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Omamori Himari
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Omamori Himari
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High School DxD
One main male characters surrounded by a lot of pretty girls. Main heroines in both series are not human, demon for High School DxD, youkai for Omamori Himari. Both series are harem-based with a lot of fan services to keep your eyes open.
report Recommended by XieJinhua
Both are supernatural with alot of girls, ecchi and comedy.
report Recommended by SooKwang
Well, if you like ecchi, fan-service, supernatural, fighting, boobs, and all the rest of that stuff, then considering watching both of these series. It has a storyline and the main guy has a lot of girls chasing after him as result of his kindness, courage, and strength.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are about a strong girl that meets with the weak guy that slowly gets stronger.
report Recommended by Spartansea
Both Are Love-Romance Animes. With Echi Stuff. Sexual stuff. Comedy. A male proganist and female. Lust. And the girls around what the male proganist.
report Recommended by Anime_ftw
The main characters in these Anime are very "Weak". They are surrounded by big chested females and get involved in naughty lewd situations. These are both ecchi/harem, action, supernatural and if you are into that, then I would suggest to watch these Anime series.
report Recommended by 10makunn
Main character is surrounded by harem full of females with supernatural power. Both are ecchi but have some fighting scenes.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Many of the characters in these series are similar Both are harem/ecchi Both protagonists have hidden powers that make them potentially OP Very strong supernatural elements in both shows DxD is far more ecchi, and has nipples, lots of nipples DxD's protag gets more of a chance to show off his powers DxD runs more seasons, and is a bit more fleshed out in general I got a very strong DxD feeling while watching Himari, especially in the early episodes. The ecchi in Himari is rather poor compared to other harem ecchi, especially one like DxD (practically hentai at times), but it's still enough to satisfy any ecchi cravings.
report Recommended by webM-guy