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Both shows take place during the early 1900s and show the seedy undercurrent of society during that era. Containing similar art direction, color palettes, and sound mixing, these titles feel like they share the same universe. Taku Kishimoto is also credited for his Series Composition contributions on both titles as well. They're titles that gravitate away from the usual anime trappings, taking more influence from the world of cinema instead. If you enjoy the tone and atmosphere of one, there's a high chance you'll like the other.
report Recommended by ZephSilver
similarities: - both shows take place around a similar era (early 90s) - both show are spy animes - similar artstyle - both have betrayal as a main theme - both start off slow but picks up in the middle - both have an satisfying ending (imo) - both targets the same mature audience differences: Joker Game is about a spy agency before the second world war and each episode talks about a story of an individual spy while 91 Days is a show about a kid seeking revenge for his family against the marfia, as he infiltrates the marfia family and tries to take out whoever killed his family. Personally I feel   read more
report Recommended by Nothing_Nowhere
Both series take place around the same time period. Both animes also have similar art and they also show how cruel the world was back then
report Recommended by DNS
Both play in a similar time both deal with crime/betrayal both deal with a group of people who do criminal things BOTH have an awesome story! both give a similar feeling off!
report Recommended by Nao
We have 2 anime airing in 2016 about the mafia, spying and a lot of betrayals during the 90's. Similar artwork, smart characters, and sneaky schemes. There are also a lot of unexpected deaths you'd never see coming in both. Joker Game focus on single stories about each member of its spy agency, while 91 Days focus on a revenge tale against a mafia family, but both appeal to the same mature audience.
report Recommended by INU4SH4
1. Both are in similar eras. 2. Drawing styles are similar. 3. They both have an intense amount of action. 4. Betrayal. 5. Spies. :) So, this is the most similar anime to Joker Game I know.
report Recommended by Pyravia
if you love anime that's focused on the serious side with lots of actions. then this anime is for you.
report Recommended by ZAXURAI
While 91 Days is settled on the USA during the 20's, Joker Game is settled in Japan during the WWII. What makes them similiar? Well, these suited handsome men are really skilled on their own field. Somehow you will find the connection among them. You should take into account that in 91 Days you will see mafia members and how they settle their interests, while in Joker Game, as they are spies, they work unseen and unnoted, on a very stylish way.
report Recommended by MisaoAino