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The anime have very similar fast paced zaney action and over the top comedy. The art style and use of colours can also be thought to be similar. Definitely both are worth a watch.
report Recommended by Malcavic
These shows are very similar in their over the top nature. Kill la Kill is very high energy and constant action, whereas FLCL has it's moments of peace. Both these shows are very interesting and fun to watch.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Similar art styles and whackiness make Kill la Kill a must-try for FLCL fans.
report Recommended by BoyHime732
FLCL and Kill la Kill are the epitomes of craziness with their delivery. Both series possess an explosive energy that will draw you in with their action, comedy, drama, and dialogues. By explosive standards, both shows go beyond logic and intensify themselves with their artwork and characters. Both series' main female protagonists also possess a high degree of energy that unleashes itself like a time-ticking bomb. Their artwork is also similar along with their stunning soundtracks.
report Recommended by Stark700
These two anime have similar art styles, and both deal with adolescence (FLCL with a boy and Kill La Kill with a girl). They also both have crazy fight scenes, and similar humor.
report Recommended by sk1tty
If you're looking for the craziness similar to Flcl then look no further, the action is crazy and pretty much throws logic out the window. The soundtrack on both are awesome, but Flcl easily takes the cake with its amazing soundtrack. They also share that Over-the-top nature.
report Recommended by RX-782
Both are full of high-action ridiculousness and randomness. The animation is also similar and so is the comedy. Kill la Kill and FLCL are both just all-round really fun to watch.
report Recommended by charizaard
Wild animation, bizarre plotlines, cool characters, and sweet soundtracks. If you liked the oddity of FLCL, Kill la Kill delivers its fair share of strangeness, though in a much more direct format. Its humor has a lot of basis in cartoonish antics, fan service gags, and puns (so many puns). While definitely not sharing the surrealism of FLCL, it has a lot of the same attitude, and can be an enjoyable romp. Notably, the two series share some production team members, including Hiroyuki Imaishi.
report Recommended by Sonira
Fooly Cooly. One of the first animes I saw and one of the reasons I started my...well, obsession of wanting to watch anime all the time. I was always a little sad at how short Fooly Cooly was and how there weren't that many animes like it around. Then 12 years later Kill La Kill jumps into my life and fills the hole that was once in my heart. Imaishi, Hiroyuki strikes again. The art, random ass story, animation style, and comedy are VERY similar in these two anime. If you've seen FLCL or have been watching KLK I highly recommend the other. Really excited   read more
report Recommended by grantrithor
The only real difference in these animes are the length. Everyone who watches anime(and even a lot that don't) should watch FLCL. It is a terrific coming of age story that seems so weird, but pulls you in none the less. Kill la Kill is just as weird. As such, it pulls you in just as much. The similarities are to high to measure. Kill la Kill is basically what happens when FLCL knocks up Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Just give it 6 years to gestate, and you have the birth of an amazing show. It never ceases to amaze me, the way older shows   read more
report Recommended by thefalleniso
Over the top insanity and nonsense. Similar art styles and fighting styles with bizarre characters that keep getting stronger and more bizarre. Basically the two shows are just some of the weirdest thingd you will ever watch and if you like that, then both of these are good for you.
report Recommended by Asfaria
They're both just crazy. They're also extremely fun and essentially have you saying "I don't know what I'm watching but I love it!"
report Recommended by Noriko_Takaya
Both are ridiculous but have a lot of action's scene.
report Recommended by Draconis86
It's a wonder these two shows don't come from the same studio. Both anime have a strikingly similar overdramatic feeling, accentuated by changing soundtracks and ridiculous animation. And if you thought Kill la Kill's plot was hard to follow, you'll be blown away by FLCL's. The latter also has the advantage of much less fanservice.
report Recommended by toka_koka
Similar animation, characters, and have almost constant action, with a similar type of comedy
report Recommended by thended65
Both are action comedies with fast pacing, plot twist and overall craziness. They have similar art and similar feeling to them. Kill la Kill is more ecchi while FLCL is more dementia.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both are over the top, and the animation and art style in Kill la Kill reminded me a lot of FLCL. They are both awesome animes!
report Recommended by K1KY0
I just watched the first episodes of both and around 7 minutes while starting to watch KLK some of the characters really gave me a FLCL vibe. They also have a significant weird factor, but FLCL takes it's dementia to the extreme. These two shows can also be compared with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in terms of Gainax nature and soundtracks, with them having their own respective shining features. Those 3 shows = Gainax heaven. (But KLK was made by a different studio to be honest)
report Recommended by parallelle_slip
Both shows are very random that are both entertaining and hilarious and not meant to be taken seriously. Also, both have great conclusions and you fell satisfied after you complete the series.
report Recommended by membersrock44
Basically, the mix: Exciting animation, intense fight scenes, good music and a lot of non-sense makes one hell of a combination.
report Recommended by Jack_Costa
both series are good examples of Rule of Cool, which use this type of narrative to make a great Coming of Age.
report Recommended by Anscap
Both satirise the shonen action genre by being melodramatic and overly-exuberant. Furthermore, many of the animators and directors behind FLCL would find similar positions with Kill la Kill, resulting in visual styles which complement each other
report Recommended by XeroBeat
Very similar senses of humor and characters
report Recommended by 3005