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Detective Conan
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Detective Conan
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Tantei Gakuen Q
Both are about young dectives who solve many different cases. While Conan is looking for the people who shrunk him, the Kids in Tantei Gakuen Q are working for a goal and to defeat Pluto... a great series if you like detective shows.
report Recommended by Kiyashi
When it comes to the mystery genre for Anime and Manga, both series are well known and could be considered classics for their own reasons. Both series feature high school detectives too.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The main characters have super intelligent for solving crimes
report Recommended by Xynz01
both anime are detective series.. they have many interest part and some similiar story cases.. both main character are also teenager detective.. and there are many similiar thing on these anime.. during I have watching many anime.. these are the best anime of detective series.. for you guys who like detective series.. I really recommend you to watch them.. ^^
report Recommended by flowerakane
Both are about detectives solving all kinds of cases.
report Recommended by Amane8009
Same mystery genre. However, mysteries are solved by a team of gifted middle schoolers. Also, the cases here are much more realistic than Detective Conan.
report Recommended by Momo-Hime
Both shows are about solving cases and having an organization as antagonists
report Recommended by ProtoMegaZX
Detective Conan and Tantei Gakuen Q are very similar. They are both mystery, and focus on a very smart, young detective who solve cases. They both have someone who is very good at fighting. Also they both have "master of disguises". They both have organizations looking for them. While Conan is solving cases to find information about the Black Organization, Tantei Gakuen Q are working to ambush Pluto!
report Recommended by Miso
"Why?" You ask? Detective School Q really have a strong mystery included, same thing like in Detective Conan. I have both Anime and Manga series. It's very great to watch. And I recommend it.
report Recommended by kward
Those two are similar... I think lol, here's their similarity: - Both mystery - Both stories with both detectives - Both main characters are really smart when comes to case solving - Both involves school in a way The main difference between both shows is that Detective Conan is about a high school student who is really good in soccer(Football for some) and case solving, but one day gets "kidnapped" I can say by a criminal and gets tested with a certain drug which makes him younger and tries to find that criminal in that young form with his grade school friends, Tantei Gakuen Q is about a boy who   read more
report Recommended by Cherry_B
Very good anime and has a lot of similarities to Detective Conan, and it is way shorter. The main characters have really good VA's from popular anime: Ryu (Neji from Naruto) and Kyu (Naoi from Angel Beats). The action in this for how many episodes there are is really nice and the plot is actually visible. If you are looking for a good detective anime, watch this.
report Recommended by Chromha
They both have great mysteries and both have great feels on how crime should be solved. Both have children has detectives.
report Recommended by TetraBlitz1
The main similarity between the two shows is the focus on teenage detectives who solve tricks behind various cases (most commonly murders) and are very good at it. Some of these cases are related to a criminal organization that main characters are trying to stop.
report Recommended by MidnightRainbow