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Honzuki no Gekokujou: Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan wo Erandeiraremasen
The main character is removed from modern world and tries to bring civilization and modern goods to a world that doesn't know those.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both stories start out with the main character being removed from their world and being placed into the world that has a more primitive setting than their own. Both main characters use science and history knowledge from their respective time periods to adapt to their new surroundings. Their knowledge helps to influence the new world and its native inhabitants.
report Recommended by ZB_Blades
Ascendance of a Bookworm takes a similar look at modern day knowledge in time periods that lack it. Instead of being frozen in time our protagonist Urano, a lover of literature and former librarian is transported into a fantasy world of magic, in a time and place where books are reserved for the nobility of the land. The approach of "If I don't have it, I'll make it on my own" is extremely similar to the mindset of Dr. Stone's Senku as he attempts to revitalize humanity with his encyclopedic knowledge of science. The title deserves a lot of recognition for turning a lot of   read more
report Recommended by CHZabuza
"What If Senku from Dr. Stone had a child in another world with Holo from Spice & Wolf"
report Recommended by Digoligo
Both series are about bringing our civilization's goods back, but when Senkuu tries to restore as much as possibile, Myne focuses on books and publishing industry.
report Recommended by TheHadro
Both focus significantly on restoring technology of the modern civilization in the underdeveloped world with a lot of nice details about how various devices and concepts work. Also in both works the protagonist is portrayed as kind of antihero with no explicit strive for justice, though they still do good in roundabout ways.
report Recommended by klesun
Both shows have a similar feeling in which the protagonist invents things unthought of the circumstances they find themselves in.
report Recommended by giosann
Both shows feature a protagonist who uses their knowledge of Science/Physics to invent new things that give them an edge in the new world they find themselves in. Dr. Stone has more action and humor while Ascendance of a Bookworm has more Drama and Slice of Life elements.
report Recommended by Ryphereon
-Both contain characters who have knowledge from different era. -Involve showing off these products to characters in current era who are fascinated by them
report Recommended by AnimeDreamLife
Knowledge is power. When the world is gone and what you have left is knowledge. You are also not able to live a luxury life or as convenient as before, but what you can do is to use knowledge to improve everything around you one by one. That is the main idea of the story driven by the main character.
report Recommended by 810Teams
Both MC have knowledge of a society much more advanced than their current world, and can "invent" a lot of things. They both are really passionate about something (science and book). Both shows are pretty lighthearted.
report Recommended by Yugao_
Power of knowledge. Even in a world distant to the current time. Stories Dr Stone and Ascendance of a Bookworm show what the power of knowledge can give to people who use such information well. Dr Stone follows science genius Senku, using the power of science, in his attempt to save the world after all humans turned into stone. Bookworm follows a bookworm Urano who has reincarnated as Myne, in a world similar to that of the middle ages, devoid of books. Both protagonists starting from nothing, grow their way back up with human knowledge almost passed down to them in order to bring a world   read more
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both MCs are forced to live in a new world where they have to use their minds to solve problems according to their surroundings. Dr. Stone follows a more Shounen and hard sci-fi setting whereas Bookworm is more about building connections to the people around her and working her way through the current society.
report Recommended by SuperiorInterNed
If you enjoyed the building of items and gathering materials to make more complicated things later on within Dr. Stone, I highly recommend Ascendance of a Bookworm! It was personally why I enjoyed both series so much, so I thought it would be a good recommendation.
report Recommended by Iciio
Based in Science and a touch of Magic to spice things up. A girl on the journey to make books faces a long and arduous path since the era she lives in for some reason doesn't have a printing press.
report Recommended by SMmania123
Both shows have a main character who values commitment to their goals weather it's books or science. Throughout each show their will be problems to thwart each goal. They also both have similar themes about growing a family of people that the main character can trust.
report Recommended by EggoGBones
Both of the characters use their knowledge of modern technology to break society.
report Recommended by Xorn420
The premise of an "encyclopedia"-like brainiac protagonist is remarkably similar in both shows. Honzuki no Gekokujou, belonging firmly to the Seinen genre, is more melodramatic and drama-driven in general whereas Dr.stone, leaning more towards shounen, is more upbeat and exaggerated with supporting drama and action elements. As an imperfect analogy HnG is the Seinen counterpart of Dr. Stone and so should appeal to fans of Dr.Stone that also enjoy Seinen.
report Recommended by Anjuro
Starts from scratch; in Dr. Stones case, everything. In Ascendance of a Bookworm, anything that makes it convenient for Myne to move on to making/reading books.
report Recommended by watching-reirei
Both the animes have similar thing of reproducing new age things in an primitive world
report Recommended by Krishnashonen
When a character has been reborn to the past and have intelligence of modern human mind it is one of a kind of plot that tackles this subject matter. These shows have a quality to offer wherein the respective protagonists will use their knowledge and skills to improve the lives of everyone using inventions that would be possible to do.
report Recommended by bryn12cnsgnd
In Dr.Stone humans are shifted back to the stone age and Senkuu uses his knowledge of science to try to catch up and recover the civlisation to modern era. In Ascendance of Bookworm A Girl is transferred to a body of another girl called myne in a medieval world after she dies.She loves books and wants to read books but they are only accessbile to nobles.So she also uses her past knowledge to make things to try to make books.
report Recommended by Ken_Chan90
Simple math: ° Dr. Stone + Isekai = Ascendance of a bookworm
report Recommended by Marplatensevirgo
While Doctor Stone is not quite isekai, the main theme of the protagonists striving to bring back something they loved from their 'past life', develop the backdated world they are in with the help of willing people there is a theme that serves as the core of both Doctor Stone and Ascendance of a Bookworm. AoaB is slower paced and more slice of life than its shounen counterpart. But it's still a great watch.
report Recommended by CatoYato69
Both anime show world building in Honzuki no Gekokujou the protaganist is not as smart as the protaganist of stone wars also the protaganist in Honzuki no Gekokujou has a much less dificult goal.
report Recommended by SuperSkyStar
in both anime, the main character brings an unknown knowledge in both anime, we follow the construction of objects step by step Honzuki no Gekokujou: Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan wo Erandeiraremasen has a cute side with younger characters
report Recommended by Fambzynho
Both have smart MC in their world, and they oftenly making stuffs therefore got praised by everyone around them. Action scenes are there but not the main focus of the show.
report Recommended by Ardi8
They both involve the mc finding a way to obtain something in a world where it isn't available.
report Recommended by beadediris
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