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Both of them are long shounen series with the major themes of growth, friendship, teamwork, and loyalty. The main characters seem to be immature and irresponsible at first, but when the right time comes, they turn out to be badass. While one of them aspires to be the pirate king and collects crew mates, the other heads toward being a leader in an infamous branch of the mafia and increases the size of his "family." As more episodes go by, the series and characters grow to become more mature and serious; the series start off kind of slow and overly immature, but once they get   read more
report Recommended by schroedernoah
A Lot Like In OP Yo Find Yourself Amazed By The Different Powers That The Characters Have In Each anime. As far as Character Personality Overlapping Is Concerned, I Feel There Is Quite The Amount. A Fantastic Anime That Although Has Similarities To OP Has A Fair amount Of Differences, Such As Main Character Personalities, location and time Etc. The First 15 Eps Of KHR Are Rather Meh, In The Fact You See The Babies And Your Hesitant To Keep Watching. Watch Past This!! and You Will See Not Only The Story Unfolding And The Babies Getting purpose But Amazing Fight Scenes, A Definate Must   read more
report Recommended by Charsly
They are very similar because in OP Luffy has his crew and in KH Reborn Tsuna has his familly.Both are very funny and awesome story and fights.
report Recommended by Nosferatuu
Both series involve the bonds of friendship, with One Piece involving the close relationships between the Strawhat crew while Katekyo Hitman Reborn! involving the close relationships between the Vongola 10. Within those both groups, the protagonists' friends are extremely loyal to their leaders. Both main characters (Luffy and Tsuna) are extremely similar as they have the ambition to protect their friends. Both have a vast amount of characters that have interesting and unique backgrounds. Both series have a large amount of action and use of supernatural powers.
report Recommended by Zeal_Seal
One piece is about pirates and KHR is about Mafia, kinda like that i sugest taht who ever liked one piece or Reborn to watch each other becouse the similiartys is the development wich i think KHR surpasses One Piece and for the respect and loyality that wich gaurdia or nakama as for the main protagonist wich they would follow the Boss/Captain to the end of the world if needed there are various differences but both contain awesome fights, good characters goodstory and awesome character development.
report Recommended by Maximinos
-Both have a big focus on 'protecting my nakama' -Both are about some sort of group that work together -Both have arcs that are sometimes great, and sometimes not as much
report Recommended by thelectricow
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