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Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga
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Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga
If you could handle Excel Saga\'s insanity, then i\'m sure you can handle Furi Kuri\'s. It\'s shorter, faster, and it has a yellow vespa!
report Recommended by BlueYoshi
If Excel Saga was short, had a confused boy, and had philosophical undertones (or any plot at all) it would be Furi Kuri.
report Recommended by Decemius
Excel Saga and FLCL are similar in that they are both extremely random and fast-paced anime with a plot structure that is all over the place more often than not. Zany and wacky to the extreme, these are series that poke fun at virtually everything - with a special focus on pop culture and anime in particular. Both are parodies that mock themselves as well as several genres, FLCL mostly concerned with mecha and ES covering a gamut of genres from horror to romantic comedy. In both there is an endless quantity of references to other anime and manga, and the level of hyper insanity   read more
report Recommended by Nocturnal
If you like animes without heavy meaning, and "I don't know what's going on, but it's so funny", those are for you. Don't miss Excel Saga DVD bonus episode!
report Recommended by Esley
Very strange and funny thing with many references to other anime
report Recommended by HentaiONI
both extremly strange animes with randomness to the max every character in both shows (except for our main guy in FLCL) is totally messed up the main heroines in both shows are the same: weird, crazy and unpredictable but you can't help likeing them just a bit. if your into anime with barely any plot or plots thats too confusing, watch these shows.
report Recommended by supermegasonic
Okay so you think FLCL is insane, let me just say that Excel Saga takes the insanity of FLCL and brings it to a degree that was thought to be unreachable. Amazingly both are similar in that both try to experiment with different types of animation and genres.
report Recommended by Jetman2021
Both series feature off-the-wall craziness, crude humor, superb animation, and two of the wildest (and weirdest) heroines in anime. Light on story but heavy on the laughs, FLCL and Excel Saga are strikingly original and addicting in their own perversity.
report Recommended by AiselnePN
Feeling sad? Having a tough day at school? Having a long day at work? If so, Excel Saga and FLCL are sure to put you off at a better mood with loads of insanity provided in each crazy episode that you won't want to miss!
report Recommended by SnakeBeater
they both have not very clear storylines. very unique characters. crazy gags. and they both have some anime parodies.
report Recommended by Weeaboi420
High energy crazy editing beautiful surrealism
report Recommended by tyremporas
Excel Saga is a joy to watch throughout the entire anime and is even crazier than FLCL but with a (little) more structure than it. In every episode, a new thing in entertainment is parodied, making every episode feel fresh and new. I highly suggest the English dub for the sheer craziness that the voice actor for Excel puts into her role.
report Recommended by PatViBrittania