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Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star
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Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Similar character setting, older brother, younger boy, a girl or 2 at the side. They both inherit some universe beating machines and go far and wide throughout the universe for a girl.
report Recommended by KonaKona4
- Main characters piloting a red piece of machinery that exceed the potential of all other ships - A younger guy following around some older guy calling him his aniki - a soft spoken girl who first appears encased in a box - a homosexual who handles ship parts - a vicious furry who tries to kill the main characters but ends up as part of the crew It's practically the same thing.
report Recommended by Kawawaface
Outlaw Star has a similar character structure and epic battles, with a less whiny kid sidekick!
report Recommended by Mr_Nonchalant
Remarkably similar crisp art styles, camera angles, themes (doing crazy stuff, exceeding expectations, pumping music, melee combat in space, having a unique ship, etc) make it a sure-thing that if you like one, you'll like the other.
report Recommended by robfoster
Gurren Lagann took everything Outlaw Star did right and improved its story on it. There are too many similarities both plot wise and character wise. 1- Both are stories of two brothers without a bloodline. 2- Both have epic space fights. 3- Both are stories of a crew that built for same reason 4- Both are making philosophy on human nature and machines 5- Both are road stories with their own way 6- Way too much similarities I can not list in there because of Spoiler restriction generally plot wise
report Recommended by DeidaraSanji
In an epic tale, there are epic characters and storytelling. For both TTGL and Outlaw Star, they offer exactly what you hope to get. The main cast of both series consists of characters who excels in combat and various arts of war. They involve a setting with science fiction themes. There's a lot of humorous dialogues but also the same time tragic moments. From those moments though are memorable events that captures the mood of their perspective settings. In both series, the characters do own their own weaponry in the battle consisting of their own signature names/brand that allows them to go head to head   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
The character archetypes and interactions are so similar between these series. Older hotblooded guy Young rational kid who has a brotherly bond. A girl in a box, essential to the overarching plot. Strong/skilled female team member (two in Outlaw Star).
report Recommended by Fortress_Maximus
Both are sci fi themed with lots of action and a colorful cast as well as lots of stlyish art and character designs to look at as well too.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
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