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Arslan Senki (TV)
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These are two medieval war stories about politics, heritage, and beliefs. They have believable and distinct characters, most of which go through lots of character development throughout the story. They also both, unfortunately, do not yet have animated endings, as the source material is not finished. However, the journeys that are here are meaningful and enjoyable. Lots of well animated battles that feel impactful, as well as plenty of slice of life moments for contemplation.
report Recommended by Xaeveax
I've seen first 3 episodes so far of Vinland. Both these anime have a young male protagonist in a historic time period. Vinland seems to be setting up for a war to take place in it and Arslan Senki was all about wars.
report Recommended by haseeby
Arslan as a character has a fair resemblance to Knut in later parts of the show. Themes are at times similar.
report Recommended by YuriSpacePirate
These 2 as a historical anime manages to encompass all the historical aspects, events with the feeling of fantasy and engaging story. Both of them are based in a warlike scenario, teaches the guilt of war and loss and follows the journey of insane character development of MC. They also deal with the reality of war, slavery, and the powerlessness of being poor in a country that only values money and at the same time shows the reasoning and mentality of the oppressors and somewhat reflects the history in making, and from that I mean our history in making.
report Recommended by Gintoki_007
Both animes have epic battles and a great story that follows the same theme: epic fight scenes and political issues. Vinland's plot is set in Iceland, when a boy named Thorffin, due to various circumstances, ends up getting involved in several Viking conflicts in the Vinland region. While in Arslan Senki, the protagonist sets out on a journey after allies so they can help him achieve his goal.
report Recommended by Hachikawa
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