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Trinity Blood
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Trinity Blood
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Vampires, priests and lots of fights. Fairly similar storylines, Vampire that kills Vampires. Oh irony.
report Recommended by Despised
They're both about vampires. Even though they contrast in art style, plots, and their view of vampires, it's generally all the same vampire fun.
report Recommended by YoshikoHatake
Both Trinity Blood and Hellsing are good, strong vampire anime. Both the main characters go out and fight the creatures of the night, which gives them friends, but they have to destroy their foe's as well. In short: If you like the one, you will like the other.
report Recommended by Migandas
Both main characters are powerful vampires who hunt and kill other vampires. Plots are differnet but both are still similar regardless of that fact, and their both chalk full of vampirey goodness.
report Recommended by Little-Curty
Both animes tell a Story about an religious organisation fighting vampires. The main character in both animes is a vampire himself
report Recommended by Onitenshi
For all those Blood Lovers out there these two are key animes for anyone that is in to Vampires. Both also show that the race does not beget the actions of the individual.
report Recommended by idio
I think Alcard and Father Able kinda sound a like. Cause Alcard is A demon and Father Able is a vampire/demon well he kinda looks that way to me. but also they kinda have the same thoughts Alcard hates vampires that feast off of humans and wants them all to die. And Father Able also hates the vampires who kill inccont humans so they kind of seem the same to me.
report Recommended by Chii-Chaan
Trinity Blood, like Hellsing, has vampires, fanatical organizations, and a main character who has different stages of vampiric transformation and is virtually invincible. The two series are also similar in tone and story direction. Any fan of Hellsing would enjoy Trinity Blood.
report Recommended by Deep-san
Vampires! Doh~! Both anime's are about a organization that gets rid of vampires. The main character works for this organization and is a vampire himself, so to speak. Even though these main characters look very alike they are also very different. Their personality is not the same at all. Abel (Trinity Blood) is a kindhearted priest while Alucard (Hellsing) is more like this fierce vampire hunter, seeking a good fight. Alucard fights with ferocity and often extreme cruelty, rarely intending to kill until his target has been disabled and humiliated. But don't be fooled once Abel might be a kindhearted priest but once he gets   read more
report Recommended by Ryuuketsu
They both are about vampires, very strong vamps. Both of the main vamps have a woman that sorta has control over them. Trinity blood is more funny and not so much blood, while Hellsing is full of blood and spilled guts.
report Recommended by mioni4
Produced by Gonzo, both of these Anime involve Vampire, Action, and Supernatural type themes. The main characters are quite similar, as are the plots to each of these stories.
report Recommended by Bachiatari
Vampire series that is classic in my estimation, both Hellsing and Trinity Blood have several similarities: - both series features the theme of vampires involving violence, blood, and gore - both series' main protagonist are somewhat similar with their attitude and skill - both series has great soundtrack as well as action and drama - both series main protagonist takes a young girl under their wings - both series involves secret organizations and also religious themes
report Recommended by Stark700
Both working for a company/associations that deals with dealing with creatures, but mainly vampires. The main characters are nearly impossible to beat when at full potential. Both anime are spot on the same.
report Recommended by Lohvo