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Both of these series follow adolescents. The main characters both follow a set goal where each is trying to prove something to someone. The character development is superb and goes into exquisite detail for everyone. Both series have specific powers or abilities that each character maintains. Action scenes are also extremely intense and well animated.
report Recommended by Xinil
Aside from the stubborn-ness and will-to-succeed-no-matter-what personalities of both lead characters Naruto (Naruto) and Gon (HxH), the display of a wide range of fighting styles using a certain energy-manipulating concept (chakra for Naruto; nen for HxH), the dangerous examinations storyline (Genin/Chuunin exams; Hunter exams), and the search for an important person (Naruto's friend Sasuke; Gon's dad Jin), the quality of humor and adventure in both anime gives the viewer similar highly enjoyable experience :)
report Recommended by Sinslash
The series have many things in common. The main character is a boy who has to pass a difficult, often life-threatening exam using jitsu/spiritual energy, and he does it with the help of his friends. There are lots of fights and many episodes are focused on training.
report Recommended by Juxian
A little boy who goes out on a journey while finding friends, fighting against an evil organisation and is an image after his father who is an legend. I highly recommend this show to any Naruto fan out there. It's funny and has a really good story. The animation is good when you think of how old it is and the music is fitting. Also at some parts it feels like Naruto has adapt some things from this show like the exam and an evil organisation. Do I even dare to say that HunterxHunter is much better than Naruto? Well, yeah I do.
report Recommended by Genis
Imagine a world where kids have to take on the jobs of adults. Such a world is the world of Hunter x Hunter as well as the world of Naruto, yet neither series does anything to sugar coat what goes on. Death is completely a possibility for these young adventures no mater the job they take on, but they also never once think of giving up, the main character that is.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
A shounen with a, in my opinion, little more mature approuch than Naruto, sacrificing a little bit of fighting for a lot more psychology etc. Also, Naruto has several influenses from this anime as far as i can see.
report Recommended by Stroeum
Both animes start out with the characters taking exams. From there you see what hapens to them during the exams and the harsher realities of the aftermaths.
report Recommended by idioteva
if you like Naruto than you should know that more than half the stuff in it was already taken from hunter x hunter. the most obvious is the fact that a clan of "red-eyed" people were slaughtered because of their red-eyes. thee's also the fact that there's a survivor that's bent on getting revenge and will do anything to succeed. remind you of someone?.... other than that "idea" both main characters grew up without their parents. both their dad's are great people. both "act" rather than "think" they both have a 4 main character squad (team 7 with kakashi, and than Gon's team) both have an exam at the beginning. both have   read more
report Recommended by supermegasonic
the main male characters are the xcept that in naruto the guy's more idoitic and hyper but both guys are hardworking and never give up. they both also talk bout clans and enemy clan. oh and in both one guy has red eyes. i recomend this if you liked h x h
report Recommended by sarcastic_neon
In the same way that HxH was deeply inspired by Dragonball, Naruto is deeply inspired by HxH. For one, both series make their money from their attachable characters and bright outdoor style. Second, many plot element from Naruto are almost simply ripped off HxH (chuunin exam and hunter exam, chakra abilities taken from a nen ability - the puppeteer for instance). However, just as HxH was more serious than DB, dropping a lot of the humour for more daunting psychological trauma, Naruto pushes that further to the point of sounding emo at time. Yet, overall, it remains light.
report Recommended by roiphilosophe
Both Hunter x Hunter and Naruto experience the same events and similar writing, Its very clear theat Naruto is similar to Hunter X hunter with shonen style fighting,charactors , abilities ,and saga's
report Recommended by Avato-chan
Both are based on manga that were created around the same period and published by Shounen Jump. Both have a main protagonist who has no parents and never surrenders. They follow the main protagonist as he makes several friends, from which, one who comes from a notorious family and one who seeks vengeance for the murder of his clan. The first part of the anime follow these protagonist as they take a certain exam (Chuunin exams / Hunter exams). They also have similar villains: a shady criminal organization (Phantom Troupe / Akatsuki), and a pale man who takes an interest in the main characters and   read more
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Masashi Kishimoto openly admits he was heavily influenced by Hunter x Hunter in creating Naruto Both anime have characters with abilities (Nen/Chakra) . Both main characters want to become very strong and have a goal they are trying to reach Both anime have humor, lots of action, concentrated on friendship and scenes that touch people emotionally
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Similar in the aspect of the protagonist being a character who is weak and is gifted with power which allows him to be better and struggles to master his power and overcome the odds. Main Character being being a person who is both acting like a fool and has good plans in a while.
report Recommended by 00Lone_wolf00
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