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As well as Naruto, Fairy Tail is going to be the next big thing in anime. Somehow it gives me the same feeling as I'm watching Naruto. There are a lot of characters, a lot of funny moments, and I'm looking forward to the next episode! So I think that if you like Naruto, you may like Fairy Tail too!
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Same atmosphere, fights, funny moments. The art is very same as well. And ya, Natsu reminds me Naruto greatly, 'cos they are both quite silly, but cute and powerful ^_^
report Recommended by YukiStyu
Both are shounen with heroes who are a bit slow. In Fairy Tail, Natsu is a bit more competent, but both he and Naruto serve as comic relief at times. Both Natsu and Naruto also have a strong loyalty to their friends. Both characters were also have a small sense of being cast aside because of something that happened in their pasts.
report Recommended by deebdev
Friendship, loyalty and a mix of love is w00t these two animes have in common. Not to mention they all have a huge variety of characters, all with differrent kewl techniques and powers. Both shows also finds a good way of mixing humor at the right time, but still manages to keep up a good suspense when needed. Also, the three main characters have huuuge resemblances.
report Recommended by 50-Yen
Character of both are very similar.Ninjitsu & magic looks very close to each other.
report Recommended by arefinzz
Both talk a lot about friendship as being important, the action is also similar. Naruto is more dramatic than fairy tail though, but fairy tail makes up for this by being hilarious XD. Both are also must sees in the anime world no matter what genre you're into, to be honest if you watch anime you probably know what Naruto is anyway lol, but still Fairy Tail, in my opinion is equally as awesome!
report Recommended by -Nikku-
Both anime have similar characters, natsu ... naruto , gray ... sasuke ,lucy ... sakura , and similar powers like earth,wind,wather,lighting and fire magic (jutsu) , for example natsu use fire magic like sasuke use fire jutsu , erza use weapons like swords and throw them like ninja throw there kunai and so on.if you like fairy tail then you certainly you will like naruto.
report Recommended by narutoichigo88
They way the headcharaters act is smiliar even though Naruto has a hard time fitting in and Natsu is looking for his "master". But they both tries to be the best in wath they do.
report Recommended by Reirei94
Both have amazing characters, with both knowing the pain of losing people important to them (Naruto & Natsu). They both are hot headed and never back down from a challenge. It contains a lot of battles and awesome quotes and characters and you really should watch the both of them!
report Recommended by SakuraDreams
Characters are very similar... both are popular shounen Fairy Tail is way more carefree and easy-going though
report Recommended by LordKage
The way they portray friend relation ships and the character personalities are similar. They are both action and cute comedy shows, which can turn into tear jerkers...
report Recommended by beachqueen17
Both main characters are hot-heads and impatients. Even female main character is same as other. You will not regret watching this! Adventure + Shounen + Comedy = Fairy Tail & Naruto
report Recommended by wolfbankai
The cast is very similar in that they also find a way to win and never give up. Both series are set in a similar environment (Guild Hall/Hidden Leaf Village) Both series have the main characters going on missions to earn money and make the village/guild stronger. They both end up having fights with the others Guilds/Villages Both series are very good and I highly recommend watching one if you like the other. You definitely wont be disappointed.
report Recommended by Black60Dragon
Hot-headed, fiercely protective, always wanting to throw down in a battle of skill... Remind you of someone? Naruto Uzumaki? But also, Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail. Both characters are in search of something. For Naruto it's a place in the village, for Natsu, it's his adoptive father the dragon, Igneel. I believe that both animes are quite alike and with similar supporting characters (Sakura from Naruto and Lucy from Fairy tail), although the story isn't alike, both are about taking risks for friends and protecting the ones you love, while fighting for what is right.
report Recommended by KuroYatagarasu
They both have a balance of action, suspense and comedy while maintaining a good plot. Both also showcase each character with their own background which influences their actions.
report Recommended by Hinayushii
Both have themes that are big on family & friends. Both feature a character who used to be alone, and ends up meeting great people they care about
report Recommended by faatimerr
Both are shounen anime that focus mostly on humor and action, as they follow a group of main characters who go on quests trying to fulfill their missions. Both have many similar elements, such as fighting techniques and power-ups, fighting tournaments etc. Both have the same vibe and atmosphere.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both Main Characters (Naruto and Natsu) are Hot Heads that stick to what they believe in.
report Recommended by HunterTD
Characters have special magical abilities. People divided into groups (For example- Fairy Tail: the Fairy Tail guild. Naruto: the hidden leaf village.) Some groups are good and some groups are bad. Focus's on one particular group who fight evil. Naruto and Natsu have similar personalities. The groups split into smaller teams to go on missions. Fairy Tail was without a doubt a more interesting and character/relationship building anime than Naruto. I feel that Naruto gets repetitive and there's too many filler episodes, whereas in Fairy Tail every episode is exciting and you start to feel attachment towards characters. Fairy Tail brings out more emotions in the viewer than Naruto would and   read more
report Recommended by dxscribed
both share a lead set of main chartcers that form a team to compete mission around the land friary tail do this buy using magic and shear will power usual causing a lot of destruction Naruto dose this buy using ninjujitsu and genjujitsu with the willpower playing a key role
report Recommended by zero260391
The adventures of Naruto and his friends will surely remind you of the characters from Fairy Tail.
report Recommended by Rinnegan_
The main character Natsu resembles Naruto in nature.He is hot headed like naruto and is awesome.
report Recommended by Shin_Bochama
Not only is Fairy Tale on its way to being one of the biggest anime series compared to Naruto, both series share the same atmosphere, fight scenes, and comedic moments. The similarity between magic and Ninjitsu in both series are also quite similar. Taking place in an imaginary world where the Earth is inhabited by magic guilds, with each possessing their own significant abilities. One guild stands out the most as the most menacing, reputing guild in the land for completing tasks set forth before them. Which is why a young girl named Lucy wants to join them, because they're the best at what they do and   read more
report Recommended by JakklL
Both long shows which are easy to binge, there's a coherent plot with fillers and there's a dumb main character that gets stronger by almost being defeated. They save the world a couple times and the power of friendship pulls them trough
report Recommended by xforesttree
Naruto has many of the same elements as Fairy tail, including magical/power fights, and Natsu is similar to Naruto.
report Recommended by kawaiinat
Both are shounen anime, both have amusing protagonists, both have interesting battles but Fairy Tail tops Naruto in every way
report Recommended by Ayani00
Typical shounen series. Both MC:s are stupid. The power of nakama will prevail anything
report Recommended by Dingus_Cat
If you would like to watch something from genre ,,From zero to hero'' than Fairly Tail is for you
report Recommended by Tomkas
Similar in the aspect of the protagonist being a character who is weak and is gifted with power which allows him to be better and struggles to master his power and overcome the odds. Main Character being being a person who is both acting like a fool and has good plans in a while.
report Recommended by 00Lone_wolf00
both stories are full of heroes, heroines, villains with superhuman physical abilities, ridiculous training, fictional races and creatures, supernatural powers, and something like "chi". you can see extraordinary battles that involve from fistfight to melee combat. from conjuring destructive elements to manipulating nature.
report Recommended by windymarion
The main characters of Fairy Tail are similar and inspired by the main characters of Naruto. Natsu = Naruto Gray = Sasuke Lucy = Sakura Erza and Sakura aren't similar personality-wise but they do share a similar plot point. Both series involve characters that go on missions, have a tier system for missions, and both require passing an exam/trial to take higher-ranked missions. The final arcs of Fairy Tail and Naruto are similar. I even believe Fairy Tail pays homage to Naruto in its final arc.
report Recommended by PrivateJoe
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