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Kimi ni Todoke
Both are romance and i suppose both have hints of humor, its too early to tell yet about kimi no todoke but its probably going to have a clannad like ending as so many animes have now
report Recommended by Nagato198
The main female character of both Clannad and Kimi ni Todoke have the same "Do my best" personality. In that sense, the main male characters are also alike. Okazaki (from Clannad) and Kazehaya (from Kimi ni Todoke) both aid the main female characters into more interactions with people and help the story develop into a deep plot. I enjoyed both anime and hope to see more like it.
report Recommended by Seraph6886
If you liked the NagisaXTomoya storyline in Clannad, then I'm sure you'll like Kimi ni Todoke. Unlike many series, while Kimi ni Todoke is a romance, the two leads' relationship progresses slowly, making it an absolutely adorable romance for those who love characters pining after each other.
report Recommended by airichan623
Both anime shows the love that is born between two high school people by helping each other and making friends.
report Recommended by -kassy-
Both anime take place in a high school setting, and both have emotional ups and downs for the mean characters. Both series contain a bit of romance, though Kimi ni Todoke focuses more on the romance aspect than Clannad.
report Recommended by yessibella
Whilst the two might initially seem incredibly different, there are reasons why a fan of one will likely enjoy the other, putting the largely different art styles and target demographics aside. Both shows have a wide and varied supporting cast accompanying the main couple (which, in both shows, consists of a shy girl and a more confident boy) and these supporting characters get their own spotlight arcs in both series. In both Clannad and Kimi ni Todoke, there is a big focus not only on romance, but themes like friendship and family, too. They both also have a mixture of comedic and dramatic elements, although Clannad places   read more
report Recommended by totorolover33
they both have highly likeable characters that follow along with the story and great animations
report Recommended by Zyphkin
Both initially involve a guy helping a shy girl make friends, but then they gradually grow into something more.
report Recommended by ZachM
Kimi ni todoke and Clannad both have a warm comedy aura but at the same time it can really make you cry but still laugh. Both animes end with satisfaction, kinda like you want it to. They both focus on romance and have friends that have their own problems and misunderstandings.
report Recommended by Otakuaku_Chan