Everyone thinks that the protagonist was a boy, though the protagonist was a girl. (Yeah, yeah -.,-) -The anime type was different~ one was an action/ gun stuff, when the other one was basically guys and girls in a host club, how girls fall for the charm of the hosts. -.-" ( I don't know if Aoharu x Kikanjuu will turn out to be al ovey- dovey anime or not, since it's ongoing and only 3 episodes'out.)
report Recommended by _CaptainRainbow_
Crossdressing, action, drama, comedy, and a whole lot of fun. Both have a female trap character Some of the characters are very simalar. Very simalar sense of humor.
report Recommended by MelodyTheDork
A cliche(but not really) story about a short-haired girl with a boyish attire, which cause him to be mistaken as a male. Because of this, Matsuoka Masamune, a host, made the main character, Tachibana Hotaru, join his team alliance called the "Toy ☆ Gun Gun Team." It's a "survival game", a real-life game wherein the players uses guns(bullets are fake). you will surely like Hotaru because of her strong sense of justice. Join her adventure as she gather courage to reveal that she's really a girl to her teamates.
report Recommended by Kez19h
It kinda has the same plot line KINDA! Girl mistaken as a guy and owes a club after breaking something kind of thing. Absolutely excellent anime though!
report Recommended by TheAnimeExplorer
both feature a blonde host male lead and a female lead that is mistaken for male and forced to join the male lead's club (host club in ouran and basically airsoft club in Aoharu)
report Recommended by Kate882
Similarities: -Girl who is mistaken as a guy for a MC -Host club -MC is forced to join the guys group in OHSHC it is because a vase was broken but in this the MC lost a survival game gun fight to the host and had to join their SG team Both of these anime's will have you laughing and wanting more, the only thing I wish was recognized in Aoharu was the MC actually being a female in the anime, it might in the manga but I never read it.
report Recommended by Jinx
both of the lead characters are strong and smart , both were mistaken as boys in the begining these anime are fun to watch but OHHC is a rom com whereas AXK is an action comedy
report Recommended by aleez
They are similar in terms of: -Quality gender-bender -Heroines have their own principles and mistaken as a boy -Surrounded by handsome guys -Art is nice
report Recommended by atKatlin
In both anime the main character is dressing and behaving like a boy. It also has hilarious moments.
report Recommended by Hoshijiro
It's not exactly like Ouran, seeing how it's not a reverse harem, nor is its comedy as good. But here are a few similarities I found: # Male MC works in a host club # MC is a reverse trap # MC is forced to 'work' for male MC after she breaks expensive stuff, in order to pay off her debt. # Male MC is blond, attractive and a ladies' man.
report Recommended by -Sonal-
These shows are so similar. If you liked one of them I can guarantee that you’ll love the other: -both of the main characters are “bone fide” girls but look like boys and everyone thinks that they are too. -both involves host clubs; more specifically, the story lines are both about the main character breaking something in a host club which then having to make up for it -hot ass characters; they are all so weird Although one revolves around the romance aspect and the other sports, they both gave me very similar vibes but it depends on your preferences. And an fyi I watched Aoharuu x Kikanju (Machine   read more
report Recommended by Aryale
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