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Both are similar in that they both feature a class taught by an outstanding teacher (All Might/Koro-sensei) with an objective goal in mind. In My Hero Academia, it's all about becoming heroes. In Assassination Classroom, it's all about becoming assassins. Even the main characters are similar: Nagisa and Izuku both wanting to aspire to be like their teachers, violent geniuses Karma and Bakugou, and the cheerful, hardworking Kayano and Uraraka.
report Recommended by edokitkate
There's a lot of similarities but to me the biggest one is between the main characters: Nagisa and Midoriya. Both of them are sweet boys that people initially gave NOTHING for but that slowly become the best in their entire class. Both of them write notes, one about his teacher's weaknesses and the other notes about superheroes in general, so they're very analytical characters. They also build a kind of father-son relationship with their respective teachers. I'm sure that whoever liked one of these anime will also like the other one.
report Recommended by isahbellah
A young protagonist with big dreams, a class of many different students all with unique traits, and a few wacky or peculiar teachers thrown into the mix. Add in a bit of mystery, some bright, colorful animation, and few heartwarming moments to make a series that can appeal to almost anyone.
report Recommended by Calcature
-Both anime depict the specific school which train and lecture all student to become their goal job (assassin and hero) although Ansatsu Kyoushitsu emphasizes student to kill their own teacher (Koro-sensei) instead order student to fight villain as My Hero Academia. -Friendship,rivalry,compassion and unity are shown among both anime 's characters. -Badass,violent,brutal and intelligent main hero 's best friend (Bakugou and Karma) and both voiced by same seiyuu (Nobuhiko Okamoto) !! -Cute,talented and tend to caring other heroine (Kayano and Ochako).
report Recommended by santicres
-A class of students, there's a lot of students -A badass student in each class (Karma and Bakugou also they're voiced by the same person) -A teacher who's protective but also has high expectations (All Might and Koro-sensei)
report Recommended by curosstail
Boku no Hero Academia and Ansatsu Kyoushitsu are both amazing anime with a similar atmosphere and feel, yet completely different and unique stories. -Both anime center around a class, full of remarkable and special characters with very well defined personalities and abilities -Very intriguing character developments for students -Some character personalities resemble ones from the other anime (Nagisa/Deku, Karma/Bakugo, Kayano/Uraraka), however, they all have their own lovable aspects so they are not clones of one another -A teacher/mentor that students aim to surpass/kill (basically same thing shhh) -Great levels of comedy -Awesome action scenes in both seasons of both series -Interesting and likable villains -Both anime are FREAKING AWESOME!
report Recommended by Coldonylum
Both are incredibly outstanding animes with protagonists who are initially timid and and somewhat weak, but ultimately rise to the occasion; with a view to become greater. Our protagonist, both idolise their teacher/mentor and our surrounded by a wealth of interesting characters. Both shows are based in high school and deal with the angst of the environment. As I stated, both are incredible and full of heart and character.
report Recommended by UndutifulOne
Most people say it would be one punch man however. Boku no Hero Academia and assassination classroom are pretty much the same only dealing with two different themes assassins and superheros. Apart from the difference in plot where one involves trying to kill a teacher both series are similar and that ain't a bad thing. They both have the same level of comedy They both have a cast of forty students with different personalities Main student character lacks confidence in the beginning but gets better Other student character wants to become the best in the profession Teacher that is trying to help their students succeed They do ordinary slice of life   read more
report Recommended by Cyborg_Dragon
-both have a class of students and there's a lot of students -diverse personalities among these students -a teacher who has high expectations -the same goofy art style -some voice actors in common
report Recommended by thelectricow
- Both anime tell about a class with some goal (Become an assassin and kill their teacher/Become a hero to fight some villain) - Both have a great teacher who known as the strongest people on their job (Korosensei-Assassin/All Might-Hero) - Both have a main character who want to be an assassin/hero like their teacher (Nagisa/Deku) - Both main chara has a badass best friend (Karma/Bakugou) both of them also has the same voice actor - Both main heroine are cute and seems to be caring for other people (Kayano/Uraraka) - Both have some fun comedy
report Recommended by The_Assassin
Both are coming of age story set in the classroom environment, which includes the cast training to heighten their own abilities. Both anime produces very heartwarming stories through internal growth and go to teach valuable life lessons. As set in the classroom environment both anime contain classmate rivalries, where classmates compete against each other to prove their worth. Both anime also contain an inspiring relationship between a teacher and a student, as the student inspires to become the great person that is their teacher. Both anime carry many moments of comedy and action that goes to entice a viewer into their shows. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu differs   read more
report Recommended by Akoram
The main characters are very similar because they want to archive a goal, they look wimpy and they want become the strongest with the help of their teacher who haves super powers and ururaka is kind a similar to kayano and bakugou is similar to karma
report Recommended by AnimeDude_14
The anime features a diverse cast of characters with unique abilities, intense action scenes, and an underlying message about the importance of perseverance and hard work.
report Recommended by FAKECROSS97
I love both anime, and I think people who enjoy one will enjoy the other -Both are set in a school, where students are taught unconventionally -Both classes taught by a unique teacher with abilities (who teaches them to fight) -In one, students are trained to be assassins, in the other they are trained to use their superpowers -Both have a main young teen male protagonist who seems weak at first, but becomes very strong -There is comedy to both, but they still have a lot of interesting storylines Recommend trying either if you liked the other, want beginner anime, like superhero movies/shows, like strong young teenage characters
report Recommended by SolidWoIf
If we pay attention, the two anime they are very similar. Let's do it by steps. *The two anime there are plots that happen in a school, where both classes where the main characters are specials (the worst class in *Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, and the better class in Boku no Hero Academia) In the two anime, both students and teachers has one more occupation (Assassin in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu and Hero in Boku no Hero Academia) *Some characters from bith works can also be compared, for example: *Shiota Nagisa and Izuku Midoriya: Protagonist half timid who lives scoring what he considers important. He also has great admiration for his teacher and   read more
report Recommended by Huntertaku_007
Related to school and shounen elements which is fun and interesting
report Recommended by sepul_98
Both series were from the weekly magazine shonen jump, had a high school background and provided a lot of characters. Both series had the potential to develop every character in the same class as the main character, so the story was shown not only about main character or main heroine but also all the characters within the class.
report Recommended by gadboyz
They both at school and involve fighting, both are funny while having dramatic moments
report Recommended by OneOnlyWillow
bc, the classroom thingy, secrets, and powers i guess..?
report Recommended by Kano_Seventarou
-Is portrayed in a school -Main character wanting to achieve a surrealistic yet possible dream. -Their class is hated by another class... -Fighting is involved -Not much romance
report Recommended by Saiirawr
These two anime really cover the classroom spirit and cooperation between students to reach a goal.
report Recommended by Bizoca
Aspiring Classrooms. Assassination Classroom and My Hero Academia both give a classroom full of aspiring students to become physically and mentally enhanced. Assassination Classroom gives Class 3-E a task to kill Koro-sensei, in this journey of a task the class take up may different methods to kill and learn along the way of how to progress in life, whilst becoming an assassin. With MHA, Class 1-A is in the same situation though there is no killing and the students are training to become heroes. Both of these anime offers a load of action and comedy all in a school environment. Though Assassination Classroom is more comedy heavy,   read more
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Well it is not similar at all but if you have the time and your not a hard rock anime watcher you gonna love it.This is a really heartwarming story of a bunch of "loser" high schoolers. They are the bottom of their school, they have bad grades etc. One day a yellow "alien" appears and destroys the moon atleast 80% of it.And after that he gonne become the teacher of that "loser" class their only mission gonna be to kill him till graduation or he will destroy the world. The only thing why i loved this anime is because of the teacher he may be   read more
report Recommended by Debozz
both school series have teachers willing to die/be assinated by for their students e.g assassinating beloved teacher/having to watch teacher almost die protecting them both have a kid who is deceiving by looks izuku/Nagisa
report Recommended by zeren1214
A class, bunch of students, and a fixed end goal. This is something that both of these shows do somewhat similarly, though motivations aligned with their goals are different. In BNHA they want to be heroes who ultimately can serve the citizens but in Assassination classroom they ought to be assassins so that they can carry out the task they were given with. Student-teacher relationship take the prime importance in both of these shows, and same goes for our unique cast of students with different traits and qualities. If you are looking for a complete action oriented theme, then go for BNHA and if for a mix   read more
report Recommended by Softhenic03
Similar feel to it. High school kids training to be superheros, with a lot of focus on the relationship between characters as well as a looming threat they need to train to be good enough to deal with.
report Recommended by Macing
The both of these animes have a very similar "feel" in the sense that they take place in a classroom setting. Right after I finished Boku no Hero, I immediately watched Assassination Classroom after and found great satisfaction. They both do a great job at bringing out emotion and making you care about the characters.
report Recommended by tospanka
another school based anime where the students must save the world, however this time the threat is way closer than ever before. great cast of dynamic characters that play off of one another in interesting ways, and delves into the risks of putting the safety of the world in the hands of children.
report Recommended by lio-leek
Classroom that centers around learning how to fight. Both have cool fight scenes along with funny little gags.
report Recommended by Daritos
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