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wholesome and meaningful romcom that touches deep important topics in every kind of relationship
report Recommended by TayaTuk
-Both feature an unlikely couple coming to realize they love each other over time -Both point out how special the memories you make in high school are through exemplifying little moments, and have colorful (in Horimiya's case, literally) casts of characters that draw you in to their illusion of youth -Both have similar lead female characters with similar comedic beats, though Toradora is exaggerated far more
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both titles are a combination of the two main characters. Both are High School romances In Horimiya they show each other a side they wouldnt show others and people get confused why they started getting closer, In Toradora the main characters recieve prejudice based on their looks and how they seem on the surface and once again their classmates get confused on why they started getting closer. Both these shows share a similar dynamic between the main couples.
report Recommended by SparkingVolt
Remember when you had your first crush? Remember what it felt like? These two shows will make you feel like that. Horimiya originally aired as a web comic in 2007, while the first Toradora Novel was released in 2006. Maybe this is while they feel so similar as they are both romantic slice of life anime written at similar times, as evidenced by the prevalence of dorky flip phones in both series. Watching Horimiya takes me back to a magical time in my life when I was first discovering anime and Toradora was one of the first anime I watched. As for the similarities, both are   read more
report Recommended by Twintwine
Both rom-com, both focusing on two high school students with a very different and distinct personality, both funny and more or less similar sense of humour.
report Recommended by Warui_Yume
Both series have a very similar feel but slightly different passing in the main character development if you have watched either and liked it you will have a great time with the other one
report Recommended by wholfboy
Both shows are slice of life romance anime set in a high school. The main girl in both shows is a tsundere, which is more apparent in Toradora, and she shows a side of herself to the main guy that she doesn't want to/let anyone else see. Both shows are more character-driven rather than plot-driven and are both, overall, just a good time.
report Recommended by Mitsumi_
Really similar animes in terms of plot, especially at the beginning. Hori and Taiga both have somewhat unstable personalities. HOWEVER Unless you really enjoy the genre - i wouldn't reccomend you to watch Horimiya after Toradora. Horimiya feels more like a weak, more robotic (with artificial emotions) copy. Watching Toradora AFTER Horimiya - that is much better idea
report Recommended by Leenbow
Both are good romcom animes with less misunderstandings
report Recommended by sajia_afrin_
Two slice of life, comedy, romance anime with a nice cast of characters. Both are very standard slice of life anime, so if you want something different, this is the wrong place, but both anime do a the best job at being a standard slice of life anime.
report Recommended by Hunterconnor
Both of these Animes are Romance/Slice of life genres. They are sweet and heart warming when watching and focus on the small details which make the two lovers entwined with each other.
report Recommended by Tofin
Both have got a silly vibe about it, with adorable characters too. Though funny most of the time, I think there are still heart-heavy moments and that's why I love both of them.
report Recommended by swordneedsmore
Both involve school and the characters in their day to day life. Both very wholesome, chill anime to watch :)
report Recommended by SafANI
Both are heartwarming light romcom type anime, showcasing characters in their day to day life. Both mc often are viewed as something they are not, either based on how they look or what they seem on the surface. Both mc has a side they show where people outside their comfort zone normally wouldn't get to experience or see (Or that people normally wouldn't expect)
report Recommended by Popex
They're both funny romance animes where you will roll over laughing and waiting for the next episode. Both don't have too much romance but just enough to pull at your heart.
report Recommended by RejectedSoulz
They're the same anime, but honestly, I'm not even mad, they're both great.
report Recommended by PBC2104
Both series feature a group of friends navigating their complex romantic and platonic feelings for each other.
report Recommended by timeaftertime
Both are about a guy and girl who are nothing alike and become best friends and something more..i think you'll love these both..
report Recommended by dark_username
slice of life/romance littered with lovable friends and cute art
report Recommended by biggestkilluafan
Both are comedy, romance and slice of life and both are happening in high school. Main characters act in similar ways.
report Recommended by MermaidTsundere
It has the same Romance and characters that aren't how they seem on the outside that toradora has but has its own unique versions of it that's why I recommend it if you liked toradora.
report Recommended by PraxVC
Both are easy watching, girly rom-coms that are about a guy and girl who are polar opposites and become best friends...and maybe more. You'll have to watch both to see and find out!
report Recommended by MissAmelia19
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