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Both are Action Shonen that are made by the same studio. Both are about a young boy who wear a headband that is a Orphan that has Demon living inside of him, both main characters have a similar personality and same dream to became the Wizard King/Hokage. The different between the two is Black Clover is more of a comedy and Naruto is more of a Drama, Black Clover also does a way better job with it's Female characters than Naruto.
report Recommended by Jayage
-Both anime's MCs go from zero to hero slowly but steady -Both MCs have rivals-friends they want to surpass -Both male MCs have a similar goal they want to achieve -Both are underestimated and they surpass the expectations of the others.
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
Black Clover borrows a lot of elements from Naruto. Both shows are about a talentless but determined kid overcoming his struggles on his journey to the top. The themes of friendship and rivalry are central in both of them. If you enjoyed Black Clover, you're definitely going to enjoy Naruto.
report Recommended by Gastonmacha
Rivalry between friends: Sasuke/Yuno and Naruto/Asta Sasuke/Yuno very good at magic/ninjutsus, has the respect of all village Naruto/Asta bad at magic/ninjutsus, village doesn't like them/respect them, they don't give up their dreams (become hokage/emperor of magicians), both have a kind of demon inside that gives them power
report Recommended by xiliqs
Both MC have similar characteristic; never give up and uproar a lot. Both mc always think of the others and wanted to be the best of something; Naruto who wanted to be Hokage and Asta who wanted to be a Magic Emperor. Their attribute is alike, demonic attribute which people are afraid of. They are outcast of their society because they do not have things they need to live in their world; Asta with magic, Naruto with his ability. In the beginning their parents are unknown. And their biggest enemies are their own friend. And these enemies have similar character too. Both main heroines seem   read more
report Recommended by Puspithe
Both Naruto and black clover is very similar. -Both Naruto and asta starts as weak. -Both has rival (Yuna and sasuke) -Both don't know about there parents at start and is raised by someone else. - Similar catchphrase." I will became the hokage", " I will became the Magic king". -Both are Superpower genre -Both has hidden Power ( Demonic). -Both of them shout way too much. -Both are happy-go-lucky. -Both are super obsessed with their goals. -Both are got rejected by the girl they like (only at beginning though) Sakura and sister lily. -Never give up vibe. Etc.
report Recommended by Andhakara
This anime is similar to Black Clover, because both the main characters (Asta in Black Clover) and (Naruto in Naruto), begin at the lowest of the low, but they push themselves all the way to the top and that is ''The Wizard King'' in Black Clover and ''Hokage in Naruto". Both characters also really like screaming XD. They both never give up, were failures in the beginning and have rivals. Both animes also consist rivalry, because Naruto wants to train harder and harder to match up with Sasuke and Asta has a rival named Yuno who also aims to be ''Wizard King''
report Recommended by Skinwalker8200
A shounen anime with a child who dreams of being the strongest in a certain kingdom... This is the story of Asta... From Black Clover <portuguese> Um anime shounen com uma criança que sonha em ser o mais forte de um determinado reino... Assim é a hitória de Asta... De Black Clover</portuguese>
report Recommended by Raturso
As well as Naruto, Black Clover is going to be the next big thing in anime. Somehow it gives me the same feeling as I'm watching Naruto. Studio Pierrot is famously known for their work with the Bleach, Naruto, Boruto and Twin Star Exorcist series’. However, they soon might be known for another new animated production called Black Clover. The series is already being compared to other Shonen franchises such as One Piece and Fairy Tail, despite the series yet to premiere. In addition, the studio has already said that they want and expect Black Clover to be the next Naruto, as the two anime have   read more
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Both anime is basicly about the same thing: Annoying main character that is good at nothing and wanted to be the ruler. In Naruto it's the hokage while in Black Clover it's the emperor The main character on both anime have a "rival" who have a very different level of ability And last but not least, Both MC posses an evil power
report Recommended by DaMyghtyTrap
Mage/Ninja Mage King/Hokage Asta/Naruto Yuno/Sasuke Clover Kingdom/Country of Fire Magic/Chakra I think I understand
report Recommended by Huntertaku_007
The main character in both anime is weak in the beginning foolish who want to be the number one has a rival who is stronger than him and has a cold personality
report Recommended by osamajamm
Black Clover ; Asta: " I going to be the Wizard King !!! " Naruto : " I'm going to be the next Hokage !! " Must I say more .... :)
report Recommended by Shanebramble
Both series have similar back ground stories, rivalry, and long term goals overall the series are similar, however both have unique characteristics, with the worlds the characters live in, to different villains types. The music of both series and op/ep fit very well.
report Recommended by Golden_Age12
Shounen, not really ninja style but its good.
report Recommended by Pikapikachuu
Like in Naruto, Black clovers MC is striving to become a important figure and has a emence drive to accomplish their goal. Both MC has a rival that they want to surpass.
report Recommended by GeekWithIssues99
Asta from Black Clover is essentially black Naruto with a similar goal and a black haired rival who is his superior when it comes to fighting.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Both are Shounen Jump anime series that share many similar themes regarding story and characters. Some ideas Black Clover borrows from Naruto are done better and vice versa. The first couple of episodes can be rough in Black Clover, but if you can sit through them you'll find an entertaining shounen anime with somewhat likable characters, decent story, and really good action scenes. Also if your a fan of Marilyn Manson like myself you'll enjoy the character of Gordon Agrippa. For me it was totally worth sitting through 170 episodes (excluding filler) just to watch this one character.
report Recommended by Chem1calSm1le
Both Main Character started off as a Nuisance to the society, they were pushed away by the people. But both were dearly Loved by their Friends Both have joined Teams in their occupation. Naruto and Asta both have started off as almost zero-powered idiots. Both trained hard to perfect their skills and to gain attention of the society Naruto wants to be the Hokage and Asta wants to be the Magic King of the Clover Kingdom Naruto and Asta both have Demons inside them that make them OP Both have strong Rivals( Naruto has Sasuke, Asta has Yuno)
report Recommended by Morisaki_Ichijo
-Both MCs are from zero to be a hero -Both MCs are often underestimated -Both MCs have terrible hidden powers -Both MCs have a rival (Naruto-sasuke & Asta-Yuno) -Both MCs have big goals to achieve (Hokage & Magic Emperor)
report Recommended by Na0kiKun
Surprise, surprise it's an obvious comparison to make. Both protagonists are as loud as hell, they never give up, they seemingly lack skill, they annoy their peers often, they have something dark within them. But it's not just that, the world building and supporting characters in both shows are superb, the personal growth both protagonists go through is heart warming, the fight scenes are crazy and memorable. But most of all, the intros are always banging from both shows.
report Recommended by YellowFlash32
Both are rather simple shounen anime with dumb but honest and kind-hearted protagonist who has an ice-cold rival.
report Recommended by MiamoreCash
The protagonists of these two series both share the goals of becoming the strongest of their worlds whether that is being the Hokage or the Wizard King. The journey they embark on to acquire these roles are similar. Both Asta, the protagonist of Black Clover, and Naruto, the protagonist of Naruto, come from similar backgrounds as both grew up without their parents.
report Recommended by HatakeClan
Both series are about a loser (protagonist) and his closest friend/ rival who's talented, strong and the loser (protagonist) gets stronger by training/ collecting fighting experiences throughout the series.
report Recommended by Kayneki
These two animes are very similar in many aspects... -The protagonist is underestimated but he still very confident and always keep his ideals -Both main characters change people that are around they (In positive ways) -Asta and Naruto are very strong and the source of they power isn't something common -All the characters of these two animes are enjoyable and you could easly choose between then who's gonna be your favorite... -The genre's of these animes is basically the same... If you liked one of these animes I'm sure you'll like the other one...
report Recommended by yTakeda
1) both MCs are loud character , having greater power inside 2) fight for their friends, completely idiots 3) Naruto is ninja world where BC is magic world.
report Recommended by Moulidheek
"Black Clover" and "Naruto" share several similarities despite having distinct storylines and settings. Here are some commonalities: Underdog Protagonist: Both series feature protagonists who start off as underdogs striving to prove themselves. Naruto Uzumaki in "Naruto" and Asta in "Black Clover" initially lack inherent abilities or powers but work hard to overcome their limitations and achieve their dreams. Ambitious Goals: Naruto aims to become the Hokage, the strongest ninja in his village, while Asta desires to become the Wizard King, the most powerful mage in the Clover Kingdom. Both protagonists have lofty ambitions and are willing to put in the effort to achieve them. Friendship and Companionship: Both   read more
report Recommended by Sekkon
Black Clover has it's similarities with Naruto, They both are misjudged because they are different. They both want to reach the greater role in society to gain some respect and show everyone that no matter who you are or what abilities you have, you can become a Hokage/Wizard King! Want to see some action and great history? Then Black Clover is perfect for you!
report Recommended by CodeNoir
It has the same weakest guy becoming the strongest plot as the main story. Naruto strives to become Hokage with competition from Sasuke whereas Asta strives to become the Wizard King with competition from Yuuno.
report Recommended by Cannynj88
The mc in both these are very similar. They both want to become leaders, they both have some dark powers within them, they both were powerless in the beginning. But Black Clover is still enjoyable because their are many different elements in it despite being so similar to Naruto.
report Recommended by ima_monstaa
A lot of paradigms between Naruto and Asta.
report Recommended by FmFlyy
Both shows, naruto and black clover, share a very similar plot. Both of these shows are also battle shonen in the purest sense of battle shonen. While they may seem like copays to some people, I believe that both shows just use a lot of the same shonen tropes, however there is something to be said about the main characters. Both characters are looked down upon in someway by a large group of people, both have a huge amount if power inside of them, and both characters goals are basically the same just with a different title, and a slightly different job description.
report Recommended by Qiddy_
They are both shounen anime, with a regular kid no one thought would do anything becoming a strong, fierce protagonist. I would even go so far as to say Black Clover was highly inspired by Naruto.
report Recommended by LordVortekan
its like a magic naruto but a bit worse.
report Recommended by animeweeb_
Both main characters have ambitions to become a leader. Give up words isn't in mind of this both main characters. Both main characters have creatures inside on their body and this creatures giving power for them. For me this anime was giving same hype like when i watch Naruto at the first time.
report Recommended by Zams5
Both are fatherless childs and both are annoying but both have great anime/manga. Both animes have a lot of similarities like being born and being laughed at, taking an exam, joining a team, training to overcome a person,... I believe that whoever liked Black Clover will love Naruto.
report Recommended by btwil
Badass characters who get stronger and stronger. magic and/or superhuman ability Shows that are long Then they fit for you!
report Recommended by Swertan
Similarities: Both Naruto and Black Clover are very similar story-wise and character-wise Both anime's Main Characters go from having nothing (very weak) but is steady Both MCs has rival friends who compete against them to get better Both MCs have similar goals such as becoming the Wizard King or a Hokage Both are underestimated and they surpass their limits which surprises their friends
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
Both Naruto and Black Clover are basically the same anime, aslo made by the same studio. Both are about a young boy that is a Orphan that starts off weak but gets stronger over time, both main characters have the same loud personality and same dream to became the Wizard King(Asta) and (Naruto)Hokage.
report Recommended by shoguN-
-Both anime are shounen -Both anime's protagonist have a aim to be something. -Both anime follow similar story
report Recommended by In_human
ut as the story progresses it's pretty awesome.
report Recommended by TheUchihaOtaku
Both animes have the same type of protagonist. Cheerful who wants to help everyone and so on. The story is also super similar. One wants to become Hokage and the other Mage King, both with a rival who is his best friend. Black Clover is the Naruto of the mages.
report Recommended by Joanasabino
They both have characters striving to achieve their goal, and not giving up. Asta wants to become the wizard king, but he has no magic, so he gets bullied a lot. Naruto wants to be the hokage, but he gets bullied because he's the host of the nine tailed fox. So if you like to see characters never give up to achieve their goal, then take this recommendation.
report Recommended by Lockett12413
Black Clover is a Naruto clone but with magic and mages instead of chakra and ninjas.
report Recommended by ReverseCloud
Sort of like magi Naruto. kid is weak and strong suddenly gets a power up, hears that his power up is very rare etc. But Black clover isnt just a Naruto rip-off, the characters are mostly well written and have a lot of personality. Def worth a watch if u enjoy shonen.
report Recommended by HakuFromDisc
Naruto is very similar to black clover in quite a few ways. We got a main character with exact same goal: to reach the top. Despite all the hatred Naruto has received in his childhood for carrying the 9-tailed-fox inside him, he aspire to become the "Hokage", which is the sole protector of the country or even the world. Aste on the other hand in Black Clover aspire to become the "Wizard King" who is the sole proctector of the country Clover Kingdom. Asta has like Naruto received a lot of hatred in his childhood as well, as have got bullied for not being able   read more
report Recommended by KingAFONY
Both have very similar overarching stories with the main characters wanting to become a certain thing. Naruto wants to be Hokage and Asta wants to become Wizard King. Of course the things that happen in the shows are quite different but both have the same feel to them.
report Recommended by DarkIstaeen
Both boys wiv headbands wiv a dream who also get doubted by people around him, personalities aren't too different, both got peak masters/trainers and friends to help them wiv their journey, both main characters also have a rival who they constantly compare themselves with to improve oh and they both have demons inside of them
report Recommended by Dully2k
both protagonist are loser at starting but both are aiming for the top (to become hokage and witcher king)
report Recommended by soldier9848
Characters and plot concept are very similar without making the series feel unoriginal. Enjoyable throughout both series, even through filler, as there are distinct goals set for the MCs to accomplish by each conclusion.
report Recommended by violmax9
If you watched naruto i fully recommend black clover same level same groups or clans same everything
report Recommended by MC-OF-LIFE060605
Black clover has a similar plot but with a larger team(black bulls) compared to team 7
report Recommended by aNuclearPasta1
Both are battle-shounen anime, so they are very similar. The main characters in these two shows are also strikingly similar: a spiked-haired MC, a girl, and a cool guy. Unlike Naruto, Black Clover has a rocky start, but it improves over time... even better than Naruto in my opinion. The mc is also similar, not only in appearance but also in personality. They both want to get stronger. Naruto aspires to be a Hokage, while Asta aspires to be the Wizard King.
report Recommended by faaithhh
In both series, the main characters are really full of energy. Also, the character development in both anime is really noticeable. But I will not use the same positive words for the battle scenes... In the battle scenes of the Naruto anime, the characters dominate the seriousness of the event and this atmosphere (except flashback) is preserved until the end of the war. But let's come to the Black Clover anime Characters can give irrelevant reactions in general. (Being stuck with something else on the verge of death, etc.) And this makes the anime childish and absurd... Also, the systems used in the two animes   read more
report Recommended by ASLANpencesi8200
Both protagonists scream and have an annoying voice for part of the series - They are both shunned by everyone around them and work hard to achieve their goals, narutos being to become the hokage and astas to become the wizard king
report Recommended by evenchowder
Black clover is both eye catching and inspiring and funny in cool way the pace is good not too slow nor too fast allowing good world building ( 2 ) what i like about it is that the main character is not totaly dumb or ignorant he learns also i like the challenge in the story where the characters evolve with time instead of a 1 year training arc ( training exists but its not the main point ) making it deferent from your typical Shonen sires that`s what i liked about it😊
report Recommended by fit_whale
Both anime revolve around boys who want to become the head of their village/kingdom. Also both the main characters are somehow related to demons/devils.
report Recommended by Nagi54_
These two are basically the same anime but good in each their own way. They are 2 completely different worlds, but yet seem so familiar. There's almost a fight scene in every episode, so its packed with amazing fights and good animation. If you like Naruto you will 100% enjoy Black Clover
report Recommended by GamerGirl_
It's kind of a Naruto ripoff. Don't get me wrong, it's decent
report Recommended by NAWINUS
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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