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-Both anime's MCs go from zero to hero slowly but steady -Both MCs have rivals-friends they want to surpass -Both male MCs have a similar goal they want to achieve -Both are underestimated and they surpass the expectations of the others.
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
Main character blonde hair, weak, not talented, subject to teasing but determined to achieve his goal (Hokage for Naruto, emperor of magicians for Asta) His rival: black hair, strong, talented, determined and mysterious (Sasuke, Yuno) Lot of action with the use of super powers (Naruto), magic (Black Clover)
report Recommended by TuyNOM
Rivalry between friends: Sasuke/Yuno and Naruto/Asta Sasuke/Yuno very good at magic/ninjutsus, has the respect of all village Naruto/Asta bad at magic/ninjutsus, village doesn't like them/respect them, they don't give up their dreams (become hokage/emperor of magicians), both have a kind of demon inside that gives them power
report Recommended by xiliqs
Both MC have similar characteristic; never give up and uproar a lot. Both mc always think of the others and wanted to be the best of something; Naruto who wanted to be Hokage and Asta who wanted to be a Magic Emperor. Their attribute is alike, demonic attribute which people are afraid of. They are outcast of their society because they do not have things they need to live in their world; Asta with magic, Naruto with his ability. In the beginning their parents are unknown. And their biggest enemies are their own friend. And these enemies have similar character too. Both main heroines seem   read more
report Recommended by Puspithe
Both Naruto and black clover is very similar. -Both Naruto and asta starts as weak. -Both has rival (Yuna and sasuke) -Both don't know about there parents at start and is raised by someone else. - Similar catchphrase." I will became the hokage", " I will became the Magic king". -Both are Superpower genre -Both has hidden Power ( Demonic). -Both of them shout way too much. -Both are happy-go-lucky. -Both are super obsessed with their goals. -Both are got rejected by the girl they like (only at beginning though) Sakura and sister lily. -Never give up vibe. Etc.
report Recommended by Andhakara
This anime is similar to Black Clover, because both the main characters (Asta in Black Clover) and (Naruto in Naruto), begin at the lowest of the low, but they push themselves all the way to the top and that is ''The Wizard King'' in Black Clover and ''Hokage in Naruto". Both characters also really like screaming XD. They both never give up, were failures in the beginning and have rivals. Both animes also consist rivalry, because Naruto wants to train harder and harder to match up with Sasuke and Asta has a rival named Yuno who also aims to be ''Wizard King''
report Recommended by Kouka8234
As well as Naruto, Black Clover is going to be the next big thing in anime. Somehow it gives me the same feeling as I'm watching Naruto. Studio Pierrot is famously known for their work with the Bleach, Naruto, Boruto and Twin Star Exorcist series’. However, they soon might be known for another new animated production called Black Clover. The series is already being compared to other Shonen franchises such as One Piece and Fairy Tail, despite the series yet to premiere. In addition, the studio has already said that they want and expect Black Clover to be the next Naruto, as the two anime have   read more
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Both anime is basicly about the same thing: Annoying main character that is good at nothing and wanted to be the ruler. In Naruto it's the hokage while in Black Clover it's the emperor The main character on both anime have a "rival" who have a very different level of ability And last but not least, Both MC posses an evil power
report Recommended by NepNepNepNepNep
Mage/Ninja Mage King/Hokage Asta/Naruto Yuno/Sasuke Clover Kingdom/Country of Fire Magic/Chakra I think I understand
report Recommended by Huntertaku_007
The main character in both anime is weak in the beginning foolish who want to be the number one has a rival who is stronger than him and has a cold personality
report Recommended by osamajamm
Black Clover ; Asta: " I going to be the Wizard King !!! " Naruto : " I'm going to be the next Hokage !! " Must I say more .... :)
report Recommended by Shanebramble
Asta from Black Clover is essentially black Naruto with a similar goal and a black haired rival who is his superior when it comes to fighting.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Both mc want to be a leader of their village/kingdom Both mc has a rival Both mc has demon inside their body/book
report Recommended by Superiora
Both MC have similar goals Both MC have demon inside the body/book Battle shounen
report Recommended by yazid_ilmi