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Same setting, similar high level story, similar themes of the dangers of ambition. Also about a voyage to collect things and a monster of the week structure. Katanagatari is not exactly "lighter" in tone but is less relentlessly dark.
report Recommended by tosifusouou
Both are sword fighting historical anime with supernatural twists. The main characters both begin as more of weapons than actual people and slowly become more human along their journey. In katanagatari Shichika slowly becomes more human emotionally, while in dororo Hyakkimaru slowly becomes more human in a more physical sense. Both are formated in an almost episodic way formated arround a larger purpose, katanagatari each episode is a new sword master to defeat to get 12 legendary swords, dororo each episode presents a new demon to defeat of 12 demons.
report Recommended by Magixi
Both main characters are badasses that discover parts of themselves in an episodic manner. In dororo is more physical while in katanagatari is psychological.
report Recommended by Nyara10
Both about a guy with no emotions on a journey to another person to collect things. Both have the guy gaining emotions throughout the show. 12 demons in dororo 12 swords in katanagatari.
report Recommended by Cynwulf
Both involve a lone sword-man raised away from society setting out on a adventure with the whole world agents them.
report Recommended by mimimilk
Both of them contain sword fighting. Both of them has good dialogue. Both inform the viewer of the quantity of challenges the MC must face.
report Recommended by MN0
Both have a beautiful story in ancient Japan. Both protagonists are strong, but they will not always want to fight. Also, it is difficult for both to understand the world.
report Recommended by Diegolan
Similar story of an unhuman-like MC discovering what it means to be human.
report Recommended by Brijirb
In both shows the main protagonists are hunting for something Dororo has the main protagonist fights numerous demons to get back 12 parts of his body that have been taken from him. And Katanagatari the main protagonists has been set on a journey to collect the 12 strongest weapons. Both shows have 2 badass main protagonists and a female as 2nd main character. And both shows have serious fighting scenes.
report Recommended by OfficialGeqen
Dororo finds Hyakkimaru and accompanies him in Dororo while in Katanagatari, Togame finds Shichika. Both the anime are set in similar time and is a wonderful fest of sword fights and good animation. Unlike in Dororo, every scene in Katanagatari involves a lot of talking! Although it adds to the humor part and it especially personifies it if you're able to understand Japanese without subtitles. The intensity of each scene increases as the story progresses. One distinguishing feature of Katanagatari is that the characters have more depth compared to Dororo. If you like one of them then you'll indubitably like the other one.
report Recommended by Zettaheisinium