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If you take away Gantz's fondness of boobs/nudity/twisted humour, the death games between humans and creatures that crush men like insects - not even the respective main characters being safe - makes Gantz & Shingeki one and the same. The despair the cast convey when confronted with the terror of a threat beyond human understanding sticks the two together like glue. There's very little out there that can make people feel the same sense of dread as its characters do, whether on page or screen. The casts of the two are forced into 'do or die' confrontations with freaky creatures, knowing either it or themselves   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Battles against bizarre enemies that initially seem straightforward to defeat, but turn out to be extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Other similarities: tons of characters dying, characters losing hope when facing an overwhelmingly powerful enemy. Differences: Gantz has a much slower pace than SnK. The characters in Gantz are 'normal' people instead of soldiers. Gantz has much more sexual content.
report Recommended by VVayfarer
A team of humans must work together to defeat dangerous enemies who are much larger and more powerful. The humans have advanced technology to help them fight. There are many life or death situations and there is a lot of violence.
report Recommended by Jackson_H
There's this sense of violence present in both Gantz and Shingeki no Kyojin that I find similar. In both series, they involve a group of humans who must fight for survival against monsters like they have never faced before. These monsters tests their abilities for survival and puts their lives at jeopardy on many various occasions. Obviously, there is a lot of violence in both series as blood is spilled from the action. The monsters themselves in both series seeks to kill the characters where they show no mercy. On the other hand, there's the main characters who struggles for survival but are determined to survive,   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Both anime will put the hair on your nuts. There is outstanding action in both series, although Shingeki has a better soundtrack. There are amazing characters in both series. Both series also love to kill off people.
report Recommended by thereisonlyone
Both series have a easy to follow history with tons of violence. Special for kids.
report Recommended by monntauk
The show has that similar feeling of desperation that you get from watching SnK. Both featured normal people fighting against immensely overpowered enemies. Brutal and cruel scenes also exists in abundance throughout both series, although Gantz is somewhat darker and shows many more ugly sides of humanity. If you are looking for lots of bloody action and brutality (and profanity) this is the show for you.
report Recommended by styferion
Very similar to Gantz. Although the anime finishes before more interesting things are introduced, it was still very similar to the Manga. Gantz has a dark story where mostly people die, monsters, giants are introduced for the characters to kill and survive. If you have watched Shingeki No Kyojin i strongly recommend you watch/read Gantz!! Why? I have re-watched/ reread still (ongoing Manga) the series. You will find this Manga to be better or equal to this show. It can be a bit sexual but obviously no one minds that !! ;)
report Recommended by RedDigger
- People fighting stronger creatures in order to survive - Bloody & Gore - Many people die each battle
report Recommended by khangsk