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Higashi no Eden
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Higashi no Eden
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Both series superficially focus on conspiracies involving shadowy organisations and mobile phones, but are actually most memorable for their eccentric and charming protagonists, excellent humour, entertaining central romances, a strong sense of interaction between the cast and fat shut-in hackers.
report Recommended by Enderesonix
Steins;Gate is a soft science fiction story about an ensemble cast who's recently discovered a wonderful invention, leading to trouble both with their own use of the device, and trouble with an intervening government body. Both shows feature a similar group of characters and the viewer is slowly threaded along the plot until everything is revealed in the very end, and the basic premises are very alike. Both series implore the same sort of attention from the viewer, and are very alike thematically. They are also alike due to their lack of action scenes and the subtle/nuanced romance being slowly developed throughout the course of   read more
report Recommended by CanuckRiley
Both involve phones that are used to change the world and are mysteries and have romantic elements
report Recommended by jfizzl
Both of these series contain a great sense of mystery and suspense that leaves you constantly wanting to see more, while also having nice touches of romance along the way.
report Recommended by pancake_monster
Both revolve around how the prominence of new technology can change the course of the world for good or for bad. The issue of memory loss as a result of this technology also occurs in both of these animes. Steins;Gate is more sci-fi/time travel though.
report Recommended by Hstar
The story follows a similar group of characters, whose actions get the attention of a mysterious and shadowy organization. Although the plot is different (Eden of the East is not about time travelling), both animes have eccentric main characters, good humor, a subtle and nicely paced romance, hackers, neets and the same feeling of suspense and mystery. Also, both animes are obsessed with cellphones.
report Recommended by lilieen
Tongue-in-cheek sci-fi tales with stakes that are much larger than they initially appear.
report Recommended by Buuubbblesss
These series both have quite an enigmatic tone, and have similar styles of humor and characters. Though taking place in a realistic world, both protagonists are eccentric, smart, and surprisingly selfless, obtaining cellphone-related power that they must use for the good of the world and those around them. Indirectly fighting for the future of mankind against shadowy organizations and conspiracy. All while a group of fun and skilled friends help, though not always knowing what's going on.
report Recommended by TristanCooney
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