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Aria the Animation
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Aria the Animation
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Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Both are slow-paced, easy going anime with a loveable and calm lead character.
report Recommended by Spades-Deuce
Both have a slow pace and focus on the daily lives of regular people in a semi-realistic sci-fi world.
report Recommended by Teddy
Great enigma aura. Transient existance of human civilisation and human beings in Big Mystery Universe. Slice of life in fantastic future world. Drama plot is covered by comedy / adventure plot. Many hidden facts about the world that are meant but not said directly. Beautiful nature and music. Girls as main characters. Water theme. YKK is more concentrated on mystery while Aria have more slice of life & kawaii. Plot in Aria is much more slow paced. However, the world in both animes looks stationary at the same rate.
report Recommended by Day-Elven
Feels like the same atmosphere, soft, laid-back. Yokohama is more homey feeling, whereas aria feels futuristic
report Recommended by vasplar
Aria is somewhat faster paced, more beautiful, has backgroud music (that will enhance the atmosphere). Both series are supposed to give you the same feeling, however Aria is superior in every aspect.
report Recommended by doom19876
These anime feature friendly, sentimental, and cute main characters in futuristic settings. There are a lot of shots of scenery in each, and the main characters both aim to make nice memories and see the beauty in life. The main similarity between these shows is the calm, nostalgic, and almost melancholic feel.
report Recommended by jamesismynamo
Main characters of those series work hard every day in their respective professions. Alpha is working hard in the cafe, so when her owner returns, he would be proud of her. Akari is training every day to became Prima Undine in Neo-Venezia. Both series are calm and relaxing with no fast-paced action or drama. After completing them you would yearn for more. If you watched and liked one of those, you would definitely like the other one.
report Recommended by mozgow
School life or Business are basically hard. Have you been tired lately? Then these shows exist for you. Both heals your daily stress. Vibes are calm, quiet, encourage. There are some beautiful scenery and places. Plot is simple. Each female protagonists plays some kind of roles with their companions. YKK's protagonist, Alpha Hatsuseno. She is half of human and robot. In terminal world view, she works for little people. Aria's protagonist, Akari Mizunashi is member of Aria Company. She does her best for aim highest grade. Both visuals and character developments are so excellent. Especially Aria. You'll feel attracted by art beauty. Drama also great. It's not just general shows. YKK   read more
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Both series: -Emphasize finding beauty in mundane, everyday events and places -Establish a serene, relaxing atmosphere that is, arguably, just as integral to the story as its plot or characters -Feature charming, affable protagonists -Take place in the future
report Recommended by Vandalmal