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Little children solving cases one after another. While the first one is originally a High School student turned to a boy due to a drug and the second one is purely loli with a dark past, both anime still portrays cases in which needs to solving that range from murder, conspiracy, a black organization and more.
report Recommended by tsubasa00kurenai
We have here a modern high school detective series that is well know and then a historical high school detective series where the detective is also a female.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are about solving mysteries and have similar elements.
report Recommended by Kurimu-chan
It has a lot of mystery within this show. Also, you could compare Victorique to Conan because they are brilliant when it comes to solving mysteries. You could also compare Grevil to Richard. They both steal credit from the actual person who solves the mystery. The overall feel of the mysteries and how complex they are should get anyone to like either of these animes.
report Recommended by BurningChaos
An alternative detective story with more emphasis on presentation (graphics for example) and character development.
report Recommended by Argyll
Both include mystery and romance ;)
report Recommended by Kurara_Kudo
Both series are about mysteries/cases which are ultimately solved by the protagonist, who are both highly intelligent people who possess a keen eye for details. Most cases in Detective Conan can be solved pretty effortlessly, while in Gosick they are more difficult causing you to think more. However, no matter the level of difficulty of the cases, they're always pulled off in a unique & clever way so that even if you know who the culprit is you are still baffled as too how they managed to pull it all off in the 1st place. Also in both series, although the protagonists solve the cases   read more
report Recommended by Sashimigami
Both tells about mysteries/cases and romance. Cases are solved by the protagonist, who are both has high intelligence. Many cases in Detective Conan can be solved easily, but in GOSICK, they are more difficult, so you must think more. Both series are really amazing. But, I like GOSICK more.
report Recommended by jimmy_msz
both anime talks about young people who trying to solve mystery and cases .
report Recommended by mezzo12
Both of these are mystery themed anime and the lead characetrs both rely and trust only in logic and deductive reasoning. Both also have amazing levels of character development and show how events and people connect up.
report Recommended by Tiger-_-