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Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Both Sound! Euphonium and A Place Further Than The Universe seem to be typical cute-girl slice-of-life shows on the surface, but in reality they are heart-felt coming of age stories that go well beyond slice of life anime (not that there is anything wrong with that genre). If you look closely, you'll notice that neither of these anime actually have the "Slice of Life" genre tag listed for them on MAL. Both are about reaching for a goal which first seems unreachable: turning around a school's concert band program to be the best in the country, and being part of an expedition to Antarctica.
report Recommended by pluvia33
Both are slice-of-life shows involving similar themes of self-discovery and dealing with interpersonal relationships
report Recommended by Embracing
Young girls working together toward a shared goal. Excellent mix of warm comedy and heartfelt drama. Layered characters.
report Recommended by JHD42
There are girls. It’s about them pursuing their dreams and achieving their goals. The shows give off the same good vibes that make you want to go and do something with your life. Have dreams and state your goals too. Be active. And they’re both amazing.
report Recommended by jendorei
Cute girls accomplishing their dreams together, bit of drama
report Recommended by Pumpkinyaaan
Hibike! Euphonium and Sora yori mo Tooi Basho both focus on a group's dreams to achieve something big together. The Pacing of both shows feel very similar as well, where one or multiple people find a "push" to put themselves into a scenario they would've otherwise avoided for fear of failure or embarrassment. However, be aware that Hibike! Euphonium is definitely more focused on drama than wholesome moments between friends.
report Recommended by ABPAEAE
- Both have strong casts - Both have casts that are very realistic in their struggles and in their own characteristics - Realistic takes on overcoming your own struggles - In their essence, both are very motivational series - Similar main character progression - Linear progression - Both have stunning visuals - Both have great soundtracks
report Recommended by dux_
Hibike! and A Place Further than the Universe are both stories about students trying to find who they are and do something extraordinary. While Hibike! is more dramatic yet subdued since it revolves around a common high school club, the concert band; it is still a story about people coming together to try and do something they believe is worthwhile. It is about the struggles they all have, both in the interactions with those around them, and within themselves. If the characters and their personal growth was the main draw of the series instead of the premise of an adventure, then Hibike! should also resonate   read more
report Recommended by Scheveningen
On the surface, both shows look like a regular CGDCT anime like any other. But in reality, Sound! Euphonium and A Place Further than the Universe are coming-of-age life-changing stories about overcoming our fears of failure or embarrassment and just doing what we always wanted to do and love, to prove to the world, but most importantly to ourself, that it's possible. There is no fantasy element, no real romance, just a beautiful and yet terrifying adventure of growing up and overcoming our own personal struggles while trying to achieve what we thought was impossible.
report Recommended by Raripion
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