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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
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Both protagonists are deemed the weakest (in magic) and berated by his peers in their school, but only because the evaluations of them are selective, which neglects their other superior strong points (their physical abilities) that may even surpass other so called "geniuses." They live together with the heroine, who is considered the complete opposite of the protagonist, the strongest and most talented, and thus revered for their skills.
report Recommended by 4kicks
Both animes have seemingly "weak" main character from the point of academics, but has skills that makes them extremely powerful, so from the point of academics they are both weak but in reality they are more than only that.
report Recommended by Kuromizue
Wrong evaluation system for main character, Sister loves your brother, powers competition and school.
report Recommended by badlegendary
They both have well disciplined Over powerful main character . Both of MC are hated and casted of by their family . They both have a beautiful girl flawing over them . Both Anime includes games in which MC proves how badass he actually is .
report Recommended by nekkoMaster
A magic academy, where the plot is based on a competition to make clear their skills.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
No need more explaining. All you need to know have been already said. You loved/liked Mahouka koukou no rettousei? Well, you must watch Rukudai kishi no Cavalry ;)
report Recommended by NoGame_NoLife
simalarities -both anime has a system which evaluate MC as loser while being very strong in other way -both MC has sister who call her brother ONII-SAMA -both MC comes from prestigious type family
report Recommended by TheGeniusBaka
Same faulted ranking system that has our MC as the worst when hes actually the best. MC doesnt care that he is deemed the worst and rolls with it instead.
report Recommended by Pallathion
Both main characters don't posses a certain magic power that the school they attend like to use. They are both powerful and also have little sister love complexes.
report Recommended by _cwoo
- Both anime are set in a world where Science and magic coexist - Both of them have a student classification system - RKnC and MKnR have a male MC that is considered weak, but that's not true - In those anime the MCs have a little sister who has a brother complex - In both, the father cared more about the sister and the brother Even though the anime look similar, they are vey different and unique in there own way.
report Recommended by Mihaill
-Magic School, -The MC belongs to the weakest section/entitled as the Weakest One but, is really strong, -Competitions, -WINcest XD jkjk
report Recommended by akihiko132
Very similar setting, magic school, with an "under-powered" protagonist, Rakudai is primarliy swordplay with magic as a secondary and the latter is in contrast, primarily magic with less focus on the physical plane. After watching both shows you have to think that one must have been inspired by the other.
report Recommended by Jammed
Rakudai features a protagonist who is considered an outcast with his family due to his abilities not being up to their standards, so they do their best to ignore him. Magic is also broken down into an analyzed setting and incorporated into the school system.
report Recommended by Kvasir369
Both MC are extremely OP. Both have a taboo relationship where the sister is madly in love with the brother. Both MC are looked down upon cause their magical ability is sub par. Both have amazing storylines with great character development. You feel like your part of the anime. Both MC are despised by their family, except by their sister. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is 12 episodes where Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is 24 episodes. In my opinion, both anime get 10 points in every category and deserve a rating above 10. -JNutter3006
report Recommended by JNutt22
Similarities : - Both main characters go to modern magic school where the grading system is objective, that makes them the lowest kind of student and making them discriminated by most of their schoolmates. - The main characters have little sisters that have feeling for them *ahem* brocon *ahem* - Both sisters are considered good students in their schools and recognised by their family unlike the brothers. - Both main characters are overpowered
report Recommended by Aldiii
Both MCs lack so called "talent" that other people around them have. However, because of that reason, they have skills to make up for that shortcoming. All sorts of characters are drawn to the MC because of their unorthodox strength that they display. The fight scenes in both series are similar in the way that the MCs think. Both MCs have blood related sisters that care for them ( in a un-sibling way) Both really fun!
report Recommended by KuroeUsagi
Do you like main characters such as Tatsuya Shiba in Mahouka who like to surprise arrogant elite-class noobs with their amazing combat skills? Try to watch Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry! While Tatsuya is a talented engineer who is just perfect at everything, Ikki Kurogane in Rakudai has no natural-born talent at all and only depends on his hard work and a bit of his intelligence. There are also some incest and harem in Rakudai similar to Mahouka but the show does not give too much focus on the incest part.
report Recommended by Eric
Both MC's study in a magical institute, both have sisters that want to be more than their sister, both of them have very little or no skill as magician, but their physical skill is amazing. They are both overpowered.
report Recommended by ShadowPFB
Similarities: -The main character is deemed the worst student at the academy by his peers but turns out to be the most powerful -MC lives together with main heroine -MC and his sister have a similar relationship in both anime -Both have some sort of school competition where the MC's abilities are revealed to everyone -Both have great action and animation Differences: -Mahouka is more futuristic while Rakudai is more medieval -Rakudai is more ecchi while Mahouka has a more dramatic tone
report Recommended by iwannaeat
if you liked Mahouka koukou no Rettousei then i definetly recommend watching rakudai, it will make you think mahouka is just a shity anime(which you liked) and it excel it in everything including the plot, the characters, the art and it doesn't contain boring action scenes as mahouka.
report Recommended by zeroxspy
-Both MC's are incredibly powerful -Abilities remain hidden until necessary -MC's deemed the lowest in their respective areas
report Recommended by wubbalubba126
The badasstest main character arrives at school, fails every tests, and is deemed as inferior to all other students because the tests don't exactly evaluate the character's strengths. These schools train the future generation of mages, who use a strange mix of magic and technology. Also, the science behind both animes is garbage.
report Recommended by NatoBoram
-Both series have a very strong, presumably unbeatable main protagonist. -Both series take place in a high school of 'magic' variance. -Both series treat the main protagonist like an outcast in their respective enviroment. -Both series portray our main protagonists being presumed weak by their fellow students, whilst the complete opposite is true.
report Recommended by Masanori-kun
The main characters are very similar in the fact that they aren't accepted by their families, aren't considered talented by society's standards, are amazing at strategizing, and go to a school specifically for fighting aith magic and such. What makes The Irregular worth watching is that you want to find out more about the main character and why he is the way he is. Also, if you're like me and ecchi can be irritating, The Irregular doesn't have much of that.
report Recommended by jxllo
-Both shows involve an affectionate Brother-Sister duo, with the brother being really strong and low-key OP -The whole story revolves around an inter-school competition of magical abilities
report Recommended by Joeywatches