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Though FSN is mainly about sorcerers and BR is about alchemy, they have a very similar feel to their storylines. The main characters in each are drawn into battles they don't seem to belong in starting with the appearance of a sort of 'warrior woman.' They both also have some romance thrown in, though I think this is played upon more in Busou Renkin.
report Recommended by animeari
Both main characters Mutō Kazuki(Busō Renkin) and Emiya Shirō(fate/stay night) are just, merciful and want to be responsible and protect their friends. Although Kazuki is cooler than Shirō.
report Recommended by gfngufdgybdgbd2
Both are about a teenage boy who has a battle-hardened woman enter his life, and is introduced to a magical battle that's occurring, unknown to the general public. Despite not knowing how to fight very well, the boy keeps risking his life to protect the girl, with an almost masochistic attitude towards his own life. The differences are really just that F/SN is more serious, a bit bloodier, a bit sadder, and has a very evil main villain, while BR is happier in tone, throws in quite a bit of comedy, almost like a parody, with a very... eccentric main villain.
report Recommended by robfoster
both have a main guy that wants to protect everything and everyone, even if it costs them their lives, and they also have a female partner that fights with them. their also both shonen and packed with powers and good fights.
report Recommended by supermegasonic
Well, both of these series have quite a few similarities if you look at it carefully. Let's see here: - both series involves the protagonist who had a normal life being thrown into a totally new one - both series struggles to protect what they hold dear to them - both series have plenty of action, drama, and some comedy - both series has romance as the episodes progresses - the relationship between the protagonist and the heroine is quite similar Enjoy.
report Recommended by Stark700
Story: I can't say that the story are similar but the moral and the ideas behind it are alike. They fight to protect others and prevent sacrifices. The actions of both anime are very good and the fighting moves are very creative. Characters: The characters of both anime are very similar. Both protagonist are extremely naive, believing that they will be able to protect everyone without sacrificing some. They both are willing to fight a losing battle if it means that it will prevent others from fighting. Both the heroines are alike as well. Both having a mean streak and a someone tsundere yet kuudere field.
report Recommended by skypiercer