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These anime are very similar in ther blood content. Each are rich with blood and body parts. Also have relatively sad stories.
report Recommended by kittenz73
Both have a dark story, not so human girls, and lots of blood o.o
report Recommended by Bluesnow
They both have pretty much gore and give a similar feeling. There are sad and romantic part in both this animes than only action/horror.
report Recommended by XzaR
Both have kickass heroines.. both have plenty of blood and gore : ) and both have annoying male characters >< and both are awesome to watch!
report Recommended by PhantoMiria
Nyu and Clare were very similar persons. Both were killing Monsters, both got a monster in their bodies and both got a similar similar lovestory
report Recommended by Elendiliad
Both anime have tons of action and violence, tied with an interesting plot and characters that make you feel pity for them. Both have main female protagonists that kill many things. At first you feel that they are cold and do not feel anything, but as you learn their story and history you begin to understand them. Both anime were enjoyable to watch and are completely worth your time.
report Recommended by SneakyPoptart
Dark, gory, action series not for the faint-hearted.
report Recommended by lxtazl
Two anime with different art styles and stories, yet with a few similarities. Both main characters are females with sad pasts and have their own "hidden side". Contain monsters, action and a lot of BLOOD! And of course, a little romance.
report Recommended by Fahlaine
Both of these are at the top of my list for blood content. Limbs fly off in pretty much every episode. They are pretty dark stories each with a bad ass heroine and a annoying male character. But behind all the blood, and killing both heroines have a sad past the makes a really good story in each show.
report Recommended by T_LOWE
Both of them have a lot of violence, both Lucy and Clare aren´t humans, and they have special powers, and once more they both seek revenge on someone. P.S. - Recomend other animes besides the famous ones Pls...
report Recommended by Metacritz
Both have females as protagonists, with sad stories and whith lots of violence and blood.
report Recommended by Franneke
Both are very bloody. They also share the same "modified by human to kill" kind of nature. Both have an good and heartbreaking storyline! Both are about a person helping the "monster" to get more human.
report Recommended by martinyyyy
Both have strong female lead characters, set in a world of injustice and fear. Tragedy and death are main themes of both series, and the gloomy mood is more or less consistent throughout. Although Elfen Lied is the gorier of the two, it is more willing to put you through extreme mood whiplash with humor and ecchi, whereas Claymore's bleak feeling is rarely broken. Despite this, both animes have a similar feeling due to blood and gore content, central themes and character motivations.
report Recommended by CapriciousNaffan
very similar anime, both sad, lot of action, blood, and protecting what is important to them.
report Recommended by Pera94
If you like the bloody action, Elfen Lied takes it to a whole level. However, it is also pretty heart breaking, and the plot is well presented. Like Claymore, Elfen Lied is one of those animes that you watch and won't stop thinking about for a good week or more.
report Recommended by thesaf
Although they are miles apart plot-wise, blood and gore are a very major theme in both. "Claymore" has a strong plot in it's own right, and to those who love gore then it will be even better.
report Recommended by TheZarrox
~Both have no Sequals, both are too bloody to handle, JK here's the rec: Both have a very Unique Dark story. Both the stories are exciting that you'd watch the whole series at once. Both are violence, bloody but there's some warm scene in both of them. Both main character are strong female protecting the weak main male.
report Recommended by aneptuna
If you like Lucys backstory in Elfenlied or Claymores Teresa-Arc, you will almost certainly like the other. They tell different stories, but their emotional impact is similar and enough reason on its own to watch the entire series.
report Recommended by FJW
I think elfen lied is the closest one imo. if they want they can be cut into pieces Bloodshed. A lot og gore. A good story. But i think the story in claymore i a bet better. But overall. Elfen lied is the best.
report Recommended by lgpepsi