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Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Anime where high school girls go on adventures. -Yurucamp is more lighthearted and funny, and it focuses on camping and adventures within Japan (especially in the prefectures near Mount Fuji). Also it has more of a focus on cooking. -Yorimoi, however, is more serious and dramatic as it involves high school girls risking their lives trying to reach Antarctica.
report Recommended by Markdoka
The Winter 2018 season was blessed with two anime that revolve around the theme of going outside. While 'Sora yori mo Tooi Basho' focuses on the thrill of traveling towards the unknown in the company of good friends; 'Yuru Camp' highlights the beauty of simple things in life and nature. Needless to say both show's main casts are a bunch of cuties!
report Recommended by gigaparsec
Both shows involve an all-girl cast going on their own respective adventures (much larger scale in Sora Yori) and primarily focus on the characters' interactions with one another. Both shows are also considered to be heartwarming in their respective rights
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Cute high school girls doing outdoor activities and creating bonds of friendship along the journey, they are also educative, Sora Yori for the Antarctica and Yuru Camp for camping. Yuru Camp is more centered on camping trips, and Sora Yori is much more adventurous and contains more mature problems.
report Recommended by tlato_but
It’s not about „Cute girls doing cute things” formula. It’s not just about high schoolers traveling here and there. It’s mainly about dreams coming true, fulfilling your passions and being free in such a restrictive world. Nadeshiko and Tamaki are similar characters. They are usually happy and enthusiastic. And they will surely keep making your face smile and your heart warm until the very end.
report Recommended by EdgyEcchiSenpai
And again, another anime, where schoolgirls decided to go travelling somewhere. A lot of cute girls and also, in both anime, there are beautiful backgrounds. Animation is not bad, but sometimes there are errors in the animation.
report Recommended by Cold_Raw