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Both are very similar. Have the same synchro and the same character - qualities. Synchro~ Kugimiya Rie - Taiga - Shana In these animes is about love. The anime also has what funny, the comedy is there, too.
report Recommended by Foxygirl05
Two works by J.C. Staff containing Rie Kugimiya in a leading role and a typical tsundere female lead.
report Recommended by Hello_M0t0
If you enjoyed the relationship between Shana and Yuuji in Shakugan no Shana, but were disappointed with the development and treatment of that relationship, Toradora! is what you're looking for! Toradora! does relationship development right: the characters are actually aware of the changes occuring in their feelings and relationships, events that happen in one episode still mean something in later episodes, and the emotional moments are dramatic and powerful. Where Shakugan no Shana had potential, Toradora! comes through. This is tsundere romance at its best.
report Recommended by kyouhansha
Good Stuff!!! Very good stuff! Non Dopamine addictive substance; Gets you hooked!! The lead female characters are similare and the male characters too kinda!! and the relationship development/ set up give the same feel. These are highly recomended!
report Recommended by franco90
Rie Kugimiya is the voice actress for both Taiga && Shana, and both characters are very alike. They are both romance && school life types of anime.
report Recommended by Bou
The relation between the characters might turn out the same :) And also the seiyuu of Taiga is the same person as Shana's .
report Recommended by laoder
Similar female protagonists, same seiyuu. Both have romance, while Toradora! has more comedy and Shakugan no Shana has more magic. Awesome shows!
report Recommended by xyakaix
I would say Shana and Taiga are the same kind of girl who looks pissed off all the time, but once they open their hearts to people they start to realize how soft and cute they can be. So if you just can't get enough from that type of girl, here you go my friend.
report Recommended by poki08
same graphics chracter is also about a boy and a girl except this one is about high school life lol both real similar chracter styles
report Recommended by Laetrile
Both of the main characters share a very similar relationship for most of the series. However, Shakugan no Shana contains combat, whereas Toradora! does not.
report Recommended by Jrad15
The main female characters of the anime Taiga (Toradora!) and Shana (Shakugan no Shana) are voiced by Kugimiya Rie. They are both long-haired tsundere who like to hit the male character they are close to and eventually fall in love with. While Shana uses her sword Nietono no Shana for battles, Taiga uses a wooden sword to hit Ryuuji once. The names of the male protagonists of both anime are also similar: Ryuuji (Toradora!) and Yuuji (Shakugan no Shana).
report Recommended by ilyssacrescent
Two words: Kugimiya Rie :D On a more serious note, both are romantic comedies with similar main characters only Toradora offers a less fantasy and more slice of school life style. Well worth the watch.
report Recommended by Chibi_Hige
The main female leads Shana from Shakugan no Shana and Taiga from Toradora were voiced by the same Japanese voice actress (Rie Kugimiya) and have similar character traits. Toradora and Shakugan no Shana are both romantic comedies and for the most part are centered around a male lead and a strong somewhat tsundere female lead (Tiaga *definitely* is) supported by a fairly small group of other characters. Even though Shakugan no Shana is a more combat oriented anime than Toradora, the major difference between the two is for the most part, where and toward whom the inevitable violence is directed. :) In   read more
report Recommended by yuki2nagato
Although the plot are really different the characters are ver similar to each other. MUST WATCH!!!
report Recommended by bob22
Some of the characters are very similar! For example, the two main characters of Toradora and Shakugan no Shana, Taiga and Shana, are so similar that sometimes I forget that they are two individual characters! Kitamura and Ike are both very similar in character and looks, and I even see similarities in Ami and Margery Daw. Shakugan no Shana has more action, but they both have love and Comedy. If you enjoyed Toradora, you will probably enjoy Shana, as well!
report Recommended by Moudaijoubu
Both feature chibi tsundere female characters (Taiga and Shana) and more serious, down-to-earth male characters who play the "straight man" in a slightly slapstick comedy. Both have romantic plotlines and are considered slice-of-life in genre. Most important, both are very funny and are about the same length.
report Recommended by xxfourthelement
They are both similar in a couple of main points: 1) Both of the main characters are tsundere towards the boy that they like. 2) The same person does the voice for Taiga and Shana. 3) The boys' names are super close to identical (Yuji and Ryuji, anyone?). 4) It just has a similar FEEL between the two (in terms of character development and interaction). However, the plot is totally different between the two, so if you weren't going for the characters' behavior/the romance, then Toradora! isn't for you because it has no fantasy-fighting scenes.
report Recommended by Indulg3
Shana and Taiga both are voiced by the same VA. Both main female characters love saying "Shut up!" and are tsundere.
report Recommended by risecant
Shakugan no Shana, Zero no Tsukaima, Hidan no Aria, and Toradora are exactly the same. character wise. Louise, Shana, Aria, and Taiga are all girls with a petite figure but are set on making the male protagonist, Saito, Yuji, Kinji, and Ryuji their 'slave'. Hidan no Aria and Shakugan no Shana both involve fighting and missions. Toradora and Zero no Tsukaima both are more focused on school life and shoujo. However, I am sure, you will find that ALL of them are the same because of the protagonist, and all four anime are INCREDIBLY AMAZING.
report Recommended by Satsuyo
Shows in which the main female leads are petite, flat-chested tsundere, both of which voiced by Kugimiya Rie. There are plenty of romance in both stories. SnS is a fantasy action story, while Toradora is geared toward school slice-of-life drama.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
for all tsundere lover out there...these will surely hook your interest...both have great storyline...specially with genre of the way, both female protagonist has the same voice actor...they're both great although their stories do not abide
report Recommended by windows96
Man, J.C. Staff seems to have mastered the tsundere. Zero no Tsukaima and Shakugan no Shana have almost literally the same character in Zero/Shana, all the way down to seiyū Kugimiya Rie. If you want more of Zero, you'll find a lot of her in Shana. And if you like that, give Toradora! a shot. The love story is a bit more rewarding in Toradora! All three have the same tsundere and the same actress plays her.
report Recommended by webM-guy
High school dude suddenly encounters a loli tsundere who eventually falls in love with the dude. Both take place in a high school and feature love triangles (yay)
report Recommended by Tamakiiiiiiii
MC's are very similar in both shows. Both shows have a lot of drama.
report Recommended by PankiePea
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