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With a highly diverse cast that is both well rounded and lovable and a story line that continues to expand and evolve. The classic Evangelion is worth you time if you appreciated the story telling that Gainax can do so well and aren't afraid to think a little.
report Recommended by bobide
Same animation studio, similar spontaneous kinds of moments. Both are based around mecha and have out-of-this-world enemies. Just, Gurren Lagann has drills and that lovely yellow moped.
report Recommended by DivergentKarma
Imagine Evangelion if Shinji finally stops being reluctant, mans up, and kicks the **** out of every thing in his way, and a lot less mindf***ery. That's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It is an Incredibly awesome Kick-reason-to-the-curb anime that leaves you so full of energy that you feel like yelling for 2 hours after watching the final battle. Yeah, it's that awesome.
report Recommended by strikerbolt
They're both mecha series from Gainax, and that's where the similarities end, but that's really the point. Evangelion is a deconstruction of mecha anime, basically saying, "You know how all those other mecha series made piloting a giant robot look fun? Well I'll show you how miserable it can really be." Gurren Lagann is a reconstruction; a decade later, saying, "You know how those mecha deconstruction series made piloting a giant robot look really awful? Well I'll show you how AWESOME it can really be!" The persistent despair of the former and unshakable optimism of the latter make excellent counterpoints and contrast beautifully.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Both are seminal must-watch mecha series from Gainax. But they are not similar--rather they should be watched because they contrast so well. Whereas TTGL boasts over-the-top action and is an all-around fun show, NGE goes down to the nitty gritty of piloting mechas, and is ultimately psychological and somewhat depressive. Both shows are also complemented by very nicely developed characters.
report Recommended by linnaes
Evangelion is known for its artistic command of scale and its ability to express a sense of enormity, contrasted with physical and psychological isolation, has yet to be surpassed in all Art. Only Gurren Lagann has transcended the physical sense of scale of Eva. The iconic climax of End of Evangelion may have been influenced by the animation of Macross Plus.
report Recommended by kurzweil1024
NGE is in many ways the "evil twin" of TTGL. Made by the same production company (Gainax) back in the 1990's, it starts out as a somewhat-normal super-robot show. However, it eventually becomes a brutal deconstruction of the entire super-robot genre. Featuring a pathologically-passive protagonist, his eternally distant father, and a whole cast of other very flawed characters, NGE is just as much a psychological character study as it is an action show. Overall, it is very dark, a total mindscrew, and likely will leave you with a lot of questions and a somewhat uneasy feeling. I'd recommend watching NGE BEFORE you watch TTGL, because the   read more
report Recommended by GreenSeraph
First of all, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is kind of like a parody of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Both Series have a protagonist with similar personalities (Simon/Shinji), and both shows have similar looking Mechas (Lazengann/EVA 01).They are both made by Studio Gainax. Neon Genesis Evangelion is "darker", more serious compared to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I recommend watching Neon Genesis Evangelion first, then Gurren Lagann.
report Recommended by iWin101
Both are Gainex mecha anime in which a young teenager must step up to pilot a giant mecha and use it to fight enemies on a colossal scale to save humanity.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
Both protagonists are self-conscious boys that fight for their lives in mech battles. One has a role model to reassure him when his self-loathing gets the best of him while the other does not.
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
It's like Neon Genesis Evangelion but with Shinji actually GETTING IN THE ROBOT most of the time and undergoing hardcore character development into one of the most badass characters EVER. OH AND DRILLS.
report Recommended by KimchiHydralisk
GURREN LAGANN IS THE OPPOSITE OF NEON GENESIS. Ok, you might be confused, as they are opposite there are some similarities, both follow a wimpy push over gifted with a powerful machine and must save the world, but that's where they diverge. While Neon Genesis is a mecha that's very depressing and serious; rooted in heavy themes. TTGL takes a more light hearted and energetic approach to mecha world. Its interesting to see how the series mirror each other, especially since they are both produced by the same company.
report Recommended by MegaSamurai
Gurren Lagann is a whole different kind of mecha. If you like evangelion but are looking for slightly more modern art and in my opinion a better plot, then Lagann is for you.
report Recommended by mader527
I recommend this anime because all their episodes are good, do not have a boring episode is action from beginning to end, is must watch it.
report Recommended by makay223
This is how NGE would end up if Shinji had a role model or someone who was with him to guide him while growing up. Definetly better to watch this after Evangelion as you can truly see both paths bad and good in persons development in adolescence.
report Recommended by Wayut
Two productions of Gainax studio, and although they are very different from each other, also have some similarities as the Mecha theme, although Evangelion focuses more on the psychological genre, since TTGL focuses more on action.
report Recommended by BrunoGohan7
I don't know why, but these series are very similar, at least for me. Main charater is similar to other one. If you watched Neon Genesis Evangelion and liked it, go ahead and watch Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann too.
report Recommended by Ceroder
If you liked Gurren Lagann, you have to watch Evangelion. I mean Evangelion is the father of mecha anime, it is a must watch for mecha lovers.
report Recommended by _Pingu_
At first glance, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann have very little in common. Yes, both are highly regarded mecha shows, and yes, both were created by studio Gainax. That, however, is pretty much where the similarities end. Evangelion takes an unforgiving, almost cynical look at the common and widespread premise of many mecha shows - various circumstances forcing teenagers to pilot giant robots in deadly battles. While this wasn't exactly unique at the time, the show deservedly became a classic with its masterful direction and great depth, when exploring the psychology of its cast. 12 years later, TTGL came out, and it was nothing   read more
report Recommended by Azzai
Mecha on a more serious note with a more seriously themed plot; a good mecha to also have on your watch list hand-in-hand with Gurren Lagann.
report Recommended by Meew2
The two are masterpieces created by Gainax, Good art, Good characters, Good world construction, etc
report Recommended by rodriboy
The only similarity is the mecha. I'd mostly recommend this if you want a complete tonal shift. In many ways, this anime is the anti-Evangelion, foregoing the introspection and despair of humanity's collective fate that Eva presents for a spectacle of the highest order. Gurren Lagann is both mindless and thought-provoking, with a core message that power comes from within, championing the indomitable spirit of the spiral races xD.
report Recommended by bhijml