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Although the plots are very different, a theme in Planetes seems to be fear of isolation. It's the only other show I can think of besides N.H.K. that seems to have captured a very 'real' quality in its characters' fear, motivations, weaknesses and behaviors. Very complex in terms of not seeming overwrought or artificial and keeping a healthy dose of humor (like N.h.K.) in the show.
report Recommended by Saguri
I can't tell you that these shows are similar, because they aren't. But after watching Planetes, then NHK, I can say that I got the same feeling I got while watching Planetes. In the end they were both highly enjoyable, and overall both were top notch.
report Recommended by ovoon7
Both Planetes and NHK delve deep into peoples emotions and struggles, but what they truly share in common, besides their atmosphere or "vibe", is the feeling of loneliness. While NHK is more focused on the social isolation and mental health problems of its characters, Planetes uses the loneliness of the characters as a way to showcase their struggles and goals in life, without ever actually exploring the subject of mental health. There's indeed an arc in the story where they do this, but only as a way to make the character further develop during the show, instead of being the whole focus of it.
report Recommended by iPhaust
tl;dr Planetes is the only other anime that gives me the Welcome to the NHK "feels". Welcome to the NHK is very unique, so unique that there's really nothing like it in terms of story. Planetes has a very different story, setting, atmosphere, and characters, but both are deep anime that evoke feelings of isolation, loneliness, helplessness, and loss, while also making you laugh, giving you hope, and telling an awesome story.
report Recommended by sylentknyte
Both stories reveal the theme of human feelings, especially loneliness. In addition, Ai Tanabe sometimes looks and behaves like a Misaki Nakahara.
report Recommended by Arandelix
Both delve into the topic of loneliness, isolation, and the mental horrors that naturally follow such states of living.
report Recommended by Skottniss
A sense of quirkiness, attention to characters, some romantic development and investigation to psychological issues. Both Planetes and NHK deal with psychological issues present within there independent settings, whilst also containing a similar quirky sense of humour. Planetes differs as a Sci-fi with a much larger cast of characters, whilst also divulging into political and societal issues. While NHK divulges much deeper into a variety of psychological issues present within the constraints of ones home, whilst also presenting a particularly dark sense of humour. If you like one for its focus on characters, investigation into relevant issues and quirky atmosphere, you'll be sure to like   read more
report Recommended by Akoram
Welcome to the NHK is a dramatic and psychological love story that centers around a group of NEETS with various social disorders and traumas. Throughout the story, the characters learn to accept themselves and the ones around them and try to fit in society. The story has its share of comedy, depressing, inspiring and heart-warming moments. Planetes gives you the same feel, as its story manages to mix romance, drama, comedy and a bit of psychology just like Welcome to the NHK. Planetes plot main focus is on the expansion of humankind into space and all the issues surrounding it, however just like NHK, throughout   read more
report Recommended by INU4SH4