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Both have two guys that seem to hate eachother and are constantly trying to beat eachother, but when it comes down to saving the things they care about these two main characters make an unstopable force. there is also a ton of random things that will make you laugh in both series.
report Recommended by mav419
The simple yet colorful and appealing art style is what really draws these two together. Both also have fantastic stories and a menagerie of characters that are easy to fall in love with. They both utilize fanservice in a tasteful and humorous way, but also have their touching moments. If you like one, you're sure to like the other.
report Recommended by nosocksnoshoes
Fairy Tail is awesome and sol eater too, even if soul eater have a little bit more insanity, i strongly recomend you to see fairy tail!!
report Recommended by thalesware
well its a shounen action type anime with awesome, very funny and unique characters it has a good storyline and awesome art and animation .If you liked Soul Eater you should try Fairy Tail
report Recommended by Eyzi
I don't know how to explain but they just feel alike. The way they kind of hint relationships but there isn't any. And the partner/group thing. Oh and Natsu reminds so much of Black Star. And things like Grays weird clothes off thing corresponds with Deaths Symmetry.
report Recommended by Chersephone
Both shows have characters with random and weird personalities. They can be insanely funny and serious at the same time. Both also are in a certain league or in FT's case, a guild.
report Recommended by HollowDoll
Both series are fun and lively with a large and incredible quirky cast of characters that you can't help but like. They both use a similar style of humor that plays off your knowledge of the characters and their weird tendancies. Both have a strong feeling of loyalty among the characters and a lot of action.
report Recommended by Amberleh
In both series, there's a sense of battle shounen involving the main characters against other adversaries that opposes them throughout each episode. Both series' main protagonists are always looking forward to a good fight and hoping to improve themselves in their skills. In both series, there is a school/guild that trains the main characters in various skills and from what they've learned, the members compete against others using those skills. Both series features a lot of action, drama, comedy. They also have similar artwork.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both FT and SE have blocky colourful animation. The storylines are brilliant, fun but I have cried at both... yes, yes I have :) Lots of action and magic/magical transformations- both have worlds which are detailed and unique. If you watch one, watch the other- both are really brill! :)
report Recommended by Aerosa100
Both are shounens that surprisingly have emotion.Both are regular worlds but with a supernatural twist that draws the charcthers together.Both focus around one of the stronger and uniqer groups of a larger organization.
report Recommended by Ozzey
Both animes have a similar overall theme of the importance of friendship. Both include a bit of fanservice; although, it is heavier in Fairy Tail. Both have somewhat-typical shounen plots, but are enjoyable. Natsu and Black*Star are very, VERY similar characters. Maka and Lucy are similar at times, too. Finally, the artwork is similar. I thoroughly enjoyed both :)
report Recommended by Raybadursh
Both have a really similar art style and they have lots of action and comedy. Many of the characters' personalities are also very alike.
report Recommended by mushroomlee18
Both Soul Eater and Fairy Tail have this group/team work feel to it. Soul Eater takes place in a school for technicians and weapons and they team up to eliminate their enemies, and Fairy Tail takes place in a Guild were people take jobs and team up with the people they have a bond with. They both have amazing characters that you with laugh with (or at) and they both have awesome missions with really great action scenes.
report Recommended by imaginingpixels
Though the art style differs slightly, however rather more drastically in other ways, the anime is by far one of my favourites. I feel the main characters have some striking similarities: Natsu and Lucy being extremely similar to the pairing of Maka and Soul; of the same lack of intelligence seen in both lead male roles. Also of the two main characters belonging to a group with equally high aspirations. Both also seem to face an ultimate enemy with power equal to that of god. And of course each shows the progression of the characters and their powers in order to face this god. The style of fighting   read more
report Recommended by jakeisartificial
Adventurous friends go on missions to defeat self-proclaimed evil beings. Many genres, mainly being a Shonan. Fairy Tail being my favorite anime (I have seen it 39 times), Soul Eater falls into third place, right behind Another. Soul Eater is one of the most entertaining Shonan actions I have found out there.
report Recommended by Rali
Soul Eater and Fairy Tale are both fast paced adventure anime in which magic drives the plot. They have plenty of comedy that hinges on its large and quirky cast; even in terms of art style they favor simple and very colorful designs. Fans of one are very likely to enjoy the other.
report Recommended by JakklL
A group of mostly kids going on adventures and battling obstacles together. similar humor in both
report Recommended by Enchantrix
-- Both are fantasy -- Both have a guild/organistaion -- During the anime characters will often work with some more than others
report Recommended by Romy_
Both animes have a adventure-action-comedy theme to them, where the main protaginists all want to become the strongest. The characters in both series are very relatable, and are very easy to love. Both series are great watches, and are enjoyable to binge-watch. Also, fun fact: Death the Kid and Natsu Dragneel are shared by the same by the same voice actor, so you kinda can't listen to one without thinking about the other.
report Recommended by Marshmewwows
They're are both comedy anime shows and they both have magic included in the series
report Recommended by SmileyDayDream