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Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Very similar character interaction, personalities, and way of finding a new thing to do together as newfound friends. As a big fan of K-ON!, I can vouch that Sora yori has a very similar feeling and vibe. If you liked one, you'll surely like the other. Both give strong character chemistry, delivering them in similar ways.
report Recommended by Azukano
The series is girl dominant, Similliar style of Comedy
report Recommended by yoshu_
Shows both primarily focused on the idea of youth, built on a strong dynamic between the main cast.
report Recommended by Tenderizer17
Very similar in one of the central themes: how friendships makes us better persons. Character interactions and humor are very similar as well. Yorimoi is more dramatic and a little faster paced in its character development, since K-On is ~40 episodes long and the girls have less dramatic issues to resolve there, though when the feels hit in K-On they hit almost as hard as in Yorimoi. All in all, Yorimoi is a more adventurous and dramatic version of K-On, or, K-On is a more slice-of-life and laid back version of Yorimoi. People who loved either of them will definitely like the other, if not love   read more
report Recommended by bulhoesbruno
Very similar series such as characters' personalities, themes in general, humor, and many more.
report Recommended by yosi_pratama
Both stories about a group of girls in high school who work together to achieve a goal. Both showcase an adventure
report Recommended by Aziretan
The characters are pretty much copied and pasted. Tall shy girl with black hair. Happy go lucky girl that wants to do something with her youth/high school years, also with brown hair. Rich girl who just wants to experience a normal life and have friends. Energetic girl who hates boring things and behaves like a child. Obviously my statements here are pretty vague but once you think about it you can't "unthink" it. Especially if you watched k-on first. Not saying it's a bad thing by any means cause if you enjoyed one you'll probably enjoy the other. (I did)
report Recommended by simonstrash
Almost all of the characters are similar, even the side characters.
report Recommended by azayaka112
The two series have the same energy and very similar characters. The four main girls are much like the four main girls of K-On! They both set out together on a specific goal.
report Recommended by LocalTrashcan
K-ON is about high school girls coming together to form a Light Music Club. Sora yori mo Tooi Basho is about high school girls trying to go to Antarctica. Both shows have similar type of humor and there is a lot of shared traits between girls' personalities. If you liked one of them you will probably like the other one as well.
report Recommended by Tomassssz
Cute fun slice of life with heart behind it. They both have a major theme of enjoying the time you have and living your life to the fullest.
report Recommended by nanako_nijimiya
Slice of life show focused largely on character interaction/relationships where four high-school girls set off on an adventure to Antarctica. Characters have personalities similar to K-On and the humor is similar as well.
report Recommended by Lupo_Reed