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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Both have: - Endless adventure based on the nakama powah and fights plus power upgrades. - A group of friends with powers with similar personalities (Ali/Natsu= energetic guy plus comic relief that gets fired up when its needed; Alladin/Wendy plus Lucy=A blue haired kid that seems weak but its not and its main goal is to make friends/ and is capable of summoning a helper(Genie/key spirit); Morgiana/Erza= serious and strong, fights like hell and has a tragic past related to slavery and bullying; Sinbad/Gray: Likes to strip a lot; Kougyoku/Juvia: has a crush on the guy that likes to strip and has the power of   read more
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both have to do with mages/magic. Both have main characters that have high morals and there's a huge comradery theme throughout. Both have plenty of comedy, but they get serious when they need to. Both are a lot of FUN to watch. Both are based on Manga that are worth reading, especially if you like the anime adaptations. Both are must sees, and I can't imagine liking one but not the other. They are based on different historical themes, but they are both character driven with a bigger story that unravels as time goes on. Magi is a little more serious and done a little better than   read more
report Recommended by explicit707
Seeing the first chapters of magi is a lot like me to Fairy tail, as the characters meet and know each other and the strong relationship of friendship between them, also the storyline and adventure but will have some differences, it's obvious!!
report Recommended by Plue001
Both have the use of magic. Both cast's take adventures through the story. Each main cast has likable characters with a good back story. You get the same Fairy Tail vibe when watching Magi and vise versa.
report Recommended by mikagura
Both have a huge aspect of magic and fight for/with friends. There are similar character personalities. They both have action/fighting, contain sad pasts, and are adventure-filled. Both are filled with comedy, but they can also be serious. Both also have small romance factors in it (hinted feelings or confessions).
report Recommended by NaLu
They both are about magic, and have great battle scenes, character improvements and plot line if your looking for a show about magic, this is one you must watch
report Recommended by GodOfTheDead
If you liked Fairy Tail but still wished for a series with greater depth, I HIGHLY recommend watching both Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and its sequel, Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. -Both series are about friendship -Both series have their fair share of humor. Just like FT, Magi can be considered as one of those more "lighthearted" series. -Both have magic and special powers. Everyone has the potential/capacity to at least do some sort of magic. -Both have fighting -Both have an adventurous vibe; the cast of characters go to a bunch of different places and solve a bunch of problems. There are arcs in different countries and   read more
report Recommended by kcal41
I consider these two the best represantives for the magic genre. I like the adventures , characters and the action of both of them. I prefer the world of magi beacuse of the only magic anime using the arabic a thousand and one night theme to their world. But when it comes to Fairy Tale there is a lot more back story and/or side story with all the characters but as i said i consider these two the best magic series in anime.
report Recommended by AdunToridas11
Fairy Tail and Magi may as well be siblings. They're both set in a fantasy-like universe where magic users are a common sight to behold. The two series also include limitless adventures, interesting/unique character designs, bonds between friends, and numerous battles. While both shows tend to be pretty silly, they're not afraid to get serious. If you're interested in magic/fantasy and you liked one, I'm sure you would like the other.
report Recommended by JakklL
- They are both set in a fantasy-like universe where magic users are a common sight to behold. - Both series also include limitless adventures, interesting/unique character designs, bonds between friends, and numerous battles. - Both of these animes center around friendship and fantasy action, magic being one of the driving forces of both their universes. - Similar sense of optimism and adventure combined with intrigue. - Both have positive themes and undertones of character, family, self exploration and exploration / adventure. - Both of these series are made by the same animation studio, and you can totally tell due to the fact that they are both animated   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
Both of them are filled with a world of magic, got a great adventure. Both of the main character got boy and girl. The fighting beetween these 2 anime is great. I recommend this for anyone who love action and magic anime genre
report Recommended by HeroArgonaut
Fantasy/Mythology, Magic-oriented, "Level-Up" Abilities, Fanservice Galore, Bright Color Palette, Same Studio, Giant Cast of Characters, Same Target Audience (?) I think Magi does a better job than FT in juggling all these aspects in less episodes, however it is not a perfect show by any means. Note that Magi was never fully adapted; only 50 episodes.
report Recommended by Cartier117
Magic power. The most important thing for both of them and that's the standout part of this show. The magic battle are truly amazing and take your breath away because there are so many unique spells. Highly recommended because they are not boring after all
report Recommended by Chan_Chun
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