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Shiki is more of a mystery show while Tokyo Ghoul is more action orientated. Shiki focuses at many characters at once while Tokyo Ghoul mostly follows main character Kaneki Ken. However, the main theme is pretty much the same. Both series deal with a conflict between humans and other being that are there to devour us. In Shiki vampires, in Tokyo Ghoul those are ghouls. Both stories start from the perspective of humans being a victim and then eventually we get to see things from "enemies" perspective and then the main question comes: Just who is the real monster here?
report Recommended by kitten320
Corpses. Cannibalism. if in Ghoul they forget about that after few episodes : drink cofee and eat "already dead" people. Shiki offers full join on this philosopy topic. Are they people? are you human? where ends the border. slowly growing on tenison it ends on first season as exellence. and it IS better.
report Recommended by ArchNiki
A conflict between humans and forces of supernatural. Shiki and Tokyo Ghoul shares the similarity in that monsters exists in their perspective worlds. The main protagonist gets involved with them with his life at constant risk. In their dark stories, mystery also exists especially in regards to the origins of these supernatural beings. The protagonists strives to learn more and hopefully also save the lives of others in the wake of this calamity. Recommended for fans of supernatural horror.
report Recommended by Stark700
Ghouls and zombies is trying to survive by eating people or making them one of them, and the people is fighting back to survive too. That leads to a lot of bloodshed and cruelty. So who is the prey and who is the hunter? You will have to discover it for yourself, and feel that experience.
report Recommended by AvihayAnimes
Both are dark anime that make you question what a "monster" is. Each side has their own reasons. Who decides who is "bad", who the "monster" is? Both Shiki and Tokyo Ghoul make you realize that not everything is black and white and portray the plot through unique perspectives! Both are a must-watch :)
report Recommended by TheLaughingOne
The eyes are the same style for both the vampires (Shiki) and ghouls (Tokyo Ghoul). Both have copious amounts of blood and violence, with a story that is told from the monster's point of view.
report Recommended by Tanglebolt
People become monsters who eat people and normal people want to kill the monsters. However, both sides have logical reasons for their actions, and neither can be said to be the "good" side or the "bad" side. You're not really sure who is the monster after seeing both perspectives.
report Recommended by rosemu
Both series have to do with 'monsters' who kill humans for food and people who act against them. They both bring up the question, "Who is the real monster?".
report Recommended by TreasureXHunter
Both have the aspect to which kind is right or wrong
report Recommended by sasugacrab
- Similarities: • Both shows involve "monsters" who need to eat humans for their survival. • Some of the characters of both series become these monsters at some point of the story. • The eyes of the monsters are similar. - Differences: • Shiki takes place in a village while Tokyo Ghoul takes place in a city. • In Shiki these monsters are "corpse demons" which are pretty much a combination of vampires and zombies, and in Tokyo Ghoul the monsters are ghouls.
report Recommended by nyarthotep
Similar to Shiki, with the eyes, blood and murders. Over powered characters who try live in the socially of humans. Hiding themselves among humans. Until the police get involved. Shiki is similar but they are not been chased by police but by villages. Enjoy xD
report Recommended by AbbieT3D2Y
Both feature Humanoid creatures eating humans. Whereas Shiki features vampires, Tokyo ghoul has ghouls. They also have a similar bloody atmosphere and include the main character becoming heavily involved with these creature.Moreover, both main characters are anomolies, they are very different in nature to the characters around them
report Recommended by TitanRage
Both about a new race eatting humans, and humans attempting to fight back.
report Recommended by Ako-
Both shows will have you asking yourself, 'who are the bad guys?' Other than that, ghouls in TG and vampires in Shiki
report Recommended by gwon
There are creatures (shiki & ghouls) that are causing problems in a city/town, and the only thing on the menu for these creatures are the flesh and blood of humans. The humans don't know much about these creatures, but continue to learn more. There are lots of blood and death. The story makes it so that there isn't just one antagonist. There are different points of view, and you make the choice of who's side your on. You also start to feel bad for the creatures.
report Recommended by iAmTheCheese
Shiki is quite similar to Tokyo Ghoul as they both possess beings that need to drink blood I order to survive, NOT VAMPIRES THOUGH.
report Recommended by TheLazyDonut
Both are horror anime revolving around a conflict between humans and vampire-like beings (Shiki and Ghouls), which, in both shows, are identifiable by their pitch-dark eyes. Both shows also feature a character who writes morbid fiction (Seishin/Takatsuki) and a character who enjoys reading their work (Sunako/Kaneki). In both cases, the two meet and develop a rather strange relationship. There are some differences between them, however; "Shiki" is a mystery series, while "Tokyo Ghoul" is action. "Tokyo Ghoul", as the name suggests, is set in an urban environment, while "Shiki"'s setting is rural. Finally, while "Tokyo Ghoul" is unquestionably Kaneki's story, "Shiki" is more of an ensemble   read more
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney
-Both shows are Gorey -Both shows are Mystery/Supernatural -Both shows involve creatures who must kill humans to survive. -Both shows involve humans who were turned into creatures who kill humans to survive. (Tokyo Ghoul has one, while Shiki has many.) -Both shows have two competing sides that are neither good nor bad.
report Recommended by MagicalMysticVA
Just like Elfen Lied,Shiki also focus on this question:Should those different from humans die? Just like Owari no Seraph,it has the vampire theme inside it and can be pretty creepy at times.It still gives me the chills sometimes.Anyway,shoud the awakened die?Should humans just accept them?What happens in the end?With chilling backstory and difficult questions to answer,you just have to watch this anime...and answer the questions created,yourself.
report Recommended by kawainoodledesu
Shiki is very similar to Tokyo Ghoul although Shiki is, arguably, darker. They both have a humanoid creature that has many similarities to humans and there are various conflicts between the two species. However, Natsuno(From Shiki) is not really a weak character from the beginning like Kaneki(Tokyo Ghoul) I'd recommend watching Tokyo Ghoul and Shiki before Kiseijuu. I think it'll make watching Kiseijuu much more interesting.
report Recommended by AyukioCC
Both are horror themed stories that focus around the clash for survival between species and alot of morally complex characters in it too as well and also lots of blood in it.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Do creatures who feed on humans have a right to live? That is the central question posed by both of these animes. Tokyo Ghoul is much more in-your-face about it, posing the question early on and embellishing it with lots of action and plot developments right off the bat. Shiki takes its time beating around the bush before it finally comes out with it, and for such a dark and heavy anime, there's remarkably little violence for most of the episodes. It takes a bit more patience than TG, but I absolutely recommend watching both to completion.
report Recommended by mvhcmaniac
Both Shiki and Tokyo Ghoul display creatures whose life means our death. Both have simular characteristics and looks as well. However later on the show humanizes them so much that we begin to empathize with them. Are the creatures who have to kill us to survive really evil or just trying to survive?
report Recommended by MegumiShimizuu
monsters being hunted, humans being hunted, heck , everyone is being hunted
report Recommended by hanako13434
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