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Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi
In both series you may find a lot of blood, beautiful womens with supernatural powers and both are pretty scary (at least in beggining).
report Recommended by loku1993
Female leads, although very different in personality. Lots and lots of violence in both series. The first episode of Mnemosyne for instance includes torture by means of genital piercings. There's also some barbed wire bondage in the ending credits. You get the picture :P
report Recommended by Frampis
Both dark anime wih sci-fi elements and for a mature audience. Lots of blood, violence, torture, gore, nudity, ecchi. Strong female protagonists with supernatural powers and unusual hair colors, and (mainly) useless male characters. Also, Rin having troubles with her memory in the 5th episode somehow reminded me of Nyuu. Some differences: Elfen Lied is more psychological and more splatter than Mnemosyne, and the latter has almost hentai scenes, tons of yuri, and a more complex story. Both are good and shocking anime not for everyone.
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Both series have a serious tone and a lot of blood and violence. Elfen Lied has a harem setup to keep the mood light at times, but when you get right down to it, neither series pulls punches.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
If you were into Elfen Lied for the blood, gore, and twisted emotions/storyline, and aren't afraid to watch something even MORE graphic (in every possible meaning of the word) this anime is for you. Blood, torture, rape...pretty much everything is somewhere in this anime. The plot is a little bit twisted and hard to follow, but bears many of the same elements as Elfen Lied. There are about 6 episodes of about 45 minutes each that take place over about a century and a half, and follow the story of Asogi Rin, an immortal.
report Recommended by Elysiana
Violence, sex, sexual violence, heavy psychological themes, and a plot. These shows have it all.
report Recommended by XanthReborn
Similar style, the type of argument, gore, drama, love.. In the both animes the player is a girl whith strong power.
report Recommended by Dixy
First of all, both anime contain quite an amount of violence and bloodshed so plenty of action. Also nudity is included and Mnemosyne goes a little further in this. These anime are not rated R for nothing. The main characters in these anime are played by (large breasted) women, they end up in a lot of fights but the personalities can't be compared. I'd say Elfen Lied is a little more sensitive and easier (less hard) to understand. Mnemosyne really needs your attention while watching and takes it somewhat to the next level regarding nudity (yuri, rape) compared to elfen lied. It can get very close   read more
report Recommended by Ryuuketsu
Both mature series star beautiful women who are cruely subjected to brutal, often S&M-like torture (Mnemosyne being significantly more erotic than Elfen Lied). Explicit gore and nudity are abundant in these psychologically-twisted dramas about uber-human ladies used as pawns for a new world order.
report Recommended by AiselnePN
Both shows have the same type of atmosphere.Fights with nudity. Both woman MC with the same type of personalities. One difference is in Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi,the main character is immortal while Lucy is not.
report Recommended by LegendGoldDark
Both are very graphic have lots of blood, gore and sexual violence. Also dismembered body parts.
report Recommended by OPslime
Both are extremely graphic and violent, and both leave VERY little to the imagination when showing these graphic scenes, except Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne takes a step further. While both enjoyable, they should have REALLY toned down all the torture and stuff (Daughters of Mnemosyne in particular).
report Recommended by LaughinOtaku
Immortal woman, dark and violent tone, blood and killing, short and sweet. Will they find happiness? Get rid of the bad guy? Maybe...not..
report Recommended by minikobe27