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These are both romance stories that feature one of the characters with a somewhat difficult social situation. It would be spoilers to explain, but know that in both cases, the female lead has some sort of psychological barrier that must be overcome in order for the romance to proceed properly. Kimi ni Todoke is more blatantly romantic, whereas Isshuukan Friends is more about friendship, as the title suggests. (Still a romance though).
report Recommended by Xaeveax
In several ways, I find these two series alike for their tone and atmosphere. They both involve a shy girl who happens to meet with a cheerful guy at school. They become friends through their experiences. And despite their differences, the two get along in unusual ways because of their sharp contrasts. There is decent comedy, drama, and sparkling romance throughout both series. Kimi ni Todoke focuses more on romance as a driving plot while Isshuukan Friends deals with friendship. But nonetheless, they both convey character relationship on realistic levels that are appreciable.
report Recommended by Stark700
An introverted girl who is considered weird by her classmates (but is actually a lovely person). A boy trying to make friends with this girl. Both take place in a high school. Same feeling while watching these two shows.
report Recommended by Vowlenhart
Male protagonist is the the only one who believes that female protagonist is different Than what everyone else believes Male protagonist has a friend supporting him High schoolers All the other students think the female protagonist is a certain way, which is actually very different from her real characteristics
report Recommended by paramita
Both give similar vibes, same atmosphere, same slow pace. Both shows are romantic-based. Isshuukan Friends has a more serious plot meanwhile Kimi ni Todoke has more comedy in it
report Recommended by oOoAurorAoOo
Male MC is the first person who lends a helping hand or the first to acknowledge the female MC. Also added with lots of cuteness in it. However, Kimi ni Todoke is more innocently sweet while Isshuukan Friends is more deceptively sweet with a little heartbreaking feels.
report Recommended by delulytric
Kimi ni Todoke and Isshuukan Friends have very pure protagonists. I also think that Kaori and Sawako are similar because initially have few friends and reflect a fearsome appearance on the outside but inside are nice. Except that Kaori has amnesia and Sawako not, are quite similar. I also think that the personality of the main characters is similar in the two series, both are shy and have feelings for each other but are afraid to say it or confuse the "I like you" with "I like you" of friends.
report Recommended by Shizuku-Kuroneko
Both tell tale of a lonely protagonist whom have for their own reasons difficulty approaching people and in turn making friends. They each meet a guy who, despite having their own motive, assist the female protagonist in overcoming their baggage and find happiness. If you find either of these shows relatable they can become somewhat of a tear jerker. The biggest difference in my opinion would be the artstyle Isshuukan friends has a much better depicition of the characters and the environment, but keep on watching kimi no todoke for the plot you wont be dissapointed by these slice of life animes.
report Recommended by Blank0L
Both take place in a school where a shy girl can't make friends and a boy want to help her. They are very emotional and sweet with a calm and beatiful art style. Also they combine romance with comedy in a pleasant and realistic manner. I think they represent perfectly what is a pure and young love, Isshuukan Friends focuses more in the boy perspective and Kimi ni Todoke in the girl perspective. The strange sensation of the first love is something emotional, nostalgic, at times sad ... but I would lie to myself if I said I did not smile like a fool with these   read more
report Recommended by Akzhu7
Both anime are about a shy girl and a upbeat,cheerful kind of guy. They both are relatively slow and calm anime with some form of dramatic element.
report Recommended by eham757
I can only describe these two as the most innocent animes i’ve watched. Portraying the girls having a closed personality, due to their own obstacles, both of them introduce a guy to be the contrast of that. Looking forward only to help them with these problems and introversion, he starts falling in love with that hidden personality he didn’t know she had. If you’re looking for a sweet, slow-cook romance and feel over touch, that’s the combo. As well as the girls, they’re inexperienced with relationships or girls at all, making it the most innocent love you'll see.
report Recommended by Gi_
Starting from the basics, the setting in the same: school. For what that concerns the story, both anime are focused on a female lead with some trouble making friends, who is gradually helped by the male protagonist to insert herself in her class. Both girls seem to have a double personality, one tends to push away others, the other is way friendlier and appealing. This two anime give very chill vibes, they are light and flowing, but they don't fail to give also deep and psychological hints.
report Recommended by micsss