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Very similar characters. Both involve a guy who can't remember his past traveling a wasteland searching for his purpose. They each have some action and involve lots of philosophizing.
report Recommended by Danish
Dark and serious, both series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. We have male protagonists who can't remember their past.
report Recommended by Dollie-chan
In this anime, the main character,Casshern, starts a journey to find out the truth about himself, his past. In Ergo Proxy, Vincent Law, is also uncertain about his past. He has a double personality. Along with other characters he wants to find the truth about himself and his other side. The world were the action takes place is similar, it is coming to and end, a world were humans don't have the control over it. The robots become aware of their own existence.
report Recommended by lemocite
Both series play in a very apocalyptic world and have male protagonists who can't remember their past.
report Recommended by Quattro
In a post-apocalyptic world the main character goes on a journey to regain his lost memories and learn the truth of his past self.
report Recommended by Jackson_H
They both include a main character who doesn't know his identity and searches for his truth and purpose. Both have a gloomy atmosphere around alot of ruin.
report Recommended by Deer50
Similar feel. Post-apocalyptic world/waste-land. A main character with no memories of who he is. Philosophy thrown everywhere. A girl who's interested in the MC. A small girl/female robot accompanying the MC, kinda. Some well-animated action once in a while.
report Recommended by Kumqa
Both of them have a similar atmosphere, a post-apocalyptic world where hope is nowhere to be found, where death is faced each moment. While Casshern Sins has more physical fights Ergo Proxy is more of a mindfuck ride.
report Recommended by ThEoNePugNA
Both are very dark and dreary and have a similar atmosphere. Both take place in a post-apocalyptic dystopian world. Casshern Sins is more accessible than Ergo Proxy because it is easier to understand.
report Recommended by Raulzus
What will happen if we don't have memories about our past? Ergo Proxy and Casshern Sins are anime which have been setting up in the post apocalyptic world, where humanity almost reaching their end. Our protagonist in both series, do not have any memories related to their past which led them to confusion about their identity and the purpose of their existence. Both have been pushed to take a journey because everyone who get involved with them usually end up in a problem or even died. Both also have a special ability that make then a really strong characters in their series. Talking about similarity, these two   read more
report Recommended by Kurniawan_Ktr
Both series involve a main protagonist wandering through a dystopian wasteland searching for the truth while not remembering a single thing about their past. Both protagonists are joined by an interested female character and a small child throughout their journey. Both series also touch upon the relationship between humans & robots who are self aware. There are some minor differences. Ergo Proxy focuses more on the overall story which can be rather confusing at times while Casshern Sins is more episodic in nature while touching on an overall plot that is relatively easy to understand. If you liked one series you'll probably like the other.
report Recommended by thebusofdoom