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Loud shounen main characters. Both main characters start off at the "bottom" then rise up through their journey. Both main character have a special power they have yet to master. Both main characters persue a big dream and thats their main goal. They also both cherish and fight with and for their friends
report Recommended by Kentaku
Radiant, much like Black Clover has an MC in a magic user's world but happens to be unique and different compared to the others. - MC starts off ridiculed - MC has a unique ability - MC has orphan background - MC is in a magic world Needless to say each of the MC's have very similar backgrounds and circumstances. Both good watches and worth checking out if you have seen the other.
report Recommended by BrotherBerzerk
Black Clover and Radiant both follow the fairly standard battle shonen formula. The main character in both series wants to be the best sorcerer in the world/wizard king. The main difference between the two so far are that in Radiant Seth doesn't have a rival, while Asta has Yuno as a rival in Black Clover. Another difference is in Black Clover magic is used for everything while in Radiant sorcerers are hated except when they need to defeat a nemesis. In Radiant Seth actually uses magic, while in Black Clover Asta has no magic, but he uses anti-magic.
report Recommended by 64BitRatchet
Not magicians, but sorcerers • BOTH take place in a world of sorcery where magic and mythical creatures are commonplace • BOTH venture on a journey battling foes, demons, and other sorcerers
report Recommended by nightjasmine
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