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New Game! is like the triple-A game to Stella no Mahou's cruddy doujin offering.
report Recommended by Hateheh
- Both have cute girls going about with their daily lives (the girls in satella no mahou are still in school though) - Both groups of girls create games
report Recommended by shshsh22
New Game! features a cast of cute adult girls working at a game development company, while Stella no Mahou focuses on cute high school girls who are in a club that makes doujin (self-published) games. Both shows, while primarily focused on the cute girls, give some insight into the process of making and selling games.
report Recommended by BluHamlet
Stella no Mahou is basically 'Amateur's New Game!'. By that I mean that in New Game!, one followed an adorable all-female cast of professional gamemakers on their way to a new title from the perspective of Aoba, who was new in the industry, whereas in Stella no Mahou, one follows an adorable all-female cast of highschoolers that want to make their own game from the perspective of Tamaki, who has little to no knowledge about making games.
report Recommended by dunkan85
Cute girls make cute games.
report Recommended by Fuerzo
I'd see this anime has many similarity in source, genres, and it's theme about game making. And both have not male chara too Somethings differ is New Game! Are much popular than Stella no Mahou in both anime or manga and the characters average age.
report Recommended by Rio_
Have similar thing like games, slice of life, and moe girl. Hope you enjoy it
report Recommended by AoiYukihira004