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While the tone of these two series is not very similar they both feature extremely violent situations in which apparently fragile female characters are revealed to have a potential for being highly destructive. Little girls as weapons form the main premise of these series, although it is carried out differently; EL opts for a more graphic approach that maximizes the use of colour, while Saikano is more subdued, using a mostly grey palette to convey a feeling of hopelessness. In both cases romance blooms and is put to a ferocious test. These two series may differ in a lot of aspects - the ecchi factor   read more
report Recommended by Nocturnal
Both main girl characters are "the ultimate weapon", lots of guns, romance,main boy characters are kinda stupid
report Recommended by Littlerascal92
Another girl-as-weapon love story, but Saikano is way better.
report Recommended by ninechars
Girl-weapon and drama. Similar atmosphere and feelings. (And don't write in recommendations which one is better)
report Recommended by AntyInChains
Elfen Lied and SaiKano are similar in the way that they both have a leading, female character that has some kind of power, and they are both searching for something more to live for while trying to have emotions once again.
report Recommended by BrightOasis
Tragedy brings sorrow, and sorrow brings tears. Both of these series does that with its tragic plot and characters. What begins as a peaceful setting in both anime(s) has many violent turns and plot holes that leads a void in the viewers' hearts. The theme of little girls becoming weapons of destruction is also shared in both series. Then, there's romance and the tragedy that soon bestows upon the main characters and the others. Both of these series also have slight comedy, drama, and gives a sense of feeling of making you want to watch more especially after the first episode.
report Recommended by Stark700
They share the same feeling while watching them and both have similar romance. Elfen Lied has the horror aspect while Saikano has the military. If you were moved by Elfen Lied you'll probably love Saikano and vice versa.
report Recommended by fluffiey