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They both deal with people trying to save the world after a threat appears on the net. They also share the same director.
report Recommended by Enna
Same director, similar settings. The cyber world is compromised and causes great effects on the real world as well. The characters battle the villain that caused the attack to recover control over the network.
report Recommended by zvuc
It is hard to believe that the story of Summer Wars is that disturbingly similar to a digimon movie. The entire story revolves around fighting a "virus" that went rampaging around the internet.
report Recommended by HalRyder
Very similar style, artwork and story. The worldwide computer network is taken over by an A.I., he wants to destroy the earth and uses a countdown, the characters try to fight him, and they get help from people all around the world. Kenji even has a lot of similar face expressions with Tai.
report Recommended by lzumi-chan
Awesome kick-ass fights to save the digital world (and the real world by extension)
report Recommended by XanthReborn
basicaly same plot, and even the digital world look the smae, this would bee god for some one who has not seen digimon.This feels verry ripped off, yet this is a good movie and if you liked digimon bokua no War Game (also know as the first have of the digimon movie released in North Amarica.)
report Recommended by imperlast
The digital getting controlled by an AI/Virus and it immediately affects the real world, Kids saving the world. I have nothing to say anymore because when I watched either one of these movies, I immediately think 'it looks like digimon/summer wars!'. I'm sure you'll enjoy both
report Recommended by Emberred
pretty much the same story line without the romance -internet world -race against time -same art style, same producer
report Recommended by ayaNATsume414
The plot is EXACTLY the same and I'm not exaggerating here. It's not even just the basic plot elements, even the way it plays out is extremely similar. Summer Wars = "Digimon: Our War Game" without Digimon
report Recommended by Smokie-
Summer Wars is practically a copy of this Digimon movie, but in a much more epic/animated scale without the Digimon. You might even find the movie to be entirely predictable if you saw Digimon Adventure - Bokura no War Game. The problem presented on the plot of both movies is exactly the same.
report Recommended by BatrozX
Similar villain motive, similar plan used to defeat said villain, and very similar art style used to illustrate the digital world in both movies.
report Recommended by Purest_Prodigy
The plot is exactly the same, and the art too.
report Recommended by Raizhen
virus in the wired, threaten the real world,, epic story, epic battle, epic moment,, this two have that similarities,, i love them !
report Recommended by Jim_Heart
These movies are set during the summer where the peaceful lives of the protagonist's family and friends are interrupted by a mischievous digital being. Deviance and destruction ensues causing the net and world to fall into chaos. Nations are soon under threat as projectiles of destruction are launched. The heroes must band together in order to defeat the being and save the world before time runs out. These two stories flow and progress similarly and will constantly remind viewers of the other movie. The digital setting is especially similar with avatars and Digimon being counterparts. Though Summer Wars is more refined and mature, both movies are "feel   read more
report Recommended by Nimious
First off, same director. The conflict and setting is very similar as well. A threat within a virtual world that extends its danger to the real world. You will also find that the resolution for both movies are similar too.
report Recommended by IrMaXuS
If you love the Digimon series, you will definitely love Summer Wars! The first time I saw Summer Wars, I was so surprised at how similar it was to Digimon: War Game :O Practically the same concept, same director, same tropes of friendship and working together as a team and never giving up, watch this if you feel like going back to your childhood again :D
report Recommended by flashjack
Aside from the fact that they share the same director, Mamoru Hosoda, these movies share a very similar DNA. In both there is a virus like thing trying to destroy Japan with some sort of missile and our heroes must do everything in their power to stop that from happening. Thankfully, that is where the similarities end (aside from small similarities that you could find between some characters) and both of these wonderful works blossom in their separate ways.
report Recommended by ThePatCat
Same director, practically the same story. Told in a fun way, great fight scenes in both but Summer Wars has the better fights between the two.
report Recommended by weab-af
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report Recommended by Nicholaevich
Similar structure. But summer wars gives you more feels.
report Recommended by ShrimpAnimation
Summer Wars is Bokura no War Game without Digimon. It's almost a remake of the second.
report Recommended by HitSquare
Well, they are both directed by Mamoru Hosoda, and they're his two most similar films. Summer Wars could even be a remake of Our War Game without the Digimon. They're both about a computer virus spreading outside the digital realm and into ours, and both protagonists are tasked with taking down the virus. The main difference is one involves his semi-girlfriend's family, and the other doesn't.
report Recommended by Ameonna93
Both movies take place in digital worlds and have the main characters tasked with saving Japan from a deadly threat.
report Recommended by jrx78