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While I was watching Violet Evergarden, I couldn't help but note the similarities between it and Plastic Memories. Both main characters, Violet and Isla, are connected in several ways as their character is developed and brought out to life. Both shows are similar in story plot as Violet ghostwrites letters, learning about each person's story and getting a feel for her audience. The same can be said for Isla as she and Tsukasa return the Giftia to their homes. If you enjoyed Violet Evergarden, you'll definitely find Plastic Memories to your liking as well
report Recommended by Copium
Plastic Memories and Violet Evergarden are both about girls, one struggling to become human and the other who isn't fully human, that go through a journey and explore to find out the meaning of love. Both are great animations that have a melancholy vibe to it.
report Recommended by ettientx
Beautiful and heart breaking drama, learning feelings and accepting the death of a loved one
report Recommended by Pumpkinyaaan
Both series involve emotionless-like humans (android in Plastic Memories) going on a 'journey' to discover true emotions. While they both revolve around discovering the feeling of love, Plastic Memories explores it through actual romantic relationships whereas Violet Evergarden explores it through experiencing other people's emotions
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both shows the sad backstory of the side characters. Both of the main protagonists' company makes the lives of those who are left by their love ones to cherish and help the moments of their life. Heavy drama and tearjerker.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Violet Evergarden is a more dramatic and holds a deeper understanding of human emotions and the portrayal of the life itself. Plastic memories has quite some similarities as mentioned by others, as it's more light-hearted with a bit of cringy romance and the very definition of love and memory itself, which could be taken away, hence the word 'plastic'. The outro and intro for both anime is very well made and the songs can reach your heart into the very deep region. I personally prefer Violet Evergarden more but you should watch both, and see if which is to your liking. After all, they both will   read more
report Recommended by Ethan_07
The search of feelings by a personnage. We have some very sad histories by the background personnage, and a principal story around the love. They are two very sad animes with beautiful landscapes, and there stories will make you cry a lot by moments.
report Recommended by Risear
Both of these follow a similar structure, with each episode containing a new "story/quest" with new characters that are only included in those episodes. Another tear jerker, with a similar struggle with the protagonists. Plastic Memories is a bit cheesier, and less violent but still packs a punch in its own way.
report Recommended by itslauryn