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KimiKiss Pure Rouge
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While not both in an omnibus format, both share the atmosphere, the plots and the feeling.
report Recommended by Bondius
While Kimikiss revolves around the main male characters and each of their respectable relationships, Amagami SS revolves around the single male lead and his interactions with each girl that has a crush or strong feelings for him. Amagami SS's story is made up of arks for each girl while KimiKiss is just one story that bounces between characters. Both have similar feels to them so if you liked one then you'll like the other.
report Recommended by DeathfireD
Kimikiss is effectively the spiritual predeccesor to Amamgami as bith are based on dating sims made by the same company.
report Recommended by Archaeon
It took one episode for me to immediately think of Kimikiss when I watched Amagami. Similar art, similar plot, similar genre.
report Recommended by HalRyder
Very similar premise and feel, i.e. a romance with a bit of drama and a hint of comedy. Not surprising since they're both from the same creator, which is obvious from the similar character designs. Other similarities include annoying little sisters, swimsuit scenes and perky upperclassmen who might just be hiding or denying their own feelings.
report Recommended by kuroshiroi
The two animes are based from a dating simulator of the same publisher company. Conversation simulators with lots of girls to choose.
report Recommended by Akito-san
Both the games are made by the same group, Enterbrain, which is why the art style and situations are really similar.
report Recommended by controlmajortom
Both have the same creators. if one chooses or considers the Haruka Arc for amagami, then both haruka and mao have the common theme for being a year older than their respective boyfriends junichi and kouichi, although regardless of which arc one chooses, mao and haruka share a common theme of being the only seniors of the 2 respective groups of main heroines, plus have two freshmen for each heroine. amagami's nakata and nanasaki, and more than 2 second years. kimikiss' hoshino yuumi, eriko futami shijou mitsuki and asuka sakino and amagami's sakurai, kaoru, and tsukasa. if one follows the kaoru or the morishima   read more
report Recommended by mrpogi91
Both are about love story's in different scenarios
report Recommended by imprezagc8
Both animes have a romance plot within a school setting, Both were based on a PS2 Galge or Dating Sim game, Both have beautiful female heroines !
report Recommended by Aya-Brea
I DO NOT RECOMMEND watching Kimikiss Pure Rouge if you are hoping for some happy ending romance like Amagami SS. There's really no similarities between this two anime other than it's set in a school and the same creator, also the plots are totally different. Now the manga of Kimikiss does resembles Amagami SS with the different happy endings and one only male main character. Sorry but this recommendation will only help those who have watched Amagami SS.
report Recommended by K-Shuun
Both originate from dating by the same company. Kimikiss has a complicate yet interesting love-rectangle. It still have romance and comedy components. If you like Amagami SS, you should definitely check out Kimikiss.
report Recommended by suzuki1993
If you watch both of these series, it will give you a very similar feeling. Although Amagami SS only has one main male protagonist, both series has that romance/school life setting. Keep an eye on both of these series if you're a fan of dating sims filled with drama, comedy, romance, and school life.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are Romance, both take place at school, Kimikiss is more dramatic
report Recommended by Danroe
If you're looking for a romance anime with MC and different Heroine(per arc) then this will bfit your bill Both Main Male Lead dates a different heroine every arc Both anime contains the same school setting Both anime contains drama All in All this is a great anime to watch especially if you're into dating sims
report Recommended by xspectrex