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The music, the characters, the atmosphere, and even their uniform reminds me of Aria.
report Recommended by noasura
Same director/author. The similarities are everywhere
report Recommended by GBreakdown
This applies to the entirety of the Aria franchise, not just this season. Both shows are very similar on mood, coziness, and general atmosphere. They were created by the same author, so it's no surprise that there are very similar elements throughout. They both have fantastic characters that are always a charm to watch. They also both sometimes get a bit bogged down in weird supernatural tangents, which works nicely in Aria but is a bit weird in Amanchu. Still, they are both fantastic series if you want to relax and enjoy the weather so to speak. They are about taking it slow and learning   read more
report Recommended by Xaeveax
It's quite clear that both these anime have the same director/author because of the atmosphere, setting, character, pacing, ost and in general pretty much everything feels similar. These two anime series are a great example of slice of life, and while Amanchu shows a more real life example, Aria sure has its own strong points in this area. So if you liked one of this series, you can bet you'll also like the other!
report Recommended by RafaelDeJongh
Aria and Amanchu! are both works of Amano Kozue. The animation is quite similar and both are Slice of Life anime. They share the same calm and relaxing atmosphere and have a female character with a particular passion as the main protagonist. Nature (especially water) and friendship are strong themes in both Aria and Amanchu!.
report Recommended by Lichtspiel
Cast of quirky but cute girls with activity connected to water and their enteritaining interractions. Both by the same author.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both series have a relaxed, sometimes whimsically magical atmosphere, with a strong focus on personal growth, interpersonal relationships and the passing of time. Lots of water in both, and similar music.
report Recommended by DikembesMutombo
Just by watching one episode of each show you should be able to tell that same person is author of their source material. These are some of the most relaxing shows which focus on activities relating to water. Main difference between these shows is their subject where Aria is focused on Gondolas while Amanchu is focused on scuba diving.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
Two slice of life anime adaptations of Kozue Amano's mangas, both directed by Junichi Satou as well. They both show the characters as a cute chibi form of themselves at scenes and are relaxing yet fun to watch. Aside from the splendid environments shown throughout their series, there are some magical aspects too hidden in their landscapes with beautiful moments to behold. There's even a little bit of reference to Aria as well with the characters and casting used in an episode of Amanchu! too. I like to lump YKK, Aria, and Amanchu! together due to similarities in its nature of feel but in its use of composers for   read more
report Recommended by BonBonToro
Both done by the same author "Amano Kozue".Both Amanchu! and Aria are relaxing,related to water(Amanchu is about diving while Aria is about rowing gondolas), and have the same director.The characters are sure not really similar to each other but there are two girls from Teko's flashback who share the similar VA(and somewhat similar appearence) as Aria's Akari and Aika.
report Recommended by __petra__
both series are based of a manga by the same artist, they are actually so similar The OST, The characters and the theme of the ocean is shared between the two, If you like relaxing anime give this a try.
report Recommended by Sato
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