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Naruto and Bleach both synomonous with action animes. when you hear bleach the next anime that you would think of would be naruto... if you like it that is. they both are epic anime with outstanding character devlopement and plots so intricate you might would who were the brillant minds to think of this (I did anyway...) also there is some comic relief, a little bit of romance, and tons of serious parts too. and they're great for anyone
report Recommended by nate23nate23
Both have awesome characters and fights, and even humor sprinkled throughout. If you enjoy Naruto or Naruto Shippuuden there should be no reason you cant also enjoy Bleach.
report Recommended by Zeos
Very similar in format, though different stylistically -- Naruto is set in 'past times' where Bleach is set in 'modern times' Both feature a strong cast of lead characters with seemingly limitless (possibly dangerous) potential. Differences to be seen are Naruto's goals are clearly defined. 1. To become Hokage (to protect the village) 2. Protect his friends. (Overall theme of Protecting people, his 'evil aspect' seems to be kept seperate from himself character until it consumes him.) Where Ichigo's goals are not so clear, 1.Protect his friends. 2. Ichigo however seems to have a hidden side that constantly strives to become stronger regardless of his friends being in   read more
report Recommended by dlai
The genres are quite alike, and they are universes where fighting is necessary for survival. Where Naruto is more about emotions and the craft of a fictive universe, Bleach presents more extreme fighting scenes with a stench of Dragon Ball in it. Both are great animes. They also both are ongoing long anime series.
report Recommended by Krombopulos
Both are "mainstream" animes, popular not just in North America, but worldwide. They're both shounen anime, so you can expect a lot of action and fighting. If you like one series, there shouldn't be any reason for you to hate the other. What matters in shounen series are the quality of the action and fight scenes, and both provide lots with seemingly no end to be seen.
report Recommended by dragnx
It's similar mostly in the age, both rating and the age of the characters. That's my opinion, but I love these 2 series and I recommend you watch them : )
report Recommended by ViolentDemise
Both are very popular shounen which almost everyone has seen. The difference is just that Bleach is about death gods when Naruto is about ninjas.
report Recommended by izZzi
i cant explain,but these two animes are really both of them,there is a guy,who wants to protect friends,family,and world.Hope this helped you.
report Recommended by Kenpachi13
I feel like these are similar animes because besides being a long series, Naruto and Ichigo both try to work for the common good in vanquishing the evil antagonists that come their way while fighting for their friends. I know, this theme is practically the same for almost any anime but when I watch these two, I feel like they have a similarity aura. Not to mention they both have awesome epic fights! >:D
report Recommended by QuezarStiger
Both shows being considered the stereotypical anime that's all newbies tend to get drawn to early on, both of the shows have similar protagonists, young males who as the series develops grows stronger, gains friends, and is entrusted with more responsibility. Also both of the shows follow very similar story lines with a prologue to a big battle where the enemy is introduced with episodes leading up to the big fight with filler episodes in between. People new to the anim scene should check out these anime.
report Recommended by Learnherobrine
Both of these anime are consumed by filler and really popular.
report Recommended by matt1a4
Both are action orientated, with you normal good vs evil set up, both protagonists are very similar all that really separates them is their hair color and their homosexual attachment to a certain Uchiha.
report Recommended by mugiwaramafa
The main characters have the same "fight to protect" mentality and "special modes"(hollow and the kyuubi). Both feature vast universes and characters. The authors put in a bit of romance(esp. live triangles) but didn't delve to deep so it doesn't get too cheesy.
report Recommended by MrMonkey
Let's start by comparing the story, both have similar shounen elements of that fighting spirit; Bleach = spiritual energy and Naruto = chakra. The Story's main protagonist seeks to become stronger after each encounter to protect their families (although in the beginning Naruto's motive is to not be seen as an outcast) The development of the protagonist is conveyed in a simple formula of finding that inner strength to overcome their opponent (speaking which both suffer inner demons to which they must also struggle against and control to unleash their full potential), however this simple formula is made entertaining by the interactions with a long   read more
report Recommended by Saul_L
Both anime's main character start with weak fighting power but stubborn personality and both of them never give up. So in time they power up and be invincible.
report Recommended by sba
Both fighting with similar style. Both over 300 episodes Similar characters. Both kill you with filler
report Recommended by Aerial_Assassin
they both have alot of action and sad music and dumb plots so if u like naruto shippuden u gonna love bleach too.
report Recommended by TVshounen
Both are based on Shonen Jump Manga. but the greatest similairity are the fillers, both shows have such an insane high amount of fillers you get aids of just looking at an episode list. both shows are awesome though but the high filler amount makes them both infamous and ruïns the potential which the both have
report Recommended by Ramkous
Naruto is an action shounen fighting anime which is most likely to be favourites for the majority of anime lovers.Like Bleach which is very similar to Naruto but Bleach has more fighting and action moments than Naruto.If you like action and fighting anime like Naruto then Bleach is the perfect anime for you
report Recommended by Aizen_sama
Bright colored hair mc? check!! Dark and edgy hidden power? check!! Unique concept that many anime don't have? check!! Awesome fight? check!! Same studio? check!! Too many filler? check!!
report Recommended by ZANTACLASK
Although bleach as less death, both of these animes are good. Bleach as good fighting scene with some overpowered ennemies. In both anime, the main characters has to increase his powers and abilities to beat his ennemies and they are often in bad situations risking their lives for the sake of the people they care about. Just like I said before, the fighting scenes are damn good, but you'll have to make some research about the main episodes/arcs if you don't want to see alot of fillers. In my opinion this is the only bad thing about these animes.
report Recommended by firegold33
both are long series. both the characters start out weak and get very strong full of action and a good story that will make you need to watch the next episode both have a lot of filler, just skip it
report Recommended by aidan_gaming
They are both shounen and have a similar plot and main character.
report Recommended by withoutPC
Great power with in both Ichigo and Naruto, but both are blockheads with little skill at the start so they have to uncover there power through strife. Great watching the uncontrolled power go to work.
report Recommended by harrisdabarris
Both are long-running TV series that are a culmination of all genres possible, both are based on our main character who fights of evil with his friends. If you are looking for an anime with a long storyline and well-developed side characters, these two are just the anime for you. Everything is connected and part of a bigger conspiracy which is slowly revealed. Bleach's fillers are much better than Naruto's whereas Naruto's plot is a lot better than Bleach's
report Recommended by MJROCKS05
Both have good main characters
report Recommended by YoungChigga
Both are shounen animes and also both animes main characters are fighting to protect their friends and etc.
report Recommended by LichSama
In both series the main characters have some demons and they both start through intensive training to become stronger, and they go through many adventures with their friends to become stronger or to help each other.
report Recommended by LUakaPAIN
Both are shounen, so both have the character tropes and concepts that all shounen anime have, which are pretty good imo. From lots of fights and cool abilities and skills to epic OST and plottwists - both have it all. Very easy to get invested you can just relax, lay back and enjoy the good ol' shounen era style anime.
report Recommended by MisterKo4
Also one of the “Big three” it is another Shōnen adventure that was written in the same period. It also contains great fights, good villains, and a story similar, and different then Naruto’s
report Recommended by Liapo13
Bleach has a similar vibe to naruto + a bunch of episodes if you're looking for a long anime to watch. Banger shows, both of them
report Recommended by threadle
bleach is a old anime from 2004 and in spite of being a old anime it had a great power system and you will love all the characters. Most of the characters are badass in these series. It is similar to naruto shippuden because you will see some great fight scenes and a great mastermind villain. The problem is that the 50% of the series is full of fillers.
report Recommended by JOTAROstar
main character that gets new power levels + friendships + fighting
report Recommended by F4INT
Ichigo fights to save Rukia and Naruto fight to "save" Sasuke and it kinda goes the same way people try to stop them but they keep going no matter what to achieve their goals.
report Recommended by chinaspy
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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