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Anime where high school girls go on adventures. -Yurucamp is more lighthearted and funny, and it focuses on camping and adventures within Japan (especially in the prefectures near Mount Fuji). Also it has more of a focus on cooking. -Yorimoi, however, is more serious and dramatic as it involves high school girls risking their lives trying to reach Antarctica.
report Recommended by Markdoka
Both shows are about a group of girls who try to do something exciting and go on an adventure. They show the struggles that come with trying something and the rewards for doing so. Both are great motivation to do something you've never done before and explore the world.
report Recommended by RealMTL
The Winter 2018 season was blessed with two anime that revolve around the theme of going outside. While 'Sora yori mo Tooi Basho' focuses on the thrill of traveling towards the unknown in the company of good friends; 'Yuru Camp' highlights the beauty of simple things in life and nature. Needless to say both show's main casts are a bunch of cuties!
report Recommended by gigaparsec
Similar though different animation styles that give off a softer feeling while watching even though the plot is quite adventurous. Both follow the outdoor trips of the loveable female protagonists, touching topics such as friendship, determination, and of course the spirit of adventure will make you want to try going on a trip yourself. Yuru Camp△'s story is more laid-back (pun intended) and cheerful, and Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho is a tad more serious. It has ups and downs, it is cheerful and it can make you (and me) cry. I highly recommend both!
report Recommended by KaterinaK
Both shows involve an all-girl cast going on their own respective adventures (much larger scale in Sora Yori) and primarily focus on the characters' interactions with one another. Both shows are also considered to be heartwarming in their respective rights
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Cute high school girls doing outdoor activities and creating bonds of friendship along the journey, they are also educative, Sora Yori for the Antarctica and Yuru Camp for camping. Yuru Camp is more centered on camping trips, and Sora Yori is much more adventurous and contains more mature problems.
report Recommended by tlato_but
It’s not about „Cute girls doing cute things” formula. It’s not just about high schoolers traveling here and there. It’s mainly about dreams coming true, fulfilling your passions and being free in such a restrictive world. Nadeshiko and Tamaki are similar characters. They are usually happy and enthusiastic. And they will surely keep making your face smile and your heart warm until the very end.
report Recommended by EdgyEcchiSenpai
And again, another anime, where schoolgirls decided to go travelling somewhere. A lot of cute girls and also, in both anime, there are beautiful backgrounds. Animation is not bad, but sometimes there are errors in the animation.
report Recommended by Cold_Raw
Both involve a group of girls who go travelling together. Yorimoi's plot feels more like an adventure, but both say a lot about enjoying life, while also being cute and comfy.
report Recommended by Kww_121
Amazing Girls Doing Amazing Things! Brave Girls Doing Brave Things! Cute Girls Doing Cute Things! Diligent Girls Doing Diligent Things! Both stories are about a simple but amazing life of a group of girls who start an adventure and live together somewhere far from their homes. Strong friendship is built. The sweetness of sharing emotions and having fun together! You can learn about many things related to outdoor activities and how to handle some issues.
report Recommended by windymarion
Yuru camp I consider it an improved version to sora yori mo tooi basho, the atmosphere, soundtrack characters just as good, these kinds of things that make you enjoy anime. In contrast, yuru camp I consider better focused on his genre, accounts of life and a touch of "adventures", among many quotes, taking out the drama, detail that I did not like to see in sora yori, because I saw it unnecessary and I gave more importance to that than to the adventure genre itself, which unlike yuru camp shows us in an incredible way the different landscapes of the anime. So if you liked   read more
report Recommended by FerParaguay90
Wise words: if you're lacking motivation and looking for an inspiring anime, look no more. These two, both released in winter 2018, somehow make a perfect pair, and you need to watch them together. Both have good comedy. One has a tough and deep storyline, and can even make you sob at the end of every episode. The other one is light-hearted and serene, as "laid-back" as it name. One makes you contemplate about the meaning of youth. The other just calms you down with good laughters. These two compensate each other perfectly. And most important, they give you what you need: motivation. An urge to go outside,   read more
report Recommended by CrestDragon
Both are "moe" anime and have a fluffy atmosphere
report Recommended by RedBeanie
Both are centered around a group of high school girls who go on adventures together.
report Recommended by Luxurique
In case you missed it, reckless abandon is a popular theme here. Nadeshiko really has no idea what she is getting into and the same goes for Kimari. However, that drive is what pushes them to see more. The art is fantastic between the two series and they both feature new, blossoming friendships as well as famous locations from around Japan and the world. Yuru Camp is a bit more mild on the adventure, but definitely one you should let your eyes and mind enjoy.
report Recommended by EbinDevaansh
Light-hearted comedy and story
report Recommended by SkyCube
If you're looking for anime that are - relaxing - funny - wholesome
report Recommended by Hyacinth05
Both anime tell about natural adventures with eye-pleasing graphics and interesting characters. but unlike Yuru Camp, Sorayori also provides drama scenes that can make tears well up. highly recommended!
report Recommended by chuyo
Both are CGDCT Slice of Life anime. Both have sweet, loveable characters. Both have beautiful art. They differ in overall mood: Yuru Camp always stays light-hearted but SoraYo brings some heavy hearted feels train moments that are genuinely sad...but somehow beautiful. I HIGHLY recommend both and if you've seen one but not the other, give the other a chance...I promise you a good time.
report Recommended by YuniVT
Both in the "cute girls doing cute things" genre. A group of girls exploring the world and friendship. Not much conflict, but that's kind of the best part. Both are really great feel good animes with lovable and memorable characters.
report Recommended by novalycia
Both anime have a group of girls being together, except that Yuru camp's purpose is to camp (literally). Much similar to Sora Yoori, Yuru Camp will give you a warm and cozy feeling while watching.
report Recommended by raefilms
Both will inspire you to get outside and go on an adventure. Yorimoi has a plot which progresses from beginning to end, while Yuru Camp just keeps it camping.
report Recommended by Khashishi
these animes are a work of art, both have an excellent adventure and wonderful scenarios
report Recommended by ZeKKenArt
Both anime is about a group of high school girls who want to go on an adventure. Yuru Camp does have a more lighthearted and carefree approach to this while A Place Further Than The Universe has a more serious approach. Both are a masterpiece and I highly recommend you to watch both of them
report Recommended by TheRockzSG
The feeling to keep moving forward. Both of these are the masterpiece succeeded delivering it.
report Recommended by Nemandera
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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